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Is this a reference to U2?

Hey All, kinda new around here and if my thread is in the wrong place, sorry it's because I'm still finding the forum confusing!.

Anyway, point of the thread is, I was watching Oceans 13 last night, and when they are writing letters to the sick guy (forgot his name lol) one of the guys says: "As the band said, two hearts beat as one". Now the Oceans movies have quoted music before (I remember Matt Damon saying the first few lines of Kashmir in 12). But it surprised me that if they are referencing U2, they'd choose such an old and let's face it not very well known song!.

What do you guys think? Was it a reference to U2? Or did I miss understand it?

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Must be...I don't think there are many other songs with that precise lyric in it was a single.

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Ooh I must watch that movie again, then.
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Most likely is!!

And it's a damn shame Two Hearts Beat As One isn't better known!!

What an awesome song! Great lyrics, great rhythm section, Edge picking away at lightning speed!

Was always spectacular live.

As Bono_212 says, it was a single, so those who've been around awhile may recall it. From what I've heard from my aunt, it wasn't uncommon to hear on the radio in the 1983-85 time period.

Plus, every now and then, you'll talk to someone who you don't expect to know 2 Hearts and they wind up being surprised when you tell them it wasn't a big hit.

My girlfriend was born between R&H and AB, long after War, and she knew 2 Hearts and thought it was one of their bigger, better songs!

Go figure....

It was originally designed to be a much bigger song than it was-U2 was expecting NYD and 2 Hearts to carry "War," they weren't banking on Sunday Bloody Sunday being as big as it was.
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