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The friendliest place on the web for anyone that follows U2.
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Town: Belfast - Ireland
Ireland/ Belfast famous for

Famous for : Titanic

Stormont - where we had a Northern Ireland asembly, political parties/ the troubles/ terrorist groups all very well known in other parts of the world

Music - U2 :heart: - Cranberries, Van M, Ash, Christ Moore etc etc

Writers and Poets like James Joyce, WB Yeats etc

Irish dancing, Irish traditional music, Gaelic games....
City: Buenos Aires. Argentina

Famous for: The Obelisk, tango, mate ( well, actually it's more of a national drink!)...

Ah dear...i could go on for ages...The lost is endless :huh:
Town: Nottingham, England

Famous for: Robin Hood, Robin Hood and Robin Hood

Yep. Robin Hood. But hey, nearly every one in the world has heard of Robin Hood. I blame Kevin Costner :|

We also have Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and Robin Hood.

for people that don't care for Robin Hood, we have fantastic shops, and apparantly we have 5 girls for every man. So we get lots of stag nights and big gangs of men coming for a night out hoping to score


although it doesn't sound like it, I :heart: nottingham. It's a great place to live :love:
One time, I went to Nottingham and I we went into a shop and my brother got robin hood accesories (hat, boe and arrow) and I got a pretty little band you wore around your head with ribbons on it (I was 6 at the time)

It was a nice place
im from st louis, mo, usa

we have an arch

the tallest monument in the us of a
Can I ask a question about St. Louis

Is there a mad art gallery there(I think its called that) and its an old police station??

If im wrong jsut ignore me - i jsut thought I read it somewhere once :)
I am from Toronto. Now I live in Barcelona

We're famous for SARS!
Oh, and we also have a gigantic, phallic building called the CN tower.

All joking aside, Toronto is a fantastic city with a great mix of cultures.
Typical food: Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Somalian, ......

Music: Bruce Cockburn, Barenaked Ladies Our Lady Peace an dthe Tragically Hip (all of Canada)
Great writer: Guy Gavriel Kay
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Thank you for your city information,all!!;)

I first filled in about my city.(Hiroshima,Japan)
But I forgot post pic.

a gateway at the entrance to the Itukushima Shrine(world heritage)

the skeletal domed building

momiji manjyu(fried cake)

I hope continue this thread!:sexywink:
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I cannot sleep and I put myself to review this thread, I thought... and I reached to the conclusion that the most beautiful thing in my town (Toluca, Mexico) is the "Cosmovitral", a unique botanical garden that in its walls and windows relates a story about the man, the day and the night :yes:







everything is work of Leopoldo Flores, a Mexican painter

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