Oh My God...McCain could win if he picks Palin!!!

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Except Palin is white, and there's no shortage of wacky white pastors. The only reason Rev. Wright was an issue was because of white phobias about "angry blacks"--e.g., racism.

Instead, Palin's pastor will be more likely embraced as part of the illustrious group of nutty white pastors that form the power center of the "Religious Right," rather than condemned as a lunatic like Rev. Wright.

i think you're right, but at least what's nice is that the Republicans have told us that all of their earlier complaints about Obama -- lack of experience, surrounding himself with so-called radicals, angry preachers -- really don't matter any more. because all of these things are true, in droves, about Ms. Palin. so they're saying that, really, it doesn't matter. positions matter. policies matter. it's the issues that matter.

i'm so relieved.
I can't argue with you. You don't know shit about the day to day ops of the President, or fighting 2 wars, or anything else that our current administration does right now.

Jesus, I didn't know we had a former or even current president who is a veteran of multiple wars here at Interference. Or are you just a cabinet member?

Way to go, Interference! :rockon: Scoring a top administration official.

guys, let's lay off MI. i think we all fly off the handle at certain points, i think we all make impassioned, sometimes angry, posts that we read the next day and wish we maybe hadn't written, and i think we all know that MI is almost always polite and even generous in his posts, and given what he's suggested about his life, he's a very compassionate person who actually walks to the talk. i agree that a few of the posts last night did cross some lines, but i think we all should move on.
well, lord knows where i'd be if some people in here didn't extend me the benefit of the doubt whenever i've unloaded in a particular post.
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