***Official 'Tis: I wanna MissDress For Christmas.

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is wanna supposed to be want to or want a?

all this time i thought it was want to

There's the HOSer.

Come mingle. BG has this great story about exploiting a cow. I don't know about you, but my nog could use a little bovine intervention, if you know what I mean


yeah I don't either, but it's fun saying stuff
This was all just an abstract plan to expose my new hat.

See my hat,
see my hat,
made of real baath party craft,
no expenses spared
(though none had cared)
'twas all recovered, promptly snared!

See my hat,
see my hat,
adjacent to the ziggurat...
locale exotic as the tropics,
surveillanced by stereoscopics,
minute in fervent philanthropics...

it's a wonder one could even breathe,
but from this poem there's no reprieve!

See my hat,
see my hat
result still laid in a wrap,
sewn into a merry quite contrary,
savory holiday cap!

See my tress,
It's the best
in nine months made, but no less,
under constant and enforced duress,
the fabric found its final rest:
a natal newborn made of thatch,
(from the depths of my enfranchised dictator trap)
truly a wonder for my rack...
Would anyone else care for a 750,000 dollar hat?

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