Joshua Tree tour Jacket 87/88

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Old Crew

Jul 30, 2019
Hello all.

I am here for the specific purpose of finding a good home for an original, leather, tour jacket issued to the crew on the 1987/8 Joshua Tree tour.

This is an original and guaranteed genuine item that has never been worn, is in absolutely pristine condition and is complete with the original attachable faux fur collar.

These jackets and modelled on US motorcycle Police jackets. They were made in the UK and are high quality.

I am offering this item on behalf of a friend who was part of the crew on the original Joshua Tree tour and to whom this jacket was issued.

I don't know how many of these jackets were made and issued to crew but to find an original in "as new" condition must be a rarity.
The size is a UK size 40.

This is not your ordinary everyday item of fan memorabilia so the asking price reflects that.



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