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Nov 5, 2001
Ewen's new American home
--Even when there are no other cars nearby, trying to get my car even vaguely close to a curb is something akin to an Olympic sport.

--In Pennsylvania (where I live and where I got my driver's license), they test you on parallel parking during the driver's test. I believe I did technically fail this part of the exam, but the guy who tested me was feeling charitable and let me slide.

--Bottom line: If I were in a contest, wherein I was the only contestant and the prize was ten million bucks, and all I had to do was parallel park...I'd go home a loser.

I'd go home a winner. A vehicle I can't parallel park has yet to be built.

Shameless self-advertising, I know... :wink:
That sounds like me. I am always screwing up when I have to parallel park. The funny thing is that I actually passed that part of the drivers' exam. I'll never know how I did it.
I remember a recent post about someone having a curb jump out in front of them ...:lol:

I had a lot of police training; high-speed driving, pursuits, but I found that for me backing is a specialty..

Backing U-turns, K-turns, straight line, changing lanes ...all a breeze...its the going forward part I have trouble with...:lol: :yikes: oh, yeah, and when I was assigned to motorcycle patrol, I couldn't get the idea that there were only two wheels.,..that was tough!.:wink:
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I'm getting lessons atm and my instructor has lots of little tricks to help you reverse rounda corner, park etc. The trick for parking is find a space (obviously) and count three lines across and drive a little bit past the third line. Start reversing and when the line gets a little bit past your wing mirror fully lock the wheel. Watch for the car coming back in the space in your wing mirror. When the car is almost reaching 12 o'clock unlock the wheel and voila you should be in the space. If your not you should only need to drive forward and adjust the wheels a little bit. It makes more sense when your in the car and have your instructor drawing little markers on the car door. :up:
i SUCK at parking. though i've only had my liscence for a year and a half, i just can't get the knack of it. i'm REALLY good at backing up and such, but pulling into a space or heaven forbid, parallel parking, is terrible. i always park either really close to one side of the line or crooked. maybe i'll get better with more practice :shrug:
My Mum calls me the backseat driver and I always tell my Dad when he would fail his driving test. :reject:
He now indicates at roundabouts though. I tell him this is good because he is telling the other road users what his intentions are. He told me I sound like a passage from a driving test book. :lol:

My Mum is a bit of a mad driver. Today she was hurtling towards the corner and slowed down at the last minute. I put the indicators on for her and I told her she was driving at 37mph in a 30mph zone but because it was built up she should only really be doing 25mph. She told me I was annoying her and I could walk home in future. :D
I only parallel parked successfully once...thankfully, it was during my roadtest. :up:

Now, I just never do it...won't even try. :lol:
fah said:
I can parellel park if I am alone in the vehicle but if I am with Mr fah....:no:

Same here! :reject:

Well, I mean when I'm in the car with Mr. BAW...cause I've never been in the car with Mr. fah :wink:
Good thing you caught yourself....because I was getting ready to ask you what you were doing in a car with Mr. fah! :lmao:
LarryMullen's_POPAngel said:
Men are usually better at it than women.

:hmm: I'd actually have to agree with you on this.
Jim does a really good job at parallel parking, and he doesnt have power steering :crack:

Though I'm a pretty damn good parallel parker :wink:
i never parked due to not owning a car to park
zonelistener said:
I am pretty good at "parking" I must say! :shifty:


I have had no complaints in that department ...

Although I have had people tell me they would rather not be in the car when I parallel park.
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