I gave something back.

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Nov 10, 2000
Tonight my ex picked my daughter up to take her for the weekend. She was pretty excited to see him.

I gave him back his school ring.

Should I have done that? Not really sure. I didn't feel the need to keep it. Sure I could have been a bitch and hawked it for around 20 bucks...not worth it. I wasn't that desperate.

The thing that bothers me most, is that he gave me the ring because his feeings for me were genuine at the time. Later on the engagement ring came...it was forced. See, he tried to give me some small ring as an engagement ring, but my mother took one look at it and tore him apart. I am worth much more than this, she told him. So with much resentment, he gave me another engagement ring. It was prettier, nicer, but it wasn't sincere.

Should I have given that one back back? Haha no. I'm selling that one.
Good for you Icelle...I would have given it back too :hug:

I would either sell the engagement ring or save it and have it made into something for Daisy. :shrug:
My mom called me a few nights ago. She's going through some of my old stuff that's still at my parents' house, and she found my high school boyfriend's class ring. She said she was going to give it to his mom, but I said no, let me find out where he lives and let me give it to him. There are no hard feelings, so I feel like I should be the one to give it back.

I think you did the right thing. School rings are important to the person they originally belonged to much more than they are to the person they were given to.
icelle, this has made me think.

i lost my engagement ring dancing at a club. my wedding ring is at the bottom of the pacific. all i have left is my wedding dress, which will go to chelsea someday, if she wants it. who knows, maybe i should have kept the ring, but it was something i needed to do at the time.

i think it's wonderful that you decided to give back the school ring. it shows just how much strength you really have.

but yes, smart girl. keep the engagement ring. :hug:
icelle said:

Should I have given that one back back? Haha no. I'm selling that one.

Good for you Icelle

(Whats a school ring? :slant: )
Re: Re: I gave something back.

Lara Mullen said:
(Whats a school ring? :slant: )

its a ring that has a persons high school (the last level before college/university) graduation year and the schools name on it.

thats good you did that icelle, i'd want my ring back too.
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