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Jun 14, 2001
Well I was at the tip of the heart. Basically all I wanted to do was get some photos, and I didn?t feel like shooting Bono?s back all day. So I got to the tip. During SBS I gave him my American flag ( I?m American btw). And he cried into it and hugged it, and then gave it back to me ( It?s the flag you see in that very touching photo). It was then that he noticed me. In between Angel of Harlem and whatever they were going to do he noticed my sign ( I?m not going to say what it said?I am going to spoof it when I see them next in NYC and I have no desire for it to become ubiquitous before then. I was pulled up and I was so nervous. I?ve played the song a million times but on stage it was like a different world. I was shaking I was so nervous, Bono and Edge were right there. Bono was grabbing me, and teaching me the chords..trying to bring me back to reality. He knew I could play, just that I was nervous, and he said he had faith in me. I rang the chords off and bono with the patience of a father rang the chords off with me trying to get something out of me that was worth something. After a bit bono and edge were going to the main stage, I didn?t see them walking cos I was busy trying to play. And when I saw they were walking up I followed them. Bono asked me what my name was. And I told him it was Arun. I realized I wouldn?t be able to play cos I was so nervous and I handed it to him. He then had Larry keep time and adam come in on it. And he said ? Sing the lyrics? ?and I did what bono does best?.make up lyrics to cover songs. I sang .

? People get ready, when you don?t? know the lyrics, have to make up your tune as you go along, it?s muscular memory a rocks star hangs on, when you don?t? have a printout like frank sinatra had going on?.

Bono loved it, because he knew I ripped off lyrics from a time in boston when he forgot the lyrics. I turned around and larry had a big smile on his face. I went up to edge and told him ? you?re my hero I want you to know that? I showed him a pair of shoes a friend of mine designed for me that look like edges he gave me a thumbs up and gave me his pick.

We finished up. And I was taken backstage. I was told to sit down and breathe and then was taken back to my seat. As I was going back they were finishing staring at the sun. And I heard bono say ? I?d like to dedicate that to my new friend Arun? . So I played on stage with my fave band, got a guitar lesson from bono and edge. Got both of their picks and had a song dedicated to me. A full day. My American flag was taken from me, and was perhaps one of the most touching moments of the show. Bono later gave me a high five during streets. It was a great night.

Bono said something about me being a ? half rockstar?. And then said ? I don?t mind you being on stage, but do you have to be so tall?? is what order I don?t know. I have a nickname from Bono! I?ll be happy to answer questions I guess in this thread. Bono was VERY cool and was very patient with me as was edge. I?m honored that he referred to me as a friend. I realy wish I could have gotten the song right lol!?but maybe i?ll get my chance.
Awesome. I met you in line, and I was so glad to see the "MIT guy" up there.

Those of us in front of the heart were going ballistic, you got as much response as Bono.

awesome story man!!

I don't know if you've seen them, but my brother has a really good picture of you singing.. unfortunately all the pictures seem to be broken right now.. http://photos.u2.wox.org is the url, hopefully they will work again soon.

I was wondering what you said to Edge, I was pretty sure he handed you a guitar pick. Anyway, it was an awesome show, and I'm totally sure you are probably looking forward to mp3s even more than I am!

PS. You were like the highlight oft he night ..it was so fucking awesome!! everyone in the heart (or at least a lot of us) were going totally ballistic when you got pulle on, too.

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AWESOME story-thanks for sharing it!

*Edge is MY HERO too*

I think your sign might have been in one of the pics-not sure though.

The guy in Boston knew the song well on guitar-but what you did was so fantastic too.

LOL @ Bono's comment on your height.
I hate you. I hope you rot in hell!
but awwwwww.....how can I keep a grudge against you? that is beyond cool. I wish is was me. Thanks for sharing the story.

"Things will not be the same in this city for us." -Bono, Dublin, February 1980
cool story

even worth the wait

Shake it, shake it, shake it
" people get ready there's a train to jordan picking up passengers coast to coast, faith is the key, if you wanna play in bono's band, dont' need anything...but some posterboard"
Hey that's interesting Gina Marie, Bono never has brought up any chicks to play guitar or anything like that has he? Obviously he'd rather dance with them than watch them play the guitar though
Incredible story! Congrats and good luck in NYC.


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Thanks for spending your hard earned cash on a rock show. ~ Bono, Houston, 4-2-01
Congrats to Arun!

Thanks for sharing your story and letting us live vicariously through your words.
Great story, wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Remember the goul.

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LOL! great story, Arun! which NYC are you going to? I'll be at the 24th and 25th (GA, of course), so perhaps i'll see you onstage!
Awesome story Arun!!

Quick question for you. Did the pick from the Edge have symbols (Dove or Kite or Cross) on them with the guy's signatures? Just curious because I scored some some picks from Dallas at NJ1 in the spring. I've always wondered if they were the real deal or were the picks the ones that Dallas gives to annoying fans that yell, "Dallas!! Dallas!! Dallas!! I'll give you my Notre Dame hat if I can have some Edge picks!!"

An annoying fan,


PS Dallas didn't want my hat!

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I don't care how silly or awful you think you were, you rock just for getting *on* the stage. Who gives a shit if you didn't get it right?? OMG it's U2 Arun...they love us no matter what!!!!

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How cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by *Ally*:
LOL! great story, Arun! which NYC are you going to? I'll be at the 24th and 25th (GA, of course), so perhaps i'll see you onstage!

GA of course.....ARGH.

Jealous CK

MSG: I will give you 2 GA's for 2 GC's!! Email or IM me or respond to the multiple threads I have concerning this. Help a desparate man out!!
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Originally posted by TheU2:
GA of course.....ARGH.

Jealous CK

i'm sorry, CK!
i actually lucked out with 2 GA tickets from Prop, and I just traded one of them for the 25th. please don't flame me!
Arun, I saw you on satge in hamilton and you were amazing!! I actually came up to you after the show and patted you on the back, but people were all around you so i don't know if you noticed. But, all I wanted to tell you was congratulations on getting the chance to live out a dream of yours, and mine for that matter. That moment, and the show, will forever be etched in my brain.

Peace on Earth.
Awesome story man. I bet you're still high off that experience. It's good to see the world's biggest band hasn't forgotten how to make its fans go totally crazy.

I hope something crazy like that happens in Chicago. Like Bono asking "Hey, where's that Jonathan kid? We need him up here for another song."

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Arun, that is the most unbelievable story I've heard happening to an interferencer. AWESOME! I hate you. AWESOME!


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No way Arun!!!! You have no idea how excited I am for you... seriously... you deserved this!!! That is such an INCREDIBLE story. It's amazing--you jam with U2, improvise lyrics on stage (how you managed this I'm not sure, but what you came up with is great) and you had a song dedicated to you... awesome!!! Wow, just wow.

TheU2 I know I'm not Arun so I can't speak for his pick
but that is the real deal and not just a "shut up" pick lol. I got Bono's pick from Houston, TX and it has a kite on it and then Bono's signature on the back. Cool now I just need a guitar

*head still spinning over Arun's great story*
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