G'day From Sydney Australia

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razor edge

Oct 12, 2005
sydney, australia

I have been a huge u2 fan since 2000 i have not seen u2 yet but Hopeing to see them in 2006.
My favourite member of the is The Edge and i also i sports and going movies.

Razor edge
Hello from the USA. I HOPE that you get to see boys in concert. I have not been to any of their concerts yet, but come November 4th and 5th I will be seeing them In Las Vegas. :wave:
Sunny hellos from San Diego, California! Welcome aboard!
Hey Razor Edge - welcome to the forum and greetings from England!:wave:
welcome razorE , G'day!

I said hello just now to a fellow NYC'r newbie, and so it's only fitting to say hi to someone halfway or so around the globe from me :D.

I am sure you are going to have a great time heere, and I hope the guys do play in your country soon!

Edge is one amazing gutairis!!! TO me~ he ranks with my favs, Townshend, Verlaine/Lloyd and an underated Springstee,! aLL whom I've seen live previous to U2!
And having just had the pleasure of meeting him 2x's at the garden about 10 days back and once in post 9-11 nyc shows....one real nice guy!

ANd in case you are interested....:shifty: there are Tim Tam fans on this site ! :D

enjoy your stay!
Hi&welcome :D I hope you get to see them in Ozland next year as it's about time you guys got them down there! :wink:
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