Evans drumheads and Larry Mullen?

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Mar 19, 2004
san francisco
Skott, aka Barely Larry from San Francisco's Zoo Station here. "Hello Hello" to the other fake Larry's out there around the world. ;-) Wondering if anyone knows which Evans head Larry uses on his kit. I've managed to recreate everything else. Well except for that damned second 16" floor tom. The shortage of big venues in the Bay Area means stage real estate is a premium and I can barely fit my kit on the stage most of the time....

Also, I've noticed that Larry is no longer featured in the Evans artist section of thier website. Seems kind of odd to me.
Larry's never used Evans drumheads. He's been a loyal endorser of Remo heads since the early days. I believe he's using a CS reverse dot on the snare and pinstripes on everything else.
Well whaddaya know.... Somehow I got it in my head waaaay back in high school (and we're talking the late 80's here!) that he used Evans. I think I read him mention it in Modern Drummer or something but it doesn't matter. I'm very humbled Mullenhead. It's been a long time since someone has corrected me about something related to U2, especially Larry.

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