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Nov 15, 2000
full of sound and fury
Has this been posted? I don't see it. It angers me.

At the recent international Islamic conference o?n an Islamic approach to combating AIDS/HIV, Dr Amina Wadud, associate professor in Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, was fired at for lashing out at Muslims in positions of authority whose only response to preventing HIV/AIDS is quoting the Qur?anic verse that says ?La taqrabu 'z-zina? ? ?Do not approach adultery.?


I swear this is what pisses me off about some of the practicing Muslims.... Fine, ok, say that we should stay away from adultery.... But, lets be a little open minded and reasonable here, what if someone is raped, or more commenly, what if medical tools are being reused over and over again, thus causing aids... Which is a major case....

This really pisses me off when extremists do this crap... Its not even about being extreme, its about being self centered...

JUst for the note: hehehe, I like the doctors name, reminds me of my own...

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