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Nov 30, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
So basically I've been around these forums for a while, but I'm a newbie to posting so take it easy on me. Anyway, i wanted to tell a story about what happened to me at the vertigo tour in pittsburgh 10/22/05.

Since I had been reading the forums nonstop leading up the tour I knew that the guys had been bringing some people up on stage to play Party Girl with them occasionally. So, since I'm a guitar player myself, I had been practicing party girl nonstop just to get it right in case i would be the lucky one that night.

So, my brother and i got to the arena at 5am the night of the show to get good ga seats but i also had a friend who was going to join us later in the line in a few hours. This friend was also supposed to bring some sign making material for us so that we could write to the band and give them the message that I could play Party Girl...needless to friend ended up forgetting the signs. Although i was disappointed at first, i figured i'd get over it, and maybe i'd still have a chance at it anyway.

We end up going into the arena and get on the very front rail of the elipse, perfect position for bono to see me. The show is going along great, absolutely life changing experience, and finally towards the end, Bono comes out to the ellipse right in my direction and says "where's the guy who wanted to play Party Girl?" I started screaming and yelling as loud as I could, but suddenly i feel a guy directly behind me being pulled up to the stage to play. I was absolutely devastated. The guy literally right behind me got to play on stage with the guys instead of me...all because he had a sign and i had forgotten mine.

Anyway...needless to say i definitely learned my lesson and next tour i am making TONS of signs and hopefully i'll have that opportunity again. That's why i'm counting down the days til the next tour!!
I was there in front of the ellipse too, which side were you on? Sorry he picked Alin instead of you. :( I thought he was on the outside of the ellipse?
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