Can't a troll find a place to call home??

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Johnny Swallow

Bad Daddy Johnny
Aug 10, 2000
NW Arkansas
I've been looking for new places to have some message board 'fun'.'s message board is down due to 'the actions of a few'.'s website might as well be a porn site, it is nothing but an advertisement for their $35 yearly subscription service. You have to pay just to use their message board, wankers.

Anyother suggestions?

This post brought to you by: Rejection "The gift that keeps on giving."

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ask babygrace, i used to post at a bsb place, but then i decided to waste all my terrible posts on this place.

oh and your welcome!!!!!!!

i will never forget the trolls. i tried to take them on, but it was useless. they were to incessatant.

-death bear
The point is to find bands that suck or are overrated. An REM board would be no fun, even if I could find my way around Murmurs.
what about ye olde fanasylum nsync message board. the moderators are total nazis and routinely delete anything that's one step offtopic so it's fun trying to stay a step ahead of them. I recall over the summer there were several interferencers having some fun over there.
Thanks SkeeK, I had that forum in mind but had forgotten the address. I guess I'm not very original, but copying myself is not such a bad thing anyway.
not much as fun as screwing with the minds of them rather ungenius nsyncers

I'll laugh until my head comes off
OMG! Sometimes I wish Michael Jackson had never become famous. Maybe then he'd still look like Michael Jackson...

Three words: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
There is always our friends at the NSYNC boards.

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