Canadians - Flower Child?

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Oct 3, 2003
Heartland USA
When I first heard Flower Child I had an immediate positive response but I wasn't sure why because it sounded so unlike a "U2 song."

Then yesterday it struck me.

It sounded like U2 doing Great Big Sea.

Am I nuts or can anyone else easily hear Alan Doyle or Sean McCann singing this?

And no, I'm not Canadian, just a huge GBS fan from the US Midwest who's been lucky enough to hang with the b'ys on a few occasions. (Of course that involves partaking of sociable beverages, are you nuts?)

U2+GBS=1 v. v. happy music lover



The chord progression for Flower Child made me immediately think "Beatles!" actually, but GBS is another interesting thought. Never met the guys from the band but I've seen Full Frontal Folk a time or two, they opened for GBS on their last tour.
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