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Adam's Gal

Nov 30, 2003
Irving Texas
I am thinking about trading in my guitar (ive had one for 10 years and the only thing I can play on it is the first 3 notes of I Will Follow...stupid stubby fingers) and buying me a new bass (I've had it for 4 years and can play numerous songs). The thing is I have 3 options:
1) Keep it and keep trying to play guitar
2) Trade it in and use it as a down payment for a bass that will cost me an addtional $140
3) Trade it in and use the money as a down payment for my dream bass (will run me over $300 more) a Fender Jazz Custom Classic :drool:

I need yalls imput! Keep in mind I owe my mom $600 (my car needed a new radiator and igniton module).
Well I wouldn't just go out and buy a bass that's not your dream bass, assuming that the dream bass isn't completely out of your price range. I'd say either get it now or wait until you can.
F*cking radiotors...:banghead:
They always come between the guitar you want...
Wait and save otherwise you'll be in my situation:
playing a crap guitar and still dreaming of your 1° choice and have no more money...
It's good to know guitar and bass and resale on used guitars sucks, unless it's a very nice one which would make it even more worthwhile to keep.
It's a Jay Turser guitar...which is basically a cheap verson of a Fender, so its not all nice. I want to learn guitar but everytime I pick the guitar up and start to play it, I break the little E string! THAT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL! So i stick to bass where its really hard to break the string.
If you're always breaking the same string and it is not excessively worn or old then the guitar is probably badly set up or one of the bridgepieces has a sharp edge or something. I'd check that before I dispose of the guitar.

I'd suggest that musicians should never buy any guitar other than the one they really really want. You'll end up selling the other one, probably at a significant loss, and buying the one you really want sooner or later (at least, that's what I ended up doing when I followed that particular route), so save yourself money and hassle and wait until you have the cash, or buy it on lease hire or something.
Adam's Gal said:
No matter what guitar i play i always break the same string.

Perhaps you're striking the strings too hard. Ease off a bit... or you could always try a slightly heavier set of strings... slinky bottom heavy top etc... ...that might help.

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