Bono in France

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I wonder how much longer he is going to be there for? :hmm:

They usually spend most of the summer there. They will probably be doing promo stuff for the new album like photos shoots and interviews. They did a lot of that in France before Bomb but then during August Bono and Ali kind of keep that for family month and they will usually stay out of site or sneak off somewhere for a quiet holiday away from business and cameras. Their anniversary is at the end of August.

with Morleigh Steinberg
Sian (* 4. October 1997)
Levi (* 25. October 1999)

with Aislinn O’Sullivan
Hollie (* 1984)
Arran (* 1985)
Blue Angel (* 1989) --> so she's around Jordan's age, right?!

Edge married his secondary school girlfriend Aislinn O'Sullivan on 12 July 1983. The couple had three daughters together: Hollie, in 1984, Arran, in 1985, and Blue Angel, in 1989. The Edge and O'Sullivan separated in 1990 but could not divorce due to Irish law; divorce was legalized in 1995 and the couple legally divorced in 1996.

During U2's groundbreaking Zoo TV Tour, The Edge met Morleigh Steinberg, a professional dancer and choreographer employed by the band. The couple began dating in 1993, and had their daughter, Sian, in 1997, and a son, Levi, in 1999

I think the dates are different on almost every site :lol:

I've been checking the girls' birthdates as well and I always thought they were born in 1985,'86 and '89.

Atu2 has different dates for the young kids too:
In 1983, Edge married Aislinn O'Sullivan, with whom he remained for seven years and had three daughters: Hollie (born 4th July 1984), Arran (born 15th October 1985), and Blue Angel (born 26th June 1989). They separated in 1990 and divorced in 1996. He now has a daughter, Sian (born 7th October 1997), and a son, Levi (born 1st October 1999), with Morleigh Steinberg, the belly dancer and choreographer from the Zoo TV Tour, whom he started dating in 1993. The two were married on 18th June, 2002.
I think the dates are different on almost every site :lol:

I've been checking the girls' birthdates as well and I always thought they were born in 1985,'86 and '89.

Atu2 has different dates for the young kids too:

:wave: also says that they were born in 1985, 86 and 89.
But I'm pretty sure that Hollie and Arran were born in 1984 and 1985! (Hollie on the 4th of July - that's why the song was called like that...)
Arran was born on October 15 1985! (Edge himself says so in U2 by U2. Guess he knows it ;)) Blue was born on June 26 1989.
Edge on Sian: "My first child with Morleigh was born during Popmart on October 1st, 1997... she went into labour while I was in transit between Israel and LA. I arrived a few hours after Sian was born...."
And Egde on Levi's birth: "My son was born arrived 25 October 1999. It was in LA."

--> SO:
Hollie: July 4, 1984
Arran: October 15, 1985
Blue: June 26, 1989
Sian: October 1, 1997
Levi: 25 October, 1999

should be correct that way :lol: strange, that there are so many dates around...
nice "boat" :lol:

Thank you so much for the pictures. :up:I wonder whom this boat belongs to (because it has a huge Portuguese flag).
No kidding! It almost looks like it's two elegant flats floating on water. What a nice relaxing way for the families to all get together tho and to have some fun away from crowds and prying eyes. Not so easy for the paparrazzi to be bugging them. And I am sure the inside of those cabins are more than 5 STAR accomodations. All the best their money can buy. They're all very lucky! Looks like they are having fun too.
Thanks for the new pics. My birthday is tomorrow, so its like an early birthday present.:wave:
Wow I haven't looked at any pics of Bono and Ali together recently.
Bono seems to be outaging Ali. :hmm: She doesn't look a day over 30.. beautiful.
More hand-holding Ali and Bono pics. :cute: Thank you! Edge is looking gooooood! :wink:
Dallas!! Squee! :hyper:

Ali and Bono are such a lovely couple. She is a beautiful woman for sure. Bono is looking mighty smart too :)

Edge lookin' great as always :up:

That's our lads.

Thanks for posting these :)
Thanks for the pics. Good to see them :) And I also recognized Dallas! Does that mean they are still working on the album in France? :hmm:
Wee! Finally some new headgear for The Edge :up:
I hope it's not temporary this time around, though. In my opinion, as much as I love it, I do think it's time for something a little different. ;)

Thanks for the pics! :wink:
Wow, thanks for the new pictures, they all look great! Good to see them having a good time and enjoying their holiday. I'm sure they are also working on the album. Very nice smile from Edge there. :love:
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