any us u2 fans in here?

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Sep 29, 2001
no this is not a silly thread. :angry:

i have a question on the us version of atyclb and i want an answer from anyone who knows the correct answer. i did ask this same question in here before but it was moved to the "all i want is u2" forum - but it doesnt belong in there. its just a general knowledge question and i was not asking for anyone to sell or trade!! i still havent got even one satisfactory answer after asking it about a month ago. in fact that thread is dying slowly into oblivion.

therefore, ill ask this first: are there any us fans that consider themselves to be fan enough to know a lot about the us release of atyclb?

report in here; ill get back to you thereafter with the q.
just to let you know, if a thread of yours has ever been moved and you feel it shouldn't have been, feel free to contact one of the mods from either forum (where you'd posted it or where you'd moved it to) to discuss it with them. it could've been a mistake or a misinterpretation of the thread. :)

as for your thread, i'm in the us, and i do own atyclb, but you'll have to ask the question before i can answer it! :wave:
ok; here's the q:

when atyclb was released in the us a free promo came with it. ive read at numerous places on the internet that this promo release either contained the track summer rain or always.

now here's the deal. i know for a fact that the summer rain promo exists (i own it and it can be found on e-bay on a daily basis). however, i have no evidence whatsoever that the always promo exists. i dont own it. i know of noone who owns it and ive never seen it being sold on e-bay. my obvious q is: does anybody know for a fact (by owning it or by having actually seen it or whatever) that the always promo exists?!?!

i hope thisll get more feedback than my similar thread which was moved to all i want is you.

and no i dont want to trade it or anything. i just wanna know.
I ordered mine from to get The Ground Beneath Her Feet. :evil:

I've seen the promotional ones...I was under the impression that there was a second CD with Summer Rain AND Always.
typhoon said:
Now the second one, which you could've had answered days ago if you had just gotten to the point sooner:

yes typhoon i know all that. if you read my post it says "ive read on numerous places on the internet (which includes that the always promo should exist". however, noone has said yet that he owns this promo. everyone owns the summer rain promo. ive seen the summer rain promo being auctioned at e-bay about a zillion times. never, have i even once seen the always promo being auctioned. i'm asking whether anybody knows whether it exists by owning it or having seen it. i definately know that if it exists in fact it should be a lot rarer than the summer rain promo.

bump. well can anybody help me? this is the place where the most u2 fans come isnt it? any comments, its not like im asking something stupid.
it wouldnt matter. nobody gives answer to the question anyway. thanks guys. :sad:

maybe ill join another message board with usa peeps that actually know a lot and answer questions :wink:
yeah maybe. but it would be soooooo weird. its even listed in the collectors guide from atu2 (same price as the summer rain promo!?!)
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