Anthem of the Vertigo Tour

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Sep 26, 2000
San Antonio TX
With the Vertigo tour coming to a close soon :sad: , what one song defines the Vertigo tour? Like when I think of ZooTV, I think of “The Fly” or when I think of Popmart I think of “Please”.

For me it will have to be “City Of Blinding Lights.” Song is just so magical live with the lights twinkling during the intro and the flood lights coming on during the chorus.
For me its actually Love and Peace... the first time I heard it live, it blew me away, I never expected it to sound that good live. And Love and Peace (and 'Sometimes' as well) is really the heart of HTDAAB.
I've seen 3 shows and its a tie between two songs.

There is something really special when OOTS and COBL are performed.
I would have to say Vertigo, I mean yeah the tour is named after it and everything but its a song that really gets fans pumped up. Everybody on the planet knows it, they can all belt it out, its good to get the fans going and into the show.
city of blinding lights or vertigo i think has to be either of these 2
the fly was zoo tv
mofo was popmart
beautiful day was elevation
Vertigo for Vertigo
The Fly for Zoo TV
Mofo - Popmart
Elevation /Beautiful Day for Elevation (This one is hard to call!)
I'll echo what's been said already, that COBL was the anthem of this tour. Worth the price of admission :love:

I agree that best non-HTDAAB was Electric Co. I got to see it twice :drool:
I agree with Love and Peace.

New song, new schtick.

Not much hyped wrapped around its perfromance (like Vertigo x1 x2, or x3)

I think the old old stuff like An Cat Dubn was great to be able to hear live in my lifetime, but I simply think Love and Peace rocked each venue to the rafters...
The Electric Co.
I agree with Axver here.
The song works better now than ever, and it works better than any new material. Is this their best live song?
Oh yeah, Wake Up of course.
That actually sums it up. Funny that a non-U2 song gives me the feeling of U2 instead of an actual U2 song.
Vertigo, the lighting and everything behind it was awesome, and it ROCKED live. I mean I always loved it, but it was that much better live.

Also the sleeper would be Electric Co., it represented u2 experimenting more with their setlists this tour than before and it is the best song on the tour imo.
For those of us that were lucky enough to hear "Crumbs From Your Table"; that was something special and always sticks out when I think of the shows that I saw last year.

Besides me, the thing that sticks out most is how the first 4 songs blended so well together and made you want to fly....City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation and Electric Co and/or Gloria was just unbelievable.
MarcusOneTree said:
ZooTV = Zoo Station / RTSS
Popmart = MoFo / HM, TM, KM, KM
Elevation = Elevation / UTEOTW
Vertigo = City Of Blinding Lights / Electric Co.

Tour = New Song / Old Song


Well, technically, HMTMKMKM was a new song on Popmart. The song had never been played before and Popmart was the first tour on which it could have appeared.
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