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Ah ok I just checked and I forgot that he had a black shirt under the vest the second time there were pics of him wearing it, so yes it's likely this photo is from the rooftop shoot last October. Not sure about the other guys pics. Someone else will have to investigate those. ;)
Might as well update this thread with all the images from the new album as well.

That picture of Edge I think is on that newish bridge in Dublin where they had that 'shoot' the other week. Facing the Principle Management building, opposite the Point Depot.
That's pretty damn alike. The width of the shoulders, size of the head, the shape of the hands and thighs... that would be a pretty darn precise casting call.
Babyface, I didn't even notice that post was from you!! I'm shocked, SHOCKED that you think you might not recognize Edge in a grainy black and white from behind! I know you can. ;)
Ugh, Bono. Stop roaming around and get back to the studio so you can fin .....

Oh, wait. Never mind.

Omg, Adam looks so old in that picture :ohmy: But he always look older in photos than in real life.
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