Achtung baby Video on DVD/VCD format

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The Fly
Sep 5, 2003
Hi people.

i was wondering if someone had the Achtung Baby video on DVD/VCD format. I am no longer using my VHS, and my AB video that i have is viewed so much that its pretty much worn out, and I would love to have it on DVD/VCD format so i could view it on my computer or dvd player.

I would trade for it as well. please let me know

You know what, a short while back I was look for the same (see prior Achtung Baby Video) and someone said it hasn't been released on DVD.?????
Lynne, I just got done with the conversion of the UF Collection laserdisc to DVD, and my next project is the LASERDISC of Interference and the 3 track VHS of Numb to DVDR

My versions will be the ones to get :)
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