2022 Kennedy Center Honors

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Walk On was nice, but Pride would have been better and kept it political and Ukraine-y, which is why they went with that.

No complaints about the Elevation performance, Eddie killed it. But Vertigo is better known?

In a show like that the audience at home gets their emotional cues from in-person reaction shots, and with this crowd, you need the hits.

Lots of hits.

Watching this was a tradition in my household growing up and even now, so I’ve been planning the U2 show for the past 25 years.
Can someone post a setlist/rundown of this event? I don't really understand what it is, and I've seen a few different clips./
The*Kennedy Center Honors*are annual honors given to those in the*performing arts*for their lifetime of contributions to*American culture. They have been presented annually since 1978, culminating each December in a gala celebrating five honorees in the*Kennedy Center*Opera House*in*Washington, D.C.*While the awards are primarily given to individuals, they have occasionally been given to couples or musical groups, as well as to one*Broadway*musical*and one*television show.

The Chairman's Luncheon is held on Saturday at the Kennedy Center. Surrounded by the Honorees, the chairman of the board of trustees launches the event with a welcoming speech. At that evening's reception and dinner at the State Department, presided over by the Secretary of State, the Honorees are introduced and the Honors medallions are presented by the chairman of the board. The wide rainbow-colored ribbon then hung around the necks of the recipients and prominently noticeable when the events are televised, symbolizes "a spectrum of many skills within the performing arts" according to creator Ivan Chermayeff.

On Sunday, there is an early-evening White House reception, traditionally hosted by the President of the United States and the First Lady, followed by the Honors gala performance at the Kennedy Center and supper.

U2 were honored by Sean Penn and Sacha Baron Cohen (in character as Borat).

Eddie Vedder sung Elevation.

Mary J Blige was supposed to sing One but was sick, so Vedder filled in for her.

Brandy Carlisle, Hozier and a singer from Ukraine covered Walk On (but with Bono's revised lyrics about Zelensky)

Bono destroyed the supper.
There was no evidence that Larry ever smiled throughout the event, he looked very uncomfortable.

Julia Roberts wore a dress with pictures of George Clooney all over it

Big Bird was there
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