2012 AFL Thread III - Why Do We Even Bother With Our Stupid Teams?

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I can see it now ...

Dustin Fletcher and James Hird 12.0 72
Rest of Essendon 10.7 67
Why can't I barrack for more than one team? And I'm more disappointed that the Dons lost than happy that the Cats won.
Sack Hird. A dud celebrity coach who has at least done the job of reviving interest from the many glory-hunting Essendumb fans. They haven't really gone anywhere. Just elevate Mark Thompson to head coach instead of persisting with the awkward current arrangement.

Shouldn't be losing to Geelong (or St Kilda) like that... And they didn't even have Christensen.

Collingwood vs Hawthorn and Adelaide vs West Coast. Both are massive in the context of the top 4. There are currently five top 4 teams, but 5 into 4 will just not go.
I'm trying to figure out why on earth you'd suggest something as kneejerk as sacking Hird when, in less than two years, he's taken the team from 14th and in a downward spiral to top six and full of potential. Can't credit Bomber Thomson alone when Hird's been the more hands-on part of the coaching team.

If any coach is riding his celebrity status and probably needs to go, it's Michael Voss, who never really recovered from the Fevola fiasco. Brissie need some new ideas.
Brisbane seem to be on an upward trajectory from what I've seen of them, despite their W/L record not being anything flash.

To call Hird a dud coach after a year and a half is awfully silly.
A week when I feel like I can have true confidence in my team...

...surely we will lose.
Brisbane seem to be on an upward trajectory from what I've seen of them, despite their W/L record not being anything flash.

I've been saying Brisbane are better than their results indicate for ages ... their upward trajectory just doesn't seem to be properly realised, and it's making me suspect the problem is not the players, who seem to have the skills and the potential, but a need for new and rejuvenated ideas at the coaching level. Maybe Voss will prove me wrong and take the Lions to the top eight next year, but I'm not sure I see them being a force with him still at the helm.

They better win today, not just for Ashley's sake but so that I can move ahead of Charlotte in the tipping competition. :wink:
Just echoing the Essendon fickleness that was directed at Knights, despite him still getting the side into the finals, and inheriting Sheedy's average rabble after the exodus of the guns of successful years gone by.

Hird is sacrosanct. An easy way for the board to avoid scrutiny in the short term is to hire a favourite son, puppeteered by an ex-Bomber who was a two time premiership coach.

A good side often needs a shit season before they come good. Why does Knights pay the price, while Worsfold doesn't?
The team was tracking down fast under Knights though. He took them to 12th (with heaps of injuries), scraped into the eight on sheer luck in 2009, and then dived to 14th in 2010. Hird, on the other hand, has had Essendon in the top eight for almost the entirety of 2011 and 2012. Knights never got Essendon near the top four; Hirdy had Essendon in equal first earlier this season. Results speak for themselves.

The Worsfold comparison really doesn't hold - especially since Worsfold's experience is a massive anomaly rather than any kind of rule.
What the hell has happened to West Coast over the last two weeks?!
What the hell are we doing beating West Coast by 50 points without our best two forwards.
What we have learnt today: the Hawks are absolutely devastating even without Buddy and Hodge. If they hadn't eased off and let Collingwood get a few late goals, that margin would be even more considerable.

Totally expect the Bombers to get thumped by the Hawks next Friday.

My tips have sucked this week. Hope Brisbane hold on to their lead just so I can notch up my first correct tip!
The Suns/Brissie game looks pretty dire based on the score ... 1.3 9 to 1.4 10 for the whole fourth quarter? I can't imagine that being terribly watchable.
I'm glad I'm not staying up for the entirety of this crap. Doggies went off to a 12-0 start, but we're stabilizing now. There's like 5 starters out there for us, so I guess I have no reason to be surprised.
Early days yet, but at this stage I'm wondering if Carlton have slipped even further than I thought.

And wait, shit, the Demons "home" game tonight against Port is in Darwin? Shiiiit. I only picked Melbourne because I thought they were, y'know, at home in Melbourne!
Howe takes another screamer. I think it's just as good as the one against Sydney!
Oh man, if the Bulldogs win by less than a goal, that fifty on the three quarter siren is going to be SO controversial.

I'm not sure what I want - an unexpected Bulldogs victory, or Carlton to win so that I can salvage something from what is shaping up to be my worst week of tips so far this year.
> Garland in forward pocket, ball stationary (or close to) on the ground
> soccers it
> ball goes straight to Port player 15-20 metres who marks
> kicks goal


One of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen a professional footballer make.
Strong lulz at Melbourne being gifted gettable shots at goal to which they miss badly. They are so hilariously inept they make Port look stable.
Goddamnit, and here I was thinking my Melbourne tip was inspired at quarter time! :lol:
Melbourne's 7 goals have all come from the right side of the ground on TV. :laugh:
Carlton sneak home with a win ... kind of wanted the Dogs to do it, especially since Carlton spent the first half of the game playing from the same textbook as Essendon did on Friday, but my tips breathe a slight sigh of relief. No matter what happens tomorrow though, this'll be my worst week of the year. :(
I can't believe we're still in the thick of it for the 8. As long as North and St Kilda lose, there's like 5 teams with 32 points.

We'll beat Brisbane at home, as well as Gold Coast, but that's probably it. I'm not sure about the season-closing St. Kilda. And I'm definitely not sure about next week's Richmond match; they're hot or cold.
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