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This university is molding world leaders?

A bit of humour for FYM...


Yale to Make a Clean Break From Tradition

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - It took a decade of student lobbying, but Yale University appears ready to break with tradition and supply soap for dormitory bathrooms on one of the oldest campuses in America.

At a school where students have demanded and won financial aid reform and divestment from oppressive countries, calls for liquid soap dispensers went unanswered for years. Even after Yale agreed to stock two-ply toilet paper in the mid-1990s, administrators wouldn't budge on the soap issue.

Mainly they cited the cost of keeping the dispensers stocked - more than $100,000 a year.

"It seems like a lot of money, but the school has a $12.6 billion endowment," said junior Steven Engler, a member of the Yale student government and head of its soap committee. "Soap is just a basic necessity. All the other Ivies provide soap." (Actually, Yale's endowment is now up to about $15.7 billion.)

This month, however, the 305-year-old university put hand soap on an experimental basis in three of the school's 12 residential colleges, as Yale's dormitories are known. If the experiment proves affordable, soap could become available campuswide next year, said Yale Facilities Director Eric Uscinski.

The news spread quickly among alumni who campaigned for soap while at Yale.

"Victory at last!" Ted Wittenstein, a 2004 graduate who went on to analyze weapons of mass destruction intelligence for Congress, e-mailed a friend.

In addition to fretting about the cost, some university officials worried the dispensers would damage historic architecture in the bathrooms, according to the student-run Yale Daily News.

"At the time, it was a complete head-scratcher. It seemed completely obvious," said James Ponsoldt, a 2001 graduate who spoke this week from the Sundance Film Festival, where a movie he directed premiered. "It's pretty gross to not have soap in the bathrooms."

Tradition also was a factor. Generations of Yale undergraduates, including the current and former Presidents Bush, lived without university-supplied soap.

"I think the main reason there aren't soap dispensers is because there never have been soap dispensers," Dean of Administrative Affairs John Meeske told the campus newspaper in 1997.

Students coped by pitching in to buy soap. Parents contributed. Soap became a communal responsibility.

In 1997, student leaders appealed to a higher power: John Pepper, then a member of Yale's governing corporation, and chairman of Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, which makes Ivory, Olay and Zest soap. But Pepper said the university could not figure out how to make it work affordably.

"I think it's great that people have soap," Pepper said in a telephone interview this week. "I'm a big supporter of soap."
hmmmm.... so Yale couldn't figure out how to make providing soap in the bathroom work affordably. And this is one of the places that is supposed to be turning out the best and brightest?

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Isn't that ridiculous?
Moreso if you've ever actually visited one of the undergrad colleges. I'm a grad student at Yale living in one of the grad dorms and whenever I find myself in one of the undergrad colleges I get a little grumpy about all the amenities they have - squash courts, climbing walls, exercise room, dance studio, pottery studio, basketball court... the list goes on. We have a foosball table with the feet broken off half the little plastic men... but we have soap! It's nice to know we have at least one thing they don't (for now)...

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"I think the main reason there aren't soap dispensers is because there never have been soap dispensers," Dean of Administrative Affairs John Meeske told the campus newspaper in 1997.
Genius At Work.

Students coped by pitching in to buy soap. Parents contributed. Soap became a communal responsibility.
It's a herd of genius!
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That's funny, they couldn't figure out how to supply soap in the bathrooms? Egads!
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Old 01-28-2006, 12:58 PM   #5
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They have TWO-PLY toilet paper???

That's just a pipe dream here at Dal...
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I think it is very irresponsible to provide liquid soap without a mandatory wash clothe!

Is the secular left is trying to encourage impure thoughts?
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That's honestly disgusting. Don't they have a medical school at Yale whose staff could elaborate on the importance of soap?

I can't bag on Yale too much as YLS didn't reject me, but this is seriously gross.
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This is ridiculous! I work for a company where we are always lectured about the need to keep travel expenses and overtime down, but we still manage to keep soap in the restrooms.
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Even my ghetto college has soap in the bathroom.

They may not actually clean Central Classroom's bathroom, but it does have soap.
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So it is true to say that Yale moulding future world leaders
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Originally posted by deep
Is the secular left trying to encourage impure thoughts?
Further damning evidence that the sinister and underhanded designs of the Wobblies to convert impressionable young minds have been festering where we least suspected it all these years!

This is an actual advertisement from the 1930s, the text reads:
Employees lose respect for a company that fails to provide decent facilities for their comfort!
Try wiping your hands six days a week on harsh, cheap paper towels or awkward, unsanitary roller towels--and maybe you, too, would grumble. Towel service is just one of those small, but important courtesies--such as proper air and lighting--that help build up the goodwill of your employees. That's why you'll find clothlike ScotTissue Towels in the washrooms of large, well-run organizations such as R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc., National Lead Co. and Campbell Soup Co.
If "clothlike" paper towel deprivation has such nefarious effects, imagine what total soap withdrawal does to you!

Kudos to the Bush family for instilling in their sons the fortitude to resist the siren song of subversive impulses towards a state which would allow its best and brightest to be denied their soap!


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