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Originally posted by Sparkysgrrrl
This vaccine is a joke...and convincing the Americacn public that it's a good idea is a joke.
If the vaccine was created today, it would not even be allowed as a vaccine, that's enough right there for me to not want it.

The small pox vaccine was developed over 200 years ago. Small pox was declared erradicated in 1980. Apparently, they didn't check with Iraq.

You are probably more at risk walking down the sidewalk.

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Originally posted by melon

Even I enjoy alternative/natural medicine, but I would never tempt fate by not getting my vaccinations. I have never received a reaction to any of the vaccines I have received (I've even gotten the meningitis vaccine), and, as long as I feel healthy at the moment in time, I would not fear the smallpox vaccine either. I sincerely doubt that alternative medicine would ever go up against a smallpox infection and win, nor would I ever be daring enough to test the theory.

I got the menngitis injection and it was fine we all had to get it here if you were at school 2 years ago

I seen clips on the news when they said everyone in the britain and n.ireland were getting the small pox vaccines and it was of a nurse with this massive contraption and a big line of people and she just put it up to their arms and they all walked along- so if they could do it then im sure theres nothing wrong with everyone getting it nowadays

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Fascinating. I dont think I have ever witnessed an intelligent debate over the negatives of vaccinations!
When I was young, my mum did the vaccines so I could go to pre-school and school. I had measles, german measles, chicken pox and mumps vaccines. A while later, I got mumps anyway. 2 years after it, I was diagnosed with diabetes. T'was blamed on the mumps. These vaccines may do harm to an immune system, but what these actual diseases can do can be far far worse.
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Originally posted by nbcrusader
I already had the small pox vaccination (goodness, Iím that old) and my arm still works. Who else has received one?
Well, I guess I am old too!!!!!

I received the vaccination as a child. I have the scars to prove it. I was kind of hoping I received one when I entered the military, or during Desert Storm, but I am pretty sure that I did not.

Having seen the pictures in boot camp of the effects of Biologocal Weapons during my training, I am very concerned about the current world stituation. The pictures are enough to give nightmares.

Strange enough, I received an email from a parental unit yesterday telling me that I was very, very ill from my small pox shot as a child. I guess I had lesions, allergies to foods, high fevers, and something to do with alergies to chemicals. I am curious about the chemical thing because I am hypersensative to chemcials and smells to this very day. Supposedly I was sick for 18months after the shot.

That being said, I am not worried about myself so much as my children inheriting my reaction to the shot.


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