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of science and the human heart there is no limit...

let's hope this is true. and let's hope everyone who needs it has access to it.

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Sad to say,

Tillen is right. The truly horrible thing is, even 20 years ago, nobody in the Industry operated like this. Medicine was fee-for-service and the goal of Big Pharma was NOT to make profit first and foremost. When and why did Big Pharma become "Big Pharma"?

What if the companies had treated Joanas Salk this way if he was touting his cure for polio today? Would they likewise have bankrolled and supplied the UN to cure a disease they could never again make any profit off? When did CORPORATE THINKING poison the Medical profession, or those companies anyway..it is THAT that has forever poisoned the relationship of trust bet doctor and patient. It isn't that patients hate doctors, they are just bitter, suspicious and wary because they know who in relaity they are talking to when they go to a doctor's office.

It isn't the doctor. That's for sure. Who, BTW, is not even allowed to practice his profession the way he knows would be best. The damned ins co has reps who monitor what treatments they can prescribe and procedures to take!!

I'd think that they might never want to eliminate any disease they feel they can continiue to make a profit off... smallpox and been universal killer for thousands of years. It was right up there with malaria and the flu. And the plague, while we're at it.

A few days ago, I just watched HBO's adaptation of "Angels in America" for the first time, I had wanted to read the play , but figured I'd understand it better if I saw the film first). The only other thing that really makes you appreciate the full horror of what AIDS really is, was Randy Shilts's "And The Band Played On", the origional best-selling classic of how the epidemic appeared in NA. Above all, it took the victims and made them people.

I had a slight problem with the gay love scenes in the film, (no--um..SOUND EFFECTS please...I'm thinking of the Central Park scene...if you've seen the film you know what I mean), but other than that, What could I do but weep? It did not change my views on gays adopting children, but on the other hand, it only reinforced my queasiness and anger at the perfedies of the so-called "Religious" Right, who would gladly take every last one and repeat Hitler's little hobby of throwing them into camps. And it triped my compassion for my fellwo suffering human being. It was Christ who said something to the effect of, that is MY Face, the sufferer's face. When you look at them, that is ME you are seeing, and as such, I deserve your help. It is indeed the true test.

I feel God led me to take this out of the library, it was just sitting there on the shelf, and I'd never seen it before.

I have no idea what to do, I can't even afford to pay my rent. I 'm ashamed to admit I don't show on the Well Project's list of top donors, alas. I have read all the One campaign lit. Well...chalk this up with the other latest additions that make up my crisis of faith...

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