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I have another Christianity-based question.

I have read about and come across the name of a Christian pastor named Tony Campolo lately. I have seen him discussed favorably on Christianitytoday.com and I have heard that he supports Jubilee 2000 as does conservative Pat Robertson (who I am a bit scared of.) I was wondering what you guys think of his doctrine? In searching for him on the web, I mainly find hate sites for the man. The funny thing is I have seen him linked in with evangelicals like Billy Graham, Chuck Smith and C.S. Lewis and attacked for being a radical liberal by Jerry Falwell (who I am also a bit scared of) and other conservatives. I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little bit. Thanks.
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It's funny you should mention Campolo. He came in a u2 related discussion with some of my friends a few weeks ago. Aparently Bono and Campolo had lunch when U2 were in Philly, where Campolo teaches at Eastern Univ. (one of my friends works there).
Anyway, I heard Campolo speak once when I was in college and very much appreciated what he had to say. Back when I was having this discussion with my friends, I did a web search on him and discovered the same thing you did. But I didn't a moral objection with most of the things those sites accused him of. Sure, he's a big fan of Greenpeace (so are U2), and I'm not, but that hardly makes him a heretic in my book. He preaches hard on eliminating poverty, giving to the poor, and things of that sort, yet he lives in a mighty big house outside of Philly. That's always a hard contrast for me to understand. Of course the same things could be said of Bono. All this to say that while I certainly disagree with Campolo on a lot of issues, what of I've read/heard of his doctrine is sound. At least on the big stuff he's on track. Certainly more liberal than Robertson or Falwell, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Just my point of view.....


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No one else? Where is Melon, 80s, U2Bama and everyone else?
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Tony C is a rare breed...he's theologically conservative while a social and political liberal...

Tony C has said he would gladly live in the inner city...but his wife (who is a good woman...don't get me wrong...she does work Christians who happen to be gay) wouldn't go along with it...and Tony respected that.

I have absolutely no problem with him...

Some of his sermons are hilarious...he can be a funny guy. He said he was preaching one time and a woman came forward and told him that he was to heal her son. He pointed to his bald head and said "Lady...if I could heal people...do you think I'd go around looking like this!"

The son got healed nonetheless...interesting story...

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Well, I have never heard of this man, but Ive just spent a few moments at his webpage

I'm sure he is no saint. I'm sure someone here can dig up some "dirt" to prove how "evil" he is (Are there any takers????).

But, as far as I can see (and it aint much yet!), he seems to care about the less fortunate... God-forbid!!! Why is he not out there preaching the end of the world, and how God wants you to be "prosperous" while he make millions of dollars, gets really fat and smug, gets a TV show and smirks as he tells folks how evil they are if they don't see God as he sees God... Oh...and please send in your money, he need a new Rolls! Remember, "God wants me,...err..us, to be prosperous!"
AGAIN, he may just be that kind of man, anyway.
I'll have to look into his story a lil more before I can judge and condemn him.. Oh...wait... I'm not supposed to do that, arent I??

Anyway, here more of my two cents (Here's a quarter)... One can look towards many a preacher for guidance and help... For direction, but folks, don't forget (especially if you consider yourself a Christian). God is the ultimate authority... Yes, "God as YOU understand God". Fat Jerry, Sly Pat, or "evil" Tony is not going to be there when you stand before the Lord. It'll be you and Him... Pretty Cool, eh!!!???
I try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. There's things that even Jerry Falwell says that I agree with. ( Mostly that Jesus is Lord and He died for all of us... after that... It gets hairy)

Search. Read. Study. Pray. Learn. Grow.... LOVE!

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Originally posted by socalu2fan:
No one else? Where is Melon, 80s, U2Bama and everyone else?
While I have heard of him, I don't know much about the man. .


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