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Originally posted by KingPin
For clarity's sake:

Am I the ONLY forum member who recalls Democrats accusing Republicans of WANTING to starve kids, kill the elder, and destroy the environment? Anybody remember why? Because the recently elected GOP-led Congress (c. 1995) wanted to decrease spending increases from THREE TIMES the rate of inflation to only TWICE the rate.

(I also love how that Congress was "the Republican takeover." See, only Democrats are apparently elected to public office. Republicans MUST take political power by force. Their ideas couldn't possibly be popular. Naaaah...)

Geez, now that you mention it...I do indeed remember Republicans WANTING to starve kids, kill the elderly, and destroy the environment. Well, practice does make eventually they might accomplish this. So much for compassionate conservatism...

p.s. that was some niffting spinning of my previous post, Bubba. Guess I won't be seeing you in the "No Spin Zone" anytime soon.

At this point, Achtung Bubba got upset, saying that he must be missing sarcasm because of the atrocious thing just posted... when in fact, it was just repeating what Bubba said. From here on things get hazy because tones and intents and sarcasms and everything get misinterpreted and misconstrued. This is the real problem.

It should also be noted, that before Achtung Bubba's post (the one quoted above), Like Someone to Blame said "I appreciate your comments. I agree that both sides are guilty of being nasty and hypocritical...I just sincerely believe it is more prevalent amongst the GOP-nationally and in this forum. " Hardly the sort of talk for a crazy person accusing one side of ATTEMPTED MASS MURDER!!!!
Two things:

1. LSTB was not "just repeating" what I said. He added to it, specifically adding that it was proof that the "compassionate conservative" is a myth.

2. I honestly believe that many liberals HONESTLY believe that conservatives are, as a group, evil - that the labels of racist, sexist, homophobe, and Nazi actually fit. LSTB's comments about appreciating what I say could be little more than insincere diplomacy.

Why would I believe that?

He said in the same post that the GOP is the more "nasty and hypocritical" of the two parties. He has said in THIS thread that "I do believe that indeed 16 of 18 Bush cabinet members are multi-millionaires-millions made off the backs of the sick, poor, and disadvantaged" - not just millionaires, but millionaires who exploit the "sick, poor, and disadvantaged."

Look at what he's ACTUALLY said about Republicans, the "extreme right" who has a "long-standing tradition of the GOP to enact legislation that benefit only the elite of the elite."

Is it the "sort of talk for a crazy person accusing one side of ATTEMPTED MASS MURDER"?

It's really quite too close to call.

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