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Originally posted by Hallelujah Here She Comes:
Exactly. I waited in line all day (and all night) for the 10-16 show and came away from the experience elated, but chapped, ill and exhuasted. Compare this to my Chicago 4 experience in May when I showed up at noon and had a similar spot in the heart without the 18 hours of waiting in the blistering cold and freezing rain.
I was at those shows too! Waiting in line on 10/16 was pretty horrible, although it was worth it. I'm all for GA, but I wish the lining up would be restricted to the day of the concert. It was so nice on the first leg when you could show up at noon and still get a spot in the heart- all the camping out is kind of ridiculous and drains your energy. I really don't know how they could prevent people from lining up early, though.

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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4:
ooh, ooh, I got it! Keep the heart and only sell heart tickets through Propaganda!
I agree.

That would severely restrict those people who choose to arrive at the venue up to 48 hours in advance, and would give a chance to the people who live in the actual city or around it a better shot at being at the front.

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nah!!! I'd much rather squint at them from a hundred yards away
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We (I'll have to tell you all how I subverted my husband...) saw two Elevation shows in seats, then caught the Lexington show in the heart. We had seated tickets for Columbus, but we bought GA tickets when we got there instead. I saw three 3rd leg shows, all GA. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Like Sula, I met so many cool people that I immediately considered my friends (including Sula!) (tho there is at least one person I owe an apology to.. sorry, Twins' best friend, whoever you are ) I hope GA is a continuing tradition, though it would be a tiny bit nice if it were a tiny bit easier. 48 hours without real sleep is hard on a girl.

I saw both Popmart shows in Dublin, which were at Lansdowne Road, a soccer stadium that holds, I think, 40,000 people. The "pitch" (field, for the Americans out there) was general admission, but there was a corridor made out of railings about a third of the way down the pitch--i.e. 1/3 of the field was close to the stage, 2/3 of the field was behind the corridor, and the two sections of the field were separated by this corridor. Some observations:

There were four doors to line up at, but we had to line up on the street until about 3, at which time we were marched to the doors. Your door was determined by a color printed on your ticket. No one was searched, patted down, wanded, or even glanced at, really.

Small groups of people kept showing up and getting at the front of our line throughout the day. The Americans were the only ones upset by this, or at least the only ones who said so.

I was right at the b-stage, inside the corridor in other words, and I was absolutely smashed up against everyone around me the whole night. I couldn't even move my arms much of the time. People constantly tried to move to the rail using their elbows as crowbars. I was drenched with a lovely mixture of anonymous sweat and spilled beer at the end of the night.

Security guards were passing cups of water to the crowd whenever anyone asked.

Many people were pissing drunk.

Everyone I could see knew every single word to every single song.

People were being pulled from behind the corridor in a constant stream of bruised, sweaty, fainting people. One girl reportedly cracked a couple of ribs; several reported bruising.

At the end of the show, there was trash EVERYWHERE. The houses around the stadium butt right up against the walls of the stadium--there are no parking lots of any kind. It's in kind of a ritzy neighborhood, and the residents sued to cancel the concert because they were sure U2 fans would trash everything, which, largely, they did. Nothing was broken or burned, it just seemed that there weren't trash cans anywhere. The Irish Supreme court had to approve the concerts (final judgement came on my birthday that year ). Search the Irish Times (http://www.ireland.com) for U2 in the year 1997 for coverage, which was good.

I was the most fabulous experience in my life up to that point, but I'll take mildly pushy, less sweaty, American GA any day.

OK, you non-Americans out there are free to lambaste me now for being anal and afraid of germs. Such is the American way.

Please see http://www.geocities.com/cindit8/dublin.html if you'd like to see information about our Dublin trip. We met up with about 30 or so other "Wirelings" and had a blast....

...sigh... When's that next tour, again?

And through the walls you hear the city groan
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Outside is America
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seeing as we didnt get GA at all, i wouldnt really mind....

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I'd like GA but no heart. Seriously, I was one of the people before the tour started who was all for GA and in theory I still am.

But guess what? I dont like waiting in line all day. Nope, not anymore. I am totally with Blue Room on this. Getting there at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and getting in the heart was cool on Leg 1. Getting there at 11 AM with 350+ people ALREADY AHEAD OF YOU and NOT getting in the heart is not! It just got out of control on Leg 3 with these self-proclaimed line lists who would not allow you to hold spaces for a friend who was on their way or stuff like that. That really irked me and I can relate to some of the anger U2Gator vented earlier last week in a Closed Thread about the NAZI linekeepers. I dont agree with his personal attacks but I feel the anger towards these nobodys who have been following U2 around the country and show up 24 hours before a concert to start the GA line and let their friends in but tell me I cant do the same for mine. The whole superiority and cliquishness of some of these people, some of whom may very well be interferencers, totally sucks and detracts from the fun of GA.

That being said, GA does rock! But the process to get into it does NOT. I would not mind GA for a floor of an arena, but not with the heart stress. And then waiting in line for 4-10 hours not knowing for sure that you are going to get into the heart can create massive anxiety and stress. It was so nerve wracking.

I am so glad that in L.A. I did not listen to the linelist nazis and when my friends got there TWO hours after me I let them in line with me. I made sure the people behind me knew about it and as far as I was concerned, thats all my responsibility belonged to. Not some bossy woman there since 10 PM the night before and at the front of the line taking names and giving you a number. PLEASE.

Yes I'm bitter! I really have mixed feelings. I like GA but not the process...
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I only had GA for one of the five shows I saw on this tour and I , as well, have mixed feelings about it. Being THAT close (2nd row in front of Bono) was amazing because I have dreamed of that for over 10 years. The whole process of getting into the heart was VERY stressful though. I can't explain how annoyed I was to get there at 11pm the night before, be #46 and only having about 20 people in front of me for the whole night and part of the next day. I wanted to suggest taking roll calls at like 2 am and 4 am and 6 am (obvioulsy everyone would be warned of that first) and whoever wasn't there would lose their place, but I know that would just make the process even more psycho. It was just SO annoying to have to stand behind people who didn't seem all that excited to be there becaue they have been in that same exact spot on the rail numerous times....I know it's selfish but I just sorta wanted a turn (yes I do know I could have lined up earlier so I am certainly not blaming this on anyone else. I also don't want to complain about 2nd row because obvioulsy that is wicked close.) Anyway to sum it up, being in the heart was AWESOME, but the experience i had in line that day was not. I started to get annoyed at U2 fans in general but then realized I am one and certainly not the majority of them are like that. SO I cam back to Interference that night to remind me that most fans are awesome an generous SO I think GA was a great idea for the show but the line was indeed getting sort of out of hand and personally I am not sure I would do it again as great as the vibe on the floor was.

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