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Old 08-09-2005, 10:18 AM   #61
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I'm not really one to preach as I used to drive a Jag XJ-S which did around 18 miles per gallon which would approximate to 15 mpg in US gallon terms. Better than the Hummer fuel consumption figures but not much.

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IIRC the H2 (the smaller Hummer) is basically a Chevy Suburban with a different body slapped on it, and less cargo space. I guess it depends on whether you're buying it for functionality or image.

Don't forget to check insurance prices before you buy.

Originally posted by Popmartijn
Well, considering the ridiculously low gas price in the USA, I can understand you want one. Still, I hope the US government finally gets some sense and starts caring about the environment and raises the price for gas.
Thanks for wishing that on us, but please remember that whether the gas price is $5.00/gal or &0.50/gal, many things are based on that cost. Doubling the fuel costs would have a huge effect on the economy, and likely cause inflation.

Groceries, for example, are shipped via truck. If fuel prices doubled, then food prices would rise. This would of course affect the poor a lot more than it would the wealthy. i.e. the people hit the hardest would be those least likely to cause any change in environmental policy.

Doubling our gas prices might make you feel better about what you're paying, but I don't think it would change much more than that.

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Originally posted by Chizip
i have to say those things are chick magnets

a friend of one of my friends has a very nice hummer and one time we rode down to a club in it. well we got a parking spot right outside the front of the club and as soon as we pulled up all of these hot girls came up and started talking to the guy who owned the hummer. even guys came up and started talking to him about it.

i had never understood why anyone would ever want to get one until that very moment.

I have to say that this speaks volumes more about the guy driving the car and the "hot girls" coming up to the car then it actually says about the car itself.

They are quite possibly the ugliest cars that have ever been on the road, speaking from someone who was forced to drive one for a few months.

Let me guess....you were down on Washington Street?

I'd be careful with those hot girls....they might have been asking for a credit card by the end of the night....

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Originally posted by financeguy
I'm not really one to preach as I used to drive a Jag XJ-S which did around 18 miles per gallon which would approximate to 15 mpg in US gallon terms. Better than the Hummer fuel consumption figures but not much.
Now a Jag is cool.

I know I'll never, ever get one, but they are really beautiful cars, so their gas guzzling ways are more or less forgiven.
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I giggle every time I see this thread title because you dirty minded ones tainted it for me.....GOOD JOB!!!!
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I'm with U2SavesTheWorld re: girls and the Hummer.

Cars don't impress me. Good thing too since I drive a P.O.S. (haha)

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