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American History X

American History X is an incredible, incredible movie. If you haven't seen it, do so.

It is shellshocking. I haven't just seen it for the first time...I've seen it many times over the last two's just that I watched it again yesterday and it's still amazing.

I think it's hilarious that Roberto Benigni won the 'Best Actor' Oscar in 1998 over Edward Norton. I also think it's hilarious that American History X wasn't even nominated for 'Best Picture'.

One of the finest films of the past ten years, and I have to say that I truly believe that Norton's performance in it is the performance of his career thus far. Some say his performance in Fight Club was better, but I disagree.

The story has a wealth of emotional depth.

The dialog draws you in and kicks you in the balls at the same time.

The way the flashbacks are filmed in black and white while the present day is filmed in color is EXTREMELY effective and powerful.

There is some VERY powerful symbolism late in the film(the closeup of the water washing over the swastika tatto on Norton's chest as he takes his shower and him looking in the mirror after said shower).

The acting is absolutely top-notch all around. Edward Norton gives the performance of his career. Edward Furlong should have gotten a 'Best Supporting Actor' Oscar Nomination. Even the lesser roles -

Beverley D'Angelo as a grief-stricken mother whose recent life events(husband's unexpected death, firstborn son's descent and subsequent incarceration, etc), have taken their toll on her and made her a sick woman

Ethan Suplee as Seth, an obese fellow neo-nazi whose idiocy, lack of intelligence, and blind following stand in stark contrast to Norton's character, who is intelligent, articulate, and a more of a leader in his neo-Nazi days who consistantly went on tirades that would go straight over Suplee's head

Guy Torry as Lamont, a black co-worker within prison who is largely responsible for changing Norton's views during his incarceration

William Russ as a now-deceased bigot of a father who, as can be seen in his ONE SINGLE SCENE in the film, had a huge influence on his son(Norton)

Stacy Keach as Cameron, the neo-Nazi godfather type that is largely responsible for brainwashing Derek(Norton), Danny(Furlong), and hundreds/thousands of other kids

Avery Brooks as Dr. Sweeney, an influential black English professor who helps set Derek and Danny back on the right track

Fairuza Balk as Stacey, Derek's girlfriend in his neo-Nazi days

Elliot Gould as Murray, a Jewish administrator at Derek's school who has a brief courtship with Derek's mother

- are absolutely top-notch.

Incredible film.

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Amazing film! A masterful directing job. So easily this film could have villified these characters but the film is of observation. It isn't judgement. One of the best movies of the last ten years.
Everyone should see this film.

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One of my favorite films ever.

It's really a must see.
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Great film.

But very very difficult for me to watch. Perhaps because it's so easy to see these things happening in our society. It's a scary film, but I think it's also a necessary one. It's also hard to watch because you want it to turn out alright in the end... and (SPOILER) it doesn't. I broke down at the end of that movie.

It's definitely a powerful film that I think everyone should see at least once (I think that might be all I can handle lol)
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I still haven't seen it - I don't know why as Edward Norton is one of my favourite actors. It sounds like it has a strong supporting cast too.

I think 'cos it looks such a heavy film and one which you have to be in the right mood to watch I haven't seen it thus far.
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