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You've Got Mail - Part 20 (super short)

This is super short, but I wanted to get it up before I completely wander away and forget about it for another month. Let me know what you think

Part 20
Jessie sat on her sofa staring at the phone, listening as Bono called her name. She had almost picked it up when she heard his voice, it was all she could do to stop her questing hand from grabbing the receiver, but she had managed to restrain herself by holding tightly to one of the pillows decorating each corner of the couch.

She had wanted to call Bono the moment she’d arrived. She’d hurried home in her excitement to hear his voice once more. The phone had been ringing as she fumbled for her keys and she’d rushed into the apartment to grab it before the machine picked up.
“Hello? Bono?”

“Is this Jessica Parks?” She frowned at the phone.

“Yes, yes it is. Who is this?”

“This is Stephen Hutchins from the Chicago DA’s office. I’m calling to inform you of a case brought against you be a Mr. Clive Smith…”

Jessie sat stunned as she listened to the charges brought against her. She couldn’t believe that anyone would stoop so low, even Mr. Smith. She numbly hung up the phone after agreeing to appear in court on the 17th. Mr. Hutchins had advised her to seek legal counsel as soon as possible, but she didn’t know any lawyers in the area and didn’t have the money to afford one even if she had.

There was one name circling in her head, but she refused to call him. Her ex David was an attorney and when they’d parted ways he’d promised that if she ever needed any legal advice he’d help her out. Jessie shook her head resolutely, she would not be pulled in by his mind games again. Instead she hauled the phone book towards her and flipped open the yellow pages.

Two hours and countless phone calls later, she tossed the book on the floor and looked over at MacPhisto where he was swimming around in his bowl on the counter where she’d dumped him in her rush for the phone. The only lawyers within her budget didn’t seem the type to be able to handle a potentially high-profile case such as this one. She knew that must be why Mr. Smith had decided to sue her rather than Bono. Bono could probably grease the legal wheels and get the entire case thrown out, whereas she couldn’t even afford a decent attorney. She though briefly of calling Bono and letting him handle the entire thing, but dismissed the idea almost as soon as she thought it. No, she wouldn’t bother him with something like this. She’d already involved him in more trouble then he’d bargained for and she didn’t want him to feel obligated to save her.

Slowly, she picked up the receiver and dialed the number for David’s office.

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i really like it! please dont forget about it for another month!!

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Hey, Is there anymore to this story?
My computer going slow and wont load up any other pages.
I hope theres more coz its really good.
Can you please send me the rest or give me the link to the next part?

My Email:
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