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When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow pt 5

Disclaimer: all fiction


The rally is going ahead anyway, even without Daryl, and there are plenty of people around who are protesting this fact. Kyle – Daryl’s security guard – and I are walking around keeping an eye out for anything suspicious that might lead us to Daryl and Edge. So far there’s been no luck and in the back of my mind there’s this growing sense of dread that if we don’t find out what happened to them soon we might not find them at all.

Rounding a corner Kyle stops dead and I almost run into him. I open my mouth to say something but he places a finger to his lips.

“How were we supposed to know who the guy with him was, we just assumed he was his boyfriend,” a whiny male voice says from just up ahead.

“Keep your voice down,” a female voice hisses. “And pay closer attention in the future, Hinesman doesn’t have a boyfriend, you should have known that. The other guy you caught was The Edge who’s the guitarist in U2 so now every cop in the city is on the look out for both of them.”

“Go get a couple cops,” Kyle whispers in my ear.

I don’t need to be told twice.

It turns out that the eight men that kidnapped Daryl and Edge are a part of a very traditional group who want to keep the original definition of marriage. However they were acting on their own accord when they went after Daryl in an attempt to shut him up, perhaps permanently, and if not then humiliate him enough that he never wanted anything to do with gay rights again.

A young man, who I highly suspect hoped he’d get a lighter sentence by telling us everything since his companions refused to speak, told us all the details, which made me feel a little nauseous.

Currently there are five police helicopters sweeping the desert north of the city. I just hope they can find Daryl and Edge in time.


You know how when you’re a kid they tell you to be careful of the mid day heat because it’s the worst time of day to be outside? Well I’d forgotten that until now. It’s two in the afternoon and hot enough that I think I’m seeing double. Edge and I gave up talking a while ago, I bet now I couldn’t talk if I tried because my lips are dried and cracked and my mouth is so dry that my tongue feels like it’s swollen.

Edge hasn’t changed his peace all day and I have to admire him for that, I just want to collapse on the ground and curl up into a ball but the only thing that keeps me going is the memory of a conversation we had about an hour ago.

“Do you think we’ll actually make it back?” I’d asked Edge.

“We have to,” he’d replied. “Because I refuse to die out here without seeing Beth again.”

“If you make it back and I don’t can you tell Stacy that I love her?”

“You can tell her yourself, because we’re both going to make it back.”

“I had meant to ask her to marry me,” I don’t know what made me admit that, but the sudden prospect of death seemed to make me want to talk about things I’d never admitted to anyone else. Edge had just looked back at me as I’d talked.

“I’d gone as far as buying a ring but I’d never been able to figure out exactly when I wanted to do it or what I wanted to say. Figures right? I can write songs that cause women all over the world to throw themselves at my feet but I can’t find the words to say to the one girl who really matters. Now I don’t even know if I’ll have a chance to try.”

“So tell her when we get back,” Edge said.

“You’re so convinced that we’ll get back. I’m scarred we’re wont.”

Edge looked away. “I’m scarred about many things, but I prefer not to think about them.”

I snorted, “You haven’t been scarred of anything this entire time, I’ve been freaking out, but you’ve been perfectly calm.”

“No actually. I’m terrified that I’ll never see Beth again, but more then that I’m worried that I’m loosing her.”

I’d looked at him feeling more than a little confused. “How do you figure that you’re loosing her? She loves you.”

“She certainly doesn’t confide in me as much as she does others.”

I looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Because she didn’t tell you she thought she might be pregnant?”

“She told you, and you’re just her friend. I’m her husband and I had no clue.”

“That’s just what Beth’s like. When something’s really bothering her she doesn’t always talk about it, especially not to anyone who might be involved in whatever she worried about.”

Edge frowned at me and looked like he was about to say something but I cut him off.

“You have to remember that I’ve known her most of my life, and all that time my brother tended to be her confident when something was bothering her, weather that be school or boyfriends or problems with her parents. That’s just what she’s like, and I think it’s probably because any time she tried to confide in her mother about anything that was bothering her when she was little her mother blew it way out of proportion. So later on instead of talking to the people that were closest to the issue she looked to others to talk it over with until she’d sorted out exactly how she felt about it.

It has nothing to do with how close Beth and I are and how close you and her are. It just has to do with the fact that she’s not yet sure how she feels about having kids and you guys haven’t talked about it, so she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you until she’s figured out how she feels. I just happen to be the friend who’s closest to her, since she’s doesn’t talk to Jake that much anymore, so she’s decided to confide in me.”

Edge didn’t say anything for a long time focusing straight ahead while we walked and I left him to his thoughts. After a while he said, “I just hope we get back so I can have a chance to talk to her.”

“Now you’re the one who’s worried? Talk about a role reversal.”

He gave me a bemused look and I’d grinned back at him.

“Trust me, if I know Beth half as well as I think I do she’s already got tones of people out looking for us and any moment a helicopter will come and pick us up.”

Edge had chuckled and we’d gone back to walking in silence.

Now my confidence in rescue was starting to wane but I’m determined to keep my sprits up. After all if Edge was keeping confident in the face of his fears I could be confident in facing mine. Though I am beginning to think that there was something about being out in the desert that had made Edge and I confess our fears to one another. I’m suddenly reminded of those stories of tribes that used to send their young men into the desert with the theory that once the boys had faced their deepest fears and survived they would finally become men.

I almost snort at the ridiculousness of my own thoughts when I heard the whirring of helicopter blades. Stopping I look up shielding my eyes against the sun, and sure enough there is a search and rescue helicopter descending towards us.

“I don’t believe it,” says Edge from where he’s standing beside me.

I give him a grin that hurts my cracked lips. “I told you Beth would come through.”

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Great as always!

And glad to have yah back Edge's girl.
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