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Through The Sleet And Driving Snow Part 8

Yep. This came quicker than I thought it would. I was up late one evening and it just flowed out. So I figured I'd just post it now and go with it. Thanks again for all the lovely comments and for putting up with my crudtacular writing

Disclaimer: Not true, never happened, don't know the band. A result of winter exhaustion. Swears again. Actually, just one I think.

Here we go!

Serena pulled into the local clinic parking lot. She didn't want to go, really, but had promised B that she would. The sun was hot on her face as she got out of the car and locked the door. Had to be above zero, she reasoned, the snow on the roof was dripping down onto the sidewalk. That'd be rather treacherous once it froze, but for now it was just harmless water and she shrieked a little when one of the droplets fell down her neck.


She entered the lobby and proceeded towards the reception desk. A woman not much older than her was sat on the other side typing on a keyboard and talking into a headset at the same time. There was a bell on the top of the white desktop, but Serena wouldn't ever ring it. She never liked those things, seemed awful rude. A bout of patience didn't annoy anyone, so she waited for the multi-tasking girl to notice her.

"Yes?" The hazel eyes looked up from the computer screen.

"Oh, I was wondering if there were any openings today. I, uh, hurt my head yesterday." Serena pointed to the bump on her forehead.

The receptionist looked back at the computer screen and clicked the mouse several times.

"You've got good timing.. we've just had a cancellation, have a seat a doctor will see you in about fifteen minutes or so. Do you have your medicare card?"

Serena nodded and handed over her card. The woman looked at it, typed something into the computer then handed it back.

"Serena Melvin, 1981 Lower Elgin. Is that correct?"


"Beautiful area."

No denying that.

"Yes it is" The receptionist, "Wendy" according to her nametag, handed back her medicare card and motioned her to sit down. Serena thanked her and headed for a chair in the corner, by the magazine rack. Macleans, snore. Business Canada, snore. Oh, here was a waiting room rarity, Rolling Stone. Serena flipped through it casually, not really reading the articles and secretly searching for anything on the man she'd just left at the airport. There must be something, oh a RED auction and there on the page was a beaming photo of the short haired rocker with a Cheshire grin and grasping a glass of wine. She folded the magazine on her knee and simply looked at that photo. She was transported through the picture to the events of the last few days. She could no longer hear the low murmur of voices and occasional coughs in the room. She was back at home, laughing with the boys. Playing guitar with Bono. Watching Adam talking with animals and realizing Larry wasn't the big bad wolf. She laughed inwardly at the sight of the Edge slightly lit and then the thought of kissing Bono sprung back into her mind. She felt a bit melancholy at the remembrance of it. For it was connected to his leaving. And then she felt silly again, silly for thinking he wouldn't leave. Of course, she never expected in her wildest dreams that he would ever fall for her. Really?Her? She still was in a bit of shock and besides, he hadn't known her very long. Maybe he'd get back to Dublin and simply forget. He said he'd come back. He promised. Promises are usually broken, she'd try not to keep her hopes up.. just in case. She reasoned he'd likely have forgotten about her by now even, he'd be sitting in a booth in the plane cracking jokes or telling tall tales. But he wouldn't be thinking about her, no way.

"Miss Melvin?" A friendly nurse in a light green uniform searched the room for her patient.

"Oh yes, pardon me, I was daydreaming" Serena blushed a little. Yea, daydreaming. What a crock, more like making herself feel like shit. Way to go Serena, great idea. She got up and put the Rolling Stone on a nearby coffee table.

She followed the nurse into a small standard medical room. Cupboards, various weird machines, an ancient scale and a bed.

"Have a seat on the bed please."

Serena sat down on the white sheets. That sterile medical office smell wafted through her nostrils.

"So, how did you hurt your head?"

She really didn't want to go into the truth. She didn't want to get the plow driver in trouble, and besides, it hadn't been such a bad thing after all.

"Oh I slipped on the ice under the snow in the yard and had a not so graceful landing.. as you can tell"

The nurse moved closer and examined the bump, which had shrunk considerably since yesterday.

"Yes, I can see that. Have you had any sharp pains?"

Serena nodded. "Yes, but not today. Well not yet anyway."

"I see. Okay, the doctor will be in shortly. Make yourself comfortable"

The nurse left, presumably to fetch the doctor. Too bad it wasn't Dr.Bono. That was about the only doctor she wanted to see right now. Serena stared at the white cupboards and the white walls. My my, these places really needed an interior decorator. So much for feeling comfortable, she kind of felt like she was in a psych ward. Or about to be probed by aliens or something.

The door swung open again and in walked Green Uniform with who Serena figured was the doctor. Trademark white jacket, gray slacks, shiny black shoes. He was not hard on the eyes, probably in his mid thirties and he was looking at a clipboard he was holding.

"Hello there, how are you today?" Friendly too. Well, I'd be friendly if I were making an obscene amount of money too.

"Oh I'm fine thank you."

"Kelly tells me that you had an incident with some ice. Yes, I can see that now. Well, Miss Melvin, I'd like to get an x-ray of your head. I think you're probably okay, but I just want to make sure."

Serena figured this would happen and nodded.


They fitted her with a heavy lead vest and led her over to one of the weird machines. She was told to hold very still and then it was done. She was instructed to once again sit on the bed and wait for them to return with the x -ray. She sat, waiting, trying for the most part to think about nothing which was proving to be very difficult indeed. For one thing, she was anxious to get home and read the messages in both U2 by U2 and whatever the hell was in the envelope he gave her. She patted her inside pocket and could feel it there. It was thick. Was it a letter? She held onto it for awhile, which seemed to calm her. Then the doctor came back in and she quickly withdrew her hand. The doctor went over to a lighted board, which he clamped the x-ray onto. Serena pretended to know what she was looking at. It was her head of course. But was it right? She hadn't a clue. It looked like modern art to her. A confuzzling mess. Aren't all humans?

"Well" started Mr.Hotpants.. err, Charles according to his nametag. Charles Hotpants. "You're very lucky Miss Melvin. No permanent damage and nothing really to worry about. My suggestion would be to take an ibuprofen twice a day for the next week."

"Oh, that's a relief for sure. Thank you." She shook his hand and the nurses and left the office, lending a small smile to the busy receptionist on her way out. What a relief that was. She had been worried, especially after the sharp pains that she might have a concussion but that didn't seem to be the case. Thank goodness.


The drive home took shorter than she had thought. She assumed it would feel longer but it didn't. Perhaps it was the anticipation of reading whatever what was waiting. Or maybe it was simply the hills that surrounded her, comforting her in a place where she could truly bawl without being scrutinized. Then she felt silly again, why would she bawl? Oh this was so very confusing. Couldn't he have caught a later plane? Couldn't he have stayed a little longer or took her with him. Sillyness again. Blah!

She stood in her driveway and stared up at the now dimming evening sky. One star made its presence known through the twilight hue, just above one of the mountains. She did something she hadn't done since she was a little girl.

"First star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight" she whispered into the sky, her breath rose far above until she couldn't see it anymore.

"Please let it be true" She unlocked the door and entered into the dark house.


"Meow.. purrrrrrrr. Meow"

"Oh my, I know, I'm in trouble, I've been away all day haven't I dear." Serena navigated her way to the cats food bowl with the cat weaving in between her legs all the while.

"Good kitty, there's your supper." Satisfied, the cat stopped rubbing against her and chowed down. Serena gave him a pet on the head, took off her jacket and laid it on one of the dining room chairs. She flicked on the dining room light and could still see impressions of them being there. The way the chairs were arranged, the guitar laying on the couch, her sketchbook open, with many papers askew on the floor where Bono had gone through creative impulses. In fact, the lyrics to their little spontaneous song was still there. Had he forgotten them? She picked up the three pages with large writing and took them out to the filing cabinet. If he did indeed return, she'd give them to him then.

Out in the kitchen, she was going to do the dishes.. only to find that they had already been done. It must have been Adam! That sneaky bugger. She had told them she would get to them later, but apparently somehow he had managed to get them done. Well, that was one less thing to do. She hadn't really eaten much, but she didn't feel hungry. Even her stomach wasn't talking, still she made herself a grilled cheese sandwich. One of her 'cheer up' treats.

The book beckoned. She sighed. She couldn't take the suspense any longer. After she'd finished her sandwich, she washed her hands, picked up the book from the living room and took it to her bedroom. She went back to her jacket and got the envelope which she brought back with her and placed on the night stand. She put the book on her lap and opened it and tried to find the page with his message. She chuckled at how many glasses and mustaches someone, Bono she presumed, had drawn on the photos. In one band photograph, someone had written 'NERD' above Edge while there was different handwriting above Bono's head that said "Pompous Arse". She laughed out loud and flipped to the back, the only place where there was any room to really write anything. There it was. The message. She took a deep breath and began to read.


What a gift to us to meet such a wonderful human being in her natural habitat.
Thanks for putting up with us.'

There was a gap in the writing, presumably between the first time he wrote in the book and when they returned from the restaurant.

' I am hoping you have been picking up on the electricity I've been feeling
And I'm not talking about the little shocks I've been getting from your carpet.
The lads like you, but me, I really like you.
If you get my drift. I really hope you do. You're beautiful and when you try
to dismiss the fact, you're even cuter. I know we leave very soon and you won't
read this until after we've gone (you better not anyway!) Oh, I'm going to run
out of space, you can open the envelope now. Macphisto hugs and The Fly kisses, Bono'

Serena found that her heart was beating like it was in the car, when he was leaning in to kiss her at the airport. She kept saying 'Oh my God, Oh my God' over and over to herself as she fumbled for the envelope and carefully opened it. Inside were two pages folded into each other, she opened them up and something fell out. It was an airline ticket. To Dublin. One way.

Serena gasped as she ran her fingers over the ticket. He must've done it while he was using her computer earlier. She'd heard the printer go, but assumed he was just printing out lyrics or something. She could hardly believe it. She placed the ticket carefully, as though it were fragile, on the stand. Slowly, she picked up the pages and started to read again.

'Where was I, oh yes, I know we haven't known each other long at all, but I believe that all things happen for a reason. I know you think that I'm likely never lonely, or never get lonely but I am and I do. Trying to find the right person has been so difficult and frustrating. I've had the one night stands, yes, I will not lie but I can tell you what I usually feel afterwards. Empty. Serena, you have brought so much joy into my heart in such a short time. I know you getting hit in the head wasn't the greatest of things.. but it was meant to happen. I know, that sounds incredibly funny doesn't it? But come on, we probably wouldn't have stopped had you not been lying there. We'd just have kept going. I'm so glad we stopped. When you first opened your eyes, I thought, who is this girl. I need to know this girl. There was something there. Even then, right from the beginning. By now, I assume you've found the ticket. It probably fell out right away. Anytime. Any fucking time. You use that. Even if you just need to get away from the snow. I'll show you around Ireland. You'd like it there, it's alot like your province. I'll show you a good time. We can take it as slow as you want, I'll behave. Okay, I'll try to behave and if I don't all you have to do is call up Edge, Larry or Adam and they'll come and straighten me out. You can even bring your cat if you'd like. Seriously, I hope you'll consider it at least. I hate that we have to leave so soon, and I would ask you to come with us but I have to be careful. I know you're slightly wary of Larry (ha, that rhymes) and he looks out for my best interest.. but he'd think I was seriously rushing it if I were to take you with me right away. I guess I'd have to agree with him there. I know too that you also have a life on the go and it would be selfish of me to just ask you to up and leave without notice. At any rate, this is getting long isn't it.? Here is my home number and my cell. Please keep your heart open, Serena. Please. Bono'

Serena didn't know when she had started to cry but after reading the letter she found tears running down her face. She sniffled and opened the second page, which through her blurred vision, she could tell was a drawing. It was in Bono's style, he had drawn a quick figure of himself, complete with the glasses and Serena, in her winter military coat hand in hand with him looking up at the stars in the sky. The stars themselves were formed into words.

'Dream out loud'


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You should really warn a person before you have them read a name like Dr. Hotpants.

I choked on my pepsi.

This is really good!!!!
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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love it
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Oh my god

This is incredible. Seriously. I can't even put it into words. When I was reading Bono's letter to Serena... it was so sweet and romantic and perfect, I felt like my heart was gonna burst

Oh god, I'm jealous of a fictional relationship. How pathetic am I?
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I LOVE the message. So glad to see that Bono's departure isn't the end of the story.
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omg that is SO cute!!!!!!! Thanks for the quick update!!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Loved it.
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Aww, this story is too cute

Love the letter!
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Will we get another chapter after you've shovelled your way out from the snow?
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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Oh yes! I'm working on it as we speak

We got alot of rain down here.. and I've been busy sopping up water

I've been noticing this has been getting extra sappy, so I'm trying to inject some humour back into. The next few chapters may be a bit rocky as I try and figure out what the fark I am doing

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