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This Aint a Love Song pt 3

Edge appears in this chapter, which i know you've all been waiting for.

Disclaimer: if this had actually happened i would have had to be a fly on the wall, and i think they would have noticed me.

I run a hand through my hair pushing it back of my face and take a deep breath in attempt of calm down. Despite Daryls statement to every press person who asked the rumours about Edge and I are still running high. It didn’t help that Daryl had decided to throw in that the band didn’t give a damn what my mother thinks. Now she’s even more enraged and trying to discredit the entire band. If the people of this world had an ounce of sense they’d see what she’s trying to so, but people prefer to see others crash and burn.

Daryl’s perched on the edge of the desk in the room strumming his dad’s old acoustic guitar. Normally I’d enjoy him playing and singing but right now I’m I can’t stand it, mostly because he’s been repeating variations of the same lines over and over for the past few minutes.

“With all the quirky things in day, reminding me of things you do, I wont turn on the radio, in order to forget about you…”

“Daryl, give it a rest will you?” I finally snap in exasperation.

He stops playing and looks at me in surprise. “Normally you don’t mind when I work on songs.”

“Normally I’m not this stressed. All I can think about right now is what my mom’s saying about Edge and I, you’d be the same if it was you.”

He puts the guitar down and walks over to sit next to me on the bed. “I’d like to say that I think you’re making a much bigger deal of this then necessary, but I’m not sure that would be true.”

“Believe me, I’d like to be making a bigger deal then necessary out of this. But it seems like every day my mother has a new quote in the papers that seems worse then the one before and everyone has questions because they all think there has to be an element of truth to what my mother says.”

“Except they don’t know her,” Daryl points out. “So they can’t know that she’s always this much of a bitch. Though I’d like to know how she got access to the press in the first place.”

“Who knows?” I mutter in frustration.

“Maybe she used her mysterious she-devil powers to frighten them into listening to her.”

I thump him in the chest. “Be serious.”

“I am being serious,” he says as he drapes his arm around my shoulders. “I have always said that you’re mother is the most frightening being on the face of the planet so now she’ simply using her powers.”

“Oh shut up.” I say trying to shove him away from me.

Grinning he tries to put me in a headlock.

“Daryl! Let go!”


“Then you leave me no choice.” I say before I start tickling him.

He yelps but doesn’t quite let go of me so I continue to tickle him as I try to wrestle out of his grip.

Someone walks into the room and I manage to twist around to see Edge standing there.

Daryl looks up. “That’s Edge isn’t it? Where did my glasses go?” Letting go of me he rolls of the bed and lands on the floor with a crash.

“I’m surprised you didn’t land on them,” I tell him. Then I look at Edge who is watching us with a slightly tense expression on his face. “What?”

He shakes his head. “It’s nothing.”

Daryl sticks his head up over the edge of the bed, his glasses back on. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal your fiancé. I think my girlfriend would be mad at me if I did.”

“I’m not worried,” Edge replies but from the way the tension seemed to evaporate from him I have a feeling that was exactly what he was thinking.

Daryl sits down on the other bed as Edge comes over to sit next to me.

“I thought you were recording?” he says. “Isn’t the new album supposed to be out in a few months?”

Edge scowls as he slides his arm around my waist. “We’re starting again with a new producer since we didn’t like how the songs turned out. And Bono’s off saving the world again so it’s not like we can record anyway.”

“Oh,” says Daryl but I have a feeling he’s a little pleased.

I can feel Edge stroking my side with his long fingers and suddenly I find myself wishing that Daryl wasn’t in the room.

“Right.” Says Daryl standing up. “I’ll leave you two alone then.” With that he grabs his guitar and his lyrics notebook and leaves.

Edge smirks and leans closer to me so his lips are almost touching mine. “Now we’ve gotten rid of him I have a chance to show you just how much I’ve missed you the past couple months.”

* * *
and i'll let everyone's imagination run away with that scene

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that wasn't nice

<3 this story though

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Oh you are evil!
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