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the long weekend pt 6-7

Bono thought the worst was over and that Steve would soon be gone, they arranged to have a small party in the house that night before he left the next morning, Bono invited Adam larry and Edge and all their friends and family, to keep himself from being completely overrun with the younger generation of his daughters friends who they had invited,

The house had got quite crowded spilling to the grounds outside, music blared and everyone seemed to be having a good time, Bono kept hovering around Steve and Jordan in the pretense he was interested in all that was going on with their friends.. when in truth he did'nt want to give them the opportunity to slip away to be alone together to get up to god knows what.. as it was Steve's last night with them

"I have to say Mr H I really enjoyed this weekend" Steve informed him.

Bono tried not to cringe at the Mr H reference and smiled "Glad to hear it".

"I was just saying to J she could follow in your footsteps and take up a singing career" Steve then grinned
"I heard her singing earlier she has a good voice.. my manager is looking out for new talent.. I told her she should come along to the studios one day and perform... she could be the next Britney Spears"

Bono hoped he didn't looked as horrified as he felt, Jordan who was standing with Steve hanging onto his arm giggled "Isn't he a lark Da, he thinks I could be the next big thing... though I remember my teachers in school telling me they thought I had a good singing voice"

"Yeah but you aren't interested in that sort of thing "Bono pointed out fighting down the rising alarm he was feeling at the way this conversation was going "I mean you wanna stay on at college and become a doctor.. thats always what you wanted to do from you were a little girl.. help sick people.. you said you hated the entertainment business" he reminded her pointedly

"Yes" Jordan replied "But still I think it would be fun to go to the tryouts just to see what would happen"

"Yeah I could get it all fixed up for you" Steve told her

"Um excuse me" Bono then said feeling himself visibly paling "I need to go and find your mother and talk to her about something"

He blindly made his way through the crowded living room in search of Ali, visions of his his daughter Jordan abandoning the noble cause of medicine to become the next Britney Spears was just too much for him.

He couldnt find Ali but banged straight into Edge who noticed his long time friend was looking a little green around the gills.

"What have you been drinking Bono?.. I don't think it agrees with you" he remarked

" I havent been drinking anything yet but I need a drink.. a bloody strong one too" Bono replied "This weekend is turning out to be my worst nightmare"

Now Edge looked concerned.

"Why whats happened?" he demanded I thought everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves"

"Its that Steve Guy he is putting weird ideas into Jordans head, I don't want her to be the Next Britney Spears..I mean can you imagine it??" Bono babbled looking almost hysterical

"Calm down mate" Edge told him "What are you talking about?"

So Bono related the conversation he had just had with Jordan and Steve

"You sure they weren't winding you up?" Edge asked trying hard not to smile at the state Bono was getting into

"I dunno I hope so... I don't think I could handle it if she was being serious.. you don't think she was serious do you?" Bono then asked anxiously

"I don't think so" Edge replied "she is just a bit carried away with that Steve guy turning her head"

"I know what I would like to do with his head" Bono muttered through gritted teeth, "Why did she have to get involved with him anyway.. he is a prat"

"Well they seem to have hit it of on the first meeting from what she told me on the phone a few weeks back, was all exciteded that he was interested in her, she is young, its first love.. she will probably hates his guts this time next year" Edge tried to comfort him

"yeah I hope so" Bono replied then frowned "hang on.. did you say she discussed him with you over the phone a few weeks back?"

"Yes" Edge replied suddenly felt uneasy

"Seems she mentioned him to everyone except me" Bono grumbled, "How come she tells you all about it and not me.. I am her father" he pointed out in irritation

"Well sometimes our children seem to think we are the last ones they can confide in about what is going on in their lives,I reckon it must be a parent-teenager thing, for some reason they don't think we are capable of understanding them and what they are going through..

I mean look at my daughter, it was you she came running to for comfort when she had problems with her love life"he pointed out

"True" Bono agreed and shook his head "I don't know if I can get my head around all this, I will have to get Ali to talk to Jordan and hope this silly idea of trying out to be a singer and the next Britney Spears is quashed.. before it goes any further"

"Good luck" Edge told him "You are going to need it

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Bono never got a chance to talk to Ali about his conversation with Jordan and Steve she was so preoccupied playing hostess and people kept coming up talking to him.. there was no chance of a private moment, by the time they got to bed Ali was so exhausted she fell into bed and slept.

They were up the next morning early to see Steve of to the airport, Bono remained in the car with John in the back car seat while Ali and Jordan seen Steve safely of in his plane.

Thinking over some of the aspects of the weekend and felt like it had been the weekend from hell.. he was in a reflective mood trying to figure out how to deal with all that had happened He decided he would wait till they got home and have a talk with Jordan.. he needed to know exactly what was going on with her and Steve and what it was leading too.

Ali was putting John down for a nap a few hours later when Bono knocked on the Jordan's bedroom door, "Hey sweetie mind if your ol' man comes in for a bit of a chat?"

"Ah sure Da, no problem" Jordan finally replied and Bono opened the door to enter, Jordan was sprawled on her bed looking at some magazine, but closed it over and sat up as her father entered.

"What's up?" she asked

"Oh nothing much" Bono replied with a casual shrug coming and sitting on the edge of the bed, "Just wondering how you were now Steve is gone, if you are ok.. it was quite a weekend"

"Yes it was" Jordan smiled "I think Steve enjoyed himself

"Good" Bono replied smiling. then taking a deep breath he decided to just take the plunge

"Look Jordan, I just wanted to say, that you having a boyfriend came as a bit of a shock to me.. I am still trying to get my head around it... I still see you as my little girl, y'know?" he tried to explain

Jordan smiled "I think I understand"

"Yeah well I am sure Steve is a really nice guy and I wanted you to know that whatever happens I am here for you.. you can come to me anytime and talk to me even if I am half way across the world you just have to pick up the phone, and whatever you decided about your future.. I will try and be as supportive as I can.. should you want to be a doctor or the next Britney Spears" he got out before the last words choked him.

Jordan grinned "Did I ever tell you what a wonderful father I think you are?"

"You think so?" Bono asked trying not to glow at such praise

"Yes" Jordan laughed "And you can stop worrying about me taking Steve's offer up on that singing thing, I only seriously considered it for like 2 seconds" she informed him

"No way I am I going to go into the music business.. for one thing I really don't think I am that good. another I would be overshadowed by being your daughter... if I am going to accomplish anything I want to do it on my own merits, not because you are my dad.. so I will be staying on at college and studying hard.. and I am going to be one of the best doctors I can be and make you real proud"

Bono felt suddenly felt all emotional, as he realised his little girl had indeed grown up.

"I am so proud of you already sweetheart" he told her giving her a tight hug. "I hope Steve realises what a wonderful person you are... if he messes you about he will have me to answer to" he then stated making Jordan giggle.

"Actually Dad me and Steve had a long talk last night.. and with him being busy with his career and me at college, we decided that we would cool things of a bit.. we still really like each other a lot.. but we decided not to get too serious just yet..if in a few years time we still feel the same way, then we will take our relationship to the next level, for now we don't know what the future is going to bring and we are living far apart.. so no sense in making a commitment to each other we might not be able to keep... and if you must know it was Steve who suggested this" she finished pointedly

"I think I am beginning to warm to Steve" Bono murmered surprised and relieved at this latest revelation

"Good because he might be your son-in-law yet" Jordan teased

"Well we will worry about that when the time comes" Bono grinned "For now I am just glad I survived this weekend, and I hope I don't have to experience too many more of them"

"Well I wasnt too thrilled having to watch myself on video either.. which reminds me I will have to hide those video tapes so I NEVER have to go through that again" Jordan replied making Bono laugh because the two of them had reason to be glad that the long weekend was finally over.

the end

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It was a half hour well spent, reading that! Thanks!
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well that was a good start to my morning good story
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