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the little stranger pt 25

okies this was going to be the last chapter but I decided I would add a sort of prologue after this just to wrap it up nicely.. this one is really looong but cute I think


A few days later Liv seeing Karen was still down in the dumps insisted she go on a shopping spree with her, as Bono was away
Karen reluctantly agreed, and was surprised how Long the shopping spree ended up lasting for, she was exhausted and was glad to get home, she wondered was trying to tired her out so she wouldnt feel so depressed.

Carrying Katie in her arms through the door as well as the shopping, Karen's only thought was emptying her arms and hands,, and made a mental note the next time Liv suggested it such a spree she would give it a miss, as she walked through the hallway towards the kitchen listening to Liv talking about the fantastic shoes she got in the sale, all
Karen wanted to do was have a sit down and a nice cup of tea.. she was attempting to open the kitchen door still juggling with bags and Katie in her arms when it opened from the otherside and she found herself facing Bono.

Her mouth dropped open with surprise, which made him grin..

"Bono -I didn't know you would be back this evening.. you never said"

"That cos I wanted to surprise you" Bono replied smiling, this time I got it right" he added laughingly

Liv stepped in now, Karen never noticed the quick wink she give to Bono as she spoke "Here let me take Katie I will get her up to bed safe and sound, then I will see myself out"

Karen still stunned by Bono's unexpected presence made no objections and let Liv take the still sleeping Katie from her and quietly slip away.

"Here let me get those" Bono then said taking the bags from her and then taking a hold of her hand led her into the kitchen with him
"Aren't you suppose to be in Paris?" Karen asked in bewilderment

"ummm.. yeah.. but I decided to take a break and spend some time with you" he informed her which only bewildered her more.. what was going on?

"Aren't you pleased to see me?" Bono asked as he dumped the bags on the kitchen floor

"Of - of course I am.. its just I wasn't expecting you home till next week..even then I wasnt too sure cos I know you might have to go to New York on that African aid committee with Joe.. you never mentioned coming home"

"Well I am here now on a very important mission, that has nothing to do with saving the world or making music for a change* he grinned

Karen laughed "And what mission is that?"

"Oh it could be a daunting task.. or an easy one depending on the person I am trying to convince, how they react"
Karen knew the conversation was leading to something.. but not quite sure what "Bono are you going to tell me what this is all about?"

"Come with me" he replied still remaining mysterious and led her through to their dining room. As soon as she stepped into it Karen give a small gasp of surprise, the room was lit up by several aromatic candles in the centre the dining table a large bouquet of roses
which Bono now went over to pick up and handed them to Karen kissing her lightly on the cheek "These are for you sweetheart, from me, the start of my mission to convince you that I am crazy in love with you" he informed her

Karen stared down at the bouquet of roses in her arms then up at Bono's smiling face, her emotions running to high for her to speak a word.

He now led her to one of the dining table chairs and she noticed the table had been set for two, Bono ushered her to sit down, then opening the bottle of chilled wine sitting in the nearby sideboard he poured them both a drink into the glasses on the table.

Karen was looking at the little card attached to the bouquet of roses which Bono had written a small note "To my darling wife
Karen who makes my life complete... she was still trying to understand what this was all about this unexpected declaration of love for her.

Then the penny dropped.. obviously Liv had told him about her conversation at lunch the other day, Liv had tried to persuade her to tell Bono how she felt.. but she could'nt, too ashamed that there was people out there who were trashing their marriage. too scared of what he would think.

She suddenly looked worried "Have you been talking to Liv?"

"I am always talk to Liv" Bono replied "But if you mean did Liv and I discuss something that has been bugging you.. that you have been scared of telling me.. well yes I have been talking with Liv" Bono replied sitting down next to her.

Karen wanted to crawl under the table and hide. "Did she tell you everything?"

"Yes.. but don't be mad at her.. I told her too I knew there was something up, and I needed to know, and I couldnt get anything out of you" Bono then said
"I'm sorry" Karen replied in a small voice..."It was just I had all these insecurities about us and those two girls, when i heard them talking.. it was like being slapped in the face and played on my fears"

"Why didnt you tell me about it the night of the awards?" Bono demanded "I would have given them a mouthful and put them in their place"

"I didnt want to spoil your night" Karen replied. "all my life I have felt unwanted and a burden.. to think that I might become that to you as well.. was too much to bear" tears started to fill up in her eyes.

"Thats crazy" Bono told her gently "for starters, do we know these two girls personally.. do they know us, have they seen how we are together?"

"No... but-" Karen started to reply but Bono put his finger to her lips to silence her "There is no buts, it was just stupid unfounded gossip and I am more than surprised that you let it get to you like that"

Karen was silent for a moment and wiped her eyes and sniffed realising Bono had a valid point "I have been really stupid havent I?"

"Yes" Bono replied but he was smiling "But I will let you of with it this time.. on the condition, no more shutting me out when things like this happen, we talk and sort it out"
Karen nodded "ok"

Bono kissed her breifly on the lips "Right now, you are going to have to eat the meal I made for us"
"You cooked?" Karen's eyebrows rose in surprise, she had never seen him make food before

"Yeah its my speciality dish, I had better go and check I left it warming in the oven" and with that got up.
Karen was overcome with curiousity now forgot all about her fears and worries as she watched him lift the oven gloves and open the oven door
he carefully lifted out too plates and carried them over to the table "Here we go" he exclaimed triumphantly and sat the plates down on the table.

Karen looked, then grinned "Bean on toast is your speciality?"

"Yeah" Bono looked at her deadpan "See you are learning something new about me every day"

"I certainly am" Karen laughed

"Eat up there is chocolate chip icecream for dessert" he informed her

"I am impressed" she replied

"So you should be, I have been slaving over that hot oven all day" Bono mimicked Bridie the housekeeper and sent Karen into a peal of laughter

He grinned "I am so glad to see you happy again" he told her "all I want to do is make you happy.. will you believe that?"

she got up and went over to where he was sitting and hugged him tight "Yes, I am so sorry for doubting you, please forgive me"

"I do" Bono replied "Just don't do it too often..oh and just to reaffirm what I am saying" he got up and went over to the music center across the room and put on a cd. the song playing was Billy Joel singing Just the way you are.

"This is for you from me to you" he told her.

"Oh you are going to set me of crying again" Karen told him
"Then you had better eat up, before you soak your beans on toast" Bono told her

She laughed and sat down to eat "Hmm this is good" she said.
"Of course it is its my speciality" Bono smiled

"I will have to get you to make me it more often" she teased
"anything for you sweetheart"
"Gawd you are such a charmer" she grinned

"and a good cook, and a great singer.. and not a bad dancer either" Bono replied, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up
"Shall we?"

Karen smiled and accepted his offer getting up and letting him slide his arms around her and holding her tight, they moved slowly to the music basking the warmth and nearness of each other. Bono started to sing the words of the billy Joel song in her ear "
"I said I love you... and that's forever...And this I promise from the heart...I could not love you any better...I love you just the way you are. " Karen snuggled close to him suddenly feeling very safe secure and loved.

"When we finish dessert I am going to take you up to bed and make mad passionate love to you" Bono teased huskily

"mmm sounds good to me" Karen agreed "and I guess you had better make the most of it while we can, because in seven months time I will be so big and it will be so awkward"

Bono frowned in puzzlementand pulled away from her "what are you talking about?"

"Well I am just letting you know in plenty of time to get prepared for this one" Karen then said taking his hand and putting it to her stomach

Realisation and surpise hit Bono hard and he just gaped at her "Are you trying to tell me your pregnant?"

Karen smiled and nodded "I had my suspicions so I took a pregnancy test yesterday it was postive.. I was planning on telling you when you returned but as you are here now... it seems you are not the only one who can pull surprises.

"Thats fantastic" Bono exclaimed now letting the news sink in.. he swung Karen of her feet and whirled her around then planted a big kiss on her lips

"I love you Karen Hewson"

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Oh, my flippin' god...she's pregnant! . Yay! LOL.

This was a very sweet chapter, indeed. Particularly when he was singing to her. . If that kind of treatment isn't enough to cheer somebody up, I don't know what will. .


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Hey annj, that was such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. I enjoyed the entire saga. Excellent!
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