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Surrender Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....

Bono & Larry @ The Lyceum 01 feb 1981

End of Chapter 5

The b side had started. There was something alluring about this band, she was intrigued by the way the music was making her feel, she had never had music that filled her with such intense passion, it was as if she knew them, which she obviously didn’t. The lead singer’s voice, wow, it reached down into the further recesses of her soul, his fluent gauzy surreal lyrics sang with such a strong resound. Boy was U2’s voyage from adolescence into manhood, its rich imagery presenting the tussle between wonder, awareness, strength and acceptance: An exciting, original sound that retained an ingenious humanistic touch.

She couldn’t wait for next week; see these guys in the flesh


Michael sat in his office, feet up on the desk, the Racing Post on his lap as he looked at today’s runners. His mind wondered to last night, and his date with Sadie. She was something else, he’d never known a woman like her, but he couldn’t pinpoint what that something was. Michael normally just shagged them and then it was goodbye, Slán, Sainara!! How had this woman captured his imagination when nobody had before? Not much confused Michael Murphy but sure as hell women certainly did. He put his paper down and pulled out Sadie’s panties which he had taken the night before as a trophy. He put them on his lap and tried to piece together the lace he had ripped last night.

“Boss??!! “

The knock on his door brought Michael back to the real world; hastily he shoved the panties into his pocket

Martin “Gloomy” McAuley walked up to his boss’s desk. Michael knew he would have seen the panties but Gloomy wouldn’t say anything, he wasn’t a snitch as he was one of Michael’s main men.

“Good night, I take it?” Gloomy smirked at his boss.

“Gloomy, that’s just say this young lady could be around for a while!” Michael smiled and winked. “Anyway what you doing here? I thought you were dealing with the collections today?”

“I am Boss, just past back this way and thought I better give you this message.”

Michael looked annoyed, “Why didn’t you leave a note? You normally do.”

“I thought this was a bit more delicate than usual, Boss. Matt called to say The General wants to meet, and he requested that you were there in person”

“Right, so I’m off to Ireland then, I suppose!” Michael spoke sarcasm running through his voice. No one in their right mind ignored The General.

“There’s one more thing boss. I think the filth have started watching us.”

“What makes you say that?” Michael looked at him, his eyebrows rising showing his concern

“A few unknown vans and an uneasy feeling”, Gloomy smiled, “But I don’t think it’s their major concern.”

“Have we our insiders in place yet? I thought that was sorted.” Michael looked at him; Gloomy sensed his boss’ annoyance.

“Nearly boss, I’ll get that sorted right away”. Gloomy knew if he didn’t he’d be in big trouble

“Make sure you do Gloomy. Make sure you do. I’ll take Sadie with me; make sure they think I’m taking her to meet the family. Put the word around, the usual gossips, something along the lines of “Michael Murphy is serious about this girl, she’s off to meet the family back home”, you still standing there?

“On my way boss” Gloomy shouted back as he scurried out of the room.

Michael sighed; he’s only worry not whether the police had him under surveillance but what on earth did The General want?


Sadie dozed on the sofa. She knew her inheritance was running low, she needed a job. She had to get out there and find one, but not today, she was too sore. Maybe she could get a job with Michael, he had his on business. She’d ask him later.

Then it started an incessant banging on the front door, the doorbell buzzing like it was on an acid trip. What on earth was going on?

“For heaven’s sake, I’m coming, Have you got no patience?!!” Sadie screamed at the person the other side of the door.

She opened the door to find Julie, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“My god, Jules what’s wrong? “

“It’s George” Julie sobbed as she clasped into her friends arms.

“Come on honey, come sit down” Sadie lead Julie into the lounge, assuming that there’d been a lover’s tiff.” I’ll get you a drink and you can tell me all about it”

Sadie poured two glasses of straight whiskey, and handed one to Julie who after a slight hesitation swallowed hers with one massive gulp and held her glass out for more. Sadie poured her another and sat down beside her.

“It’s George. He’s been beaten up, it’s really bad Sads they beat him within an inch of his life” Jules started to cry again. “I got a call from his mum, she’s up in Scotland and she called me after the Police contacted her. Will you come with me? I can’t face going on my own”

“Of course I will Jules,” Sadie hugged her sobbing friend, “I only saw him last night in the Castle; he didn’t hear or see me. I’m so sorry Julie that is such a terrible thing to happen to him and you too. I just need to get dressed and call Paddy to get a message to Michael, I can see him tomorrow.”

“Sadie you have a date, please it’s alright I’ll go alone.” Julie felt a pang of guilt

“No you bloody well won’t, Michael can lump it or like it, you’re my friend first and foremost and no man will ever come between us” Sadie hugged her and ran into the bedroom, flinging on her jeans, a baggy sweatshirt and her pink Kicker’s.

“ Da da , a first, Sadie Murray ready to go out in 2 minutes flat!! “

Julie smiled, Sadie ready in 2 minutes that truly was a miracle.

“Come on then Jules. Everything’s going to be just fine, I promise.” Sadie smiled at her friend, secretly hoping that Michael would understand and that George would be alright.


There it was, the familiar thud of the post hitting the doormat

Kim and Tammy looked at each other, watching for the others slightest move. Every morning they’d race to see who could retrieve the post first.

“Look Cat” giggled Kim pointing towards the window as she sprinted out of her chair towards the front door. Tammy wasn’t easily fooled and ran past her owner to pick up the mail.

Kim saw the logo on the envelope. The letter she’d been waiting for had arrived, now to get it from Tammy’s mouth without ripping it. Kim went into the kitchen and grabbed a pig’s ear, Tammy’s favourite treat.

“Oh Tammy! Look what I’ve got” teased Kim as she waved the ear in Tammy’s eyesight.

Tammy pranced up to Kim, dropping the letter at her feet and sat waiting for the promised treat.

“What do you say?”

Tammy barked her “please” and raised her paw. Kim felt a pang of guilt for teasing her precious pooch but she’d had no choice, that letter was very important.

“Here you go” Kim placed the ear into Tammy’s mouth and pet her head before she ran off to her bed and chewed to her heart’s content.

Kim placed the letter on the kitchen counter. Now she had it she couldn’t bring herself to open it. What if it was bad news, where would she go from here? “I know I’ll have a nice cup of tea” she said to herself, as if that would solve her dilemma. As the kettle boiled she thought about her career. She loved being a police constable but this quiet sleepy village didn’t bring much of a challenge. In the 3 years she’d been the village WPC the hardest thing she’d had to investigate was who pushed the vicar off his push bike. She chuckled she wondered how she’d managed to remain professional during the whole saga. All the villagers could talk about for months was who would have the audacity to push a man of the cloth from his bike. The whistling kettle brought her back, as she looked over to the letter, still unopened on the counter.

As Kim walked to the lounge with her tea and letter, Tammy returned and sat looking for a biscuit now the pig’s ear had been devoured.

“Oh Tammy, what if it’s bad news? What will we do then?”

Tammy looked at her human “mummy”. She didn’t like it when she had a downy face. Her human was much better when she had an uppy face, anyway that biscuit was still perched on the edge of the plate, she smacked her lips loudly hoping her human would hear it and throw that scummy biscuit her way. Tammy placed her paw on mummy’s knee to make her feel better that sometimes worked. Nothing; Mummy was still looking at that paper, not paying attention to her. Tammy had one trick left. She carefully climbed and nudged the paper towards mummy.

“You’re telling me I should open it, aren’t you” Kim sighed looking at Tammy

Tammy just looked at her, all Tammy wanted was that biscuit. Tammy barked.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Kim smiled, slowly opening the letter. Slowly she read it, and then she read it again to make sure.

“Oh my God! Tammy they’ve accepted me!!” Kim jumped up and started dancing knocking her tea over the coffee table, Tammy joining in jumping as if it was a new game. Kim was singing, Tammy barking and then seeing the biscuit on the floor, Tammy grabbed it and ran to the kitchen.

Finally, Kim was off to the big smoke. The MET police had accepted her. London was calling her name. “Look out criminals of London: Kim Mullens is coming to kick your butts into jail”.

She walked to her turntable; her eyes scanned her record collection. “Just the thing” she smiled and carefully took the vinyl from its protective cover, placing it on the deck and starting the turntable before putting down the needle carefully. The crackle of the needle on the vinyl always made her feel excitement; the music began a whirl of reverberating guitars

I will follow... she screamed in unison with Bono, she loved U2 and after seeing them play in Exeter had become addicted to them. That was another good thing about going to London, U2 played more gigs there and she’d see Bono again, he was such a cutie.


“The usual Paddy” Michael strolled into the Castle as if he was its king.

“Just pulling it now”, Paddy looked at that man, the hate he felt consuming his normally gentle loving heart.

“That’s grand” smiled Michael

“I have a message for you from Sadie, she won’t be able to make it tonight” Paddy was convinced Michael had something to do with George’s beating. “ She’s sorry but her best friends boyfriend got a severe beating last night and she’s had to go the hospital to support her”, Paddy grudgingly handed over the pint.

“You’re joking? What the guy that came in here last night? What is this world coming to? “Michael looked over the glass as he sipped.

All Paddy saw was a soul of pure evil.

“Well what one would he be in now? Once I’ve finished my pint I’ll pay him a visit myself” Michael could sense Paddy’s disgust, it didn’t bother him, Michael liked Michael and that’s all that mattered.

“The Whittington, in Highgate” Paddy grimaced as he gave the information over.

Michael grinned and walked over to the booth his boys now frequented. By all accounts they’d done a good job last night and for once he could view their work for himself.


The commotion outside the room woke Sadie from her snooze. Looking to the other side of the bed she saw Julie asleep, her head resting on the mattress next to George. She hoped one day she would feel devotion that intense. She looked to see Michael arguing with the Matron that he knew the man and was visiting.

Sadie smiled, that was so sweet of Michael to come here to see how George was doing; so considerate as he didn’t know George at all. She quietly made her way to the door and walked to the dueling couple.

“It’s alright Matron, he’s my boy friend, I‘ll take him to the canteen as I need a break, if Julie wakes will you let her know we’ll be back”

“As you wish” Matron smiled at Sadie, she looked at Michael with contempt, she knew his sort; think they owned the place, well not on her ward.

As Michael purchased their tea Sadie looked at him. Not many men would have done this, come and visit a sick man they didn’t know, Maybe he was the “one”, was she destined to marry him rather than KISA? Only time would tell, she surmised. She grinned at him as he walked towards the table.

“What?” he asked inquisitively

“Nothing, I was just thinking how sexy you are. And what rating I’d give you after last night” Sadie giggled.

“Don’t tell me 10 out of 10” he answered smugly.

“Actually, I wouldn’t. You’re not 10 out of 10 at all Michael Murphy” Sadie looked at him.

“I’m not?? “ He looked at her, never had he been called an amateur in bed, not even his first time had been disappointing; the prostitute had had the fuck of her life.

“No you’re a 100 out of a 100” she replied sticking her tongue out at him.

Michael smiled at her, the twinkle in his eyes making her body ache for his touch. “Well you certainly know how to please a man, I’d say you were what a 99.99 out of 100.”

The laughter and flirting were a welcome relief from the upset about George. Sadie looked at him, he sensed it was time to be serious and reached for her tiny hands, taking them into his; they looked lost once wrapped by Michael’s huge fat fingers.

“So how is he really? “, trying to fill his voice with as much concern as he could.

“The doctors can’t be sure. They won’t know the extent of any brain damage until he regains consciousness… if he regains…..” Sadie couldn’t utter the words, it was too horrible to even imagine.

“I’m sure the good lord, will look after him. We’ll get Liam to say a mass for him” Michael sipped the last of his tea.

“Liam? I don’t know of a Father Liam. “Sadie looked perplexed

“Sorry, I meant my brother Liam. He’s just been ordained a priest much to my mammy’s delight.” Michael smiled at the thought of a Murphy being a man of the Church. “I have to go home next week, the day after the concert to be precise and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me?”

“Well, won’t they be a bit weird about me coming with you? I mean we’ve only just met! She looked at Michael; his puppy dog eyes pleading with her. She conceded defeat, she couldn’t resist those eyes. “Well if you’re sure it’ll be alright with your mum.”

“Don’t be worried, they’ll be delighted. I’ve never taken a girl home before” Michael was surprised at his words; he had never wanted to take a girl home. Although initially it was for alibi purposes, he honestly wanted his family to meet her.

“I better get back incase Julie’s woken up” Sadie got up from her chair.” Michael”

“Yes, Sadie” Michael rose from his chair to escort Sadie back to the ward.

“Thank you, for this. I’ve never known anyone as special as you. You truly are a gentleman.” Sadie kissed his cheek.

“Sadie, it’s you that are the special one; you bring out the best in people. And hey, it’s no problem. I’ll wait until you’re both ready and escort you back home.”

Back at the ward, Sadie returned to find Julie awake, just starring into space. She just sat down next to her friend and held her hand.

Michael looked at George. He didn’t feel any guilt, he hoped the guy would fully recover, but only as he would be useful. He walked out to his car and sat there for a while, making plans in his warped mind.


Kim sighed; she hadn’t even imagined that finding an affordable flat in London would be this hard. That was without the prospect of finding a pet friendly development. She had taken two days leave to come up to London to find a place for her and Tammy and hadn’t found anything. She had been offered a place at some Police dwellings, that’d have to do for the time being although the thought of leaving Tammy behind was killing her.

Oh well at least she’d managed to get a ticket for The Lyceum tonight. U2 were playing and she couldn’t wait to see them, but first a trip to the West End to find something cool to wear.


“Are you sure you don’t mind if I go?” Sadie asked Julie for the fifth time

“I said it before and I’ll say it again; of course I don’t” Julie looked at her friend.

Sadie had been with her at the hospital since George’s attack. Making sure that Julie ate, drank and staying with her at night. Sadie had been constantly available. Even her new boyfriend, Michael made an effort and had visited on a nightly basis to see how George was. Yesterday George had finally regained consciousness and the doctors seemed confident he’d eventually make a full recovery.

“Please Sadie, I want you to go. You’ve been so good to Julie and you deserve to go and have a bit of fun.” George loved Sadie to bits but he didn’t want to give Michael Murphy an excuse to come and see him again. Anyway he had something he wanted to discuss with Julie that not even her best friend could hear, not when she was dating Michael Murphy anyway.

Sadie smiled as she picked up her coat, kissed the couple and left. She needed to go home and shower, make herself irresistible. There was the concert but also the delectable Michael with whom she wanted to play until dawn. He needed rewarding for all his visitations and concern.


Michael looked at his watch. Better get moving, he was picking Sadie up from her flat and driving up to the venue. No slumming it on public transport for his lady. He was sure that George wouldn’t say anything, his nightly visit had helped enforced that. He wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of his operation.

“Gloomy, you driving us tonight” Michael called out in the yard

“Sure am boss. Like my uniform? “Gloomy opened his jacket, showing off the new suit he’d acquired to make him look like a professional chauffeur.

Michael couldn’t help laughing. Gloomy just didn’t look right in a suit. The sleeves of the jacket were too long for a start.

Michael opened the back door and took a seat. Gloomy looked at him as if to query the fact he wasn’t in the front as per normal. “Better make his look like a professional arrangement, don’t you think Gloomy?”

“Sure boss” Both of them laughing as Gloomy put on the hat which was way too big.


Sadie stared out the window at the neon lights that filled London’s night scene as the car made its way through the evening traffic. Michael must really be loaded what with having his own chauffeur driven limo. Not that that mattered to her; she wasn’t materialistic, she was more interested in their personality than their wallets. Here she was sitting in the back, Michael with his left arm over her shoulder protecting her whilst his right hand held hers. He gently stroked it. She looked at his handsome face.

“Are you sure I’m not underdressed?” a worried frown appearing on her temple.

“No I think I’m overdressed, if anything, we’re off to a gig not an opera” he chucked.

Sadie looked spectacular once more, nearly the same outfit as when he first set eyes on her. The leather pants, the jacket, the pixie boots but the boob tube was replaced with a tight fitting lacy top. God how he wanted to take her home, better yet take her now, but that could wait. She’d be up for it later he knew that for sure. How could anyone resist him??

The car pulled to a stop.

“We’ve arrived Mr. Murphy” Gloomy looked at his boss. Michael was trying not to laugh at his “posh” accent.

“Thank you, Martin. The doors if you please?” Michael nodded his head in the doors reminding Gloomy of his role.

Gloomy climbed out of the car and walked around to the passenger door. He opened the door and offered his hand to assist Sadie’s exit, as she stood on the pavement she looked at the queue for admittance to the venue.

Michael walked around the car and put his arm firmly around Sadie’s waist. “What’s a matter?”

“Have you seen the queue? It’s massive! “Sadie looked at him “We’ll not get down the front” she looked saddened.

“Won’t we? “ Michael smirked. “Come Sadie; let me show you what people think of Michael Murphy.” He walked to the door oblivious to calls from the crowd to go to the back of the line.

“Sorry Sir, back of the queue please”, The bouncer said without looking up. Michael didn’t move; he just stood there. The bouncer looked up annoyed that his request hadn’t been listened to.

“I said...” Looking up he saw Michael’s face “Mr. Murphy, please except my apologies, I didn’t realize it was you”. The bouncer looked petrified.

“Don’t worry, Benny. You are doing a good job. Just don’t let it happen again, ok?” Michael patted his arm. Benny was a good guy; good at his job followed any instructions.

“Do you own this place?” Sadie looked at him in amazement.

“No. I provide the bouncers and one of the perks is I get in for nothing.” Michael beamed.

“Awesome!!” Sadie was impressed, “Where’s the bar?”

“This way my dear, a whiskey I presume” Michael like the fact that she could hold her drink.

“Please and make it a double. I need to loosen up a bit”, Sadie winked.

They sat and drank their whiskey’s giggling and chatting like school kids. Michael was acting like a teenager; she’d never seen him act this way before. She liked him whatever; she was slowly beginning to fall in love with him rather than just lust. Red Heat came on and made it harder to hear,

Then Michael whispered in her ear, “Are you feeling horny?”

“Why?” Sadie looked down, “Oh I can see the reason for the question now!”

“Stay there one minute, I’ll go and check something” Michael whispered as he ran off down a corridor.

Sadie smiled to herself as she downed the last of her drink. She looked up and saw a gorgeous girl at the other end of the bar; looking at her it wasn’t a bitchy look, just an envious one. Sadie smiled at her and the girl smiled back. Sadie felt Michael grab her wrist as he dragged her off into the unknown for some fun. She wanted him but where was her heart aching? Maybe she’d downed that drink too quickly?

Michael led her into a store room, filled with boxes.

“Ohhh what’s in here?” Sadie tried to open a flap to look in a box, glimpsing what looked like sneakers.

“Don’t touch those” Michael screamed, his voice bellowing off the walls

“Jesus Michael, did you have to shout at me like that? You frightened the life out of me!!” Sadie was visibly shaken by his reaction, “Anyone would think it was gold rather than Sneakers.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t have a clue what was in those boxes. I was asked not to touch them. Come here.”

Michael pulled Sadie towards him, pushing his tongue into her mouth, melting her defenses and making her excepting of his desires…

“Ohhhhhhh Michael” Sadie sighed sweetly…...


Kim was standing in the queue to gain admittance. It felt like forever she’d been standing here and why she had thought that high heels would be cool to wear at a concert she didn’t know. Her feet were absolutely killing her, and there was nothing she could do about it now.

And to top it all some prick and his bird had just walked straight in, at first she’d been annoyed but thought maybe it was the owner as the bouncer certainly knew him. Why hadn’t she brought her warrant card with her; even though she was well out of her jurisdiction?

The queue started to move, a cheer went up. Kim looked at the man next to her and smiled. He grunted and carried on waddling up towards the door. “Charming” Kim muttered under her breath. That’s another thing she hoped for, a decent more adventurous man that didn’t think a quick one in the hay was awesome sex.

She got to the door, and handed her ticket over. The bouncer looked at her and smiled, tore off the stub and handed her ticket back. She walked into the lobby and headed to the bar, she’d need a few shots inside her to cope with the pain.

Kim sat herself at the bar; it felt so good taking the weight off her feet.

“What would you like, miss?” the barman asked Kim

“A double whiskey on the rocks please, I think I’m going to need it tonight!!” She smiled at the barman.

As she waited for her drink, she scanned the bar for talent. Alas nothing took he eye except the guy she’d seen jumping the queue earlier. He however seemed totally enamored by the girl he was with. She watched them laugh and have fun together, they seemed oblivious to what was going on around them, and they seem to be in their on little garden of Eden. She sighed and hoped one day she’d have that feeling, one of total and undeniable love.

The barman returned with her drink. “That’ll be … “

She couldn’t hear what he said as the support act Red Beat started their set. She handed him a £5 note, and had the shock of her life when he only handed her back 4 pound notes. My god she’d been told London was expensive but that was extortion! A pound for a double whisky was disgraceful. Kim looked to the other end of the bar, the man was walking away but the girl caught her looking at them. She smiled at Kim in a friendly manner, Kim smiled back it was the first time anyone had smiled at her all day. She sipped her drink and looked towards the stage to see Red Heat, boy she’d have to get nearer before U2 came on. She sipped her drink, trying to make it last due to the cost, looking up to see Smiley girl being dragged off giggling by her beau. Within seconds their seats were taken, Kim’s heart missed a beat; sitting at the other end of the bar were Bono and Edge of U2.


“I haven’t a clue why I’m so nervous Edge” Bono sat himself down on the stool, beckoning the barman over.

“It’s not like you at all Bono. Are you worried about something? Everything was ok in sound check.”

Bono stopped as he turned and applauded Red Heat off the stage. “Yeah, I was fine until I got here this evening and now my stomach’s going crazy. My heart is aching as if it’s bound tightly with something. I’ve never felt like this before.”

“Two pints of lager, please”, Edge looked at the barman, as he joined Bono on the adjoining bar stool.

“Have you been thinking about Sadie again? Maybe coming to London you’re subconsciously bringing your desires to the surface.”

“Not a day goes past when I don’t think of her, Edge. Maybe you’re right; London always makes me feel close to her. I can even smell her as we speak, as if she was here.” Bono frowned; it had been 4 months since he’d last seen her. Yet he still dreamt of her, still felt her.

Edge stared at his pint. He looked up, he didn’t know what to say now, it had all been said before. Bono just wouldn’t let her go. It was Bono that had to get himself out of this one. Edge looked to the end of the bar; sat there he saw one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Bono was talking yet Edge didn’t hear a word, he was concentrating fully on this young lady. She saw him look at her, and even in the dim lights could see her blush. He wished he had some of Bono’s charisma, when it came to girls he always got nervous. You could put him and a guitar in front of thousands of people and he had no problem, but put him with one girl he always got anxious.

A barman walked past, Edge seized the moment “Excuse me, have you served that young lady tonight? “He discreetly pointed at her.

“Yes I did sir? A double Jamieson if I recall correctly. Do you wish to buy her one? “

“Sure, that would be grand. How much will that be now?” Edge looked at the barman

“That’s £1 please sir.” The barman walked to pour the measure.

Edge rummaged in his pockets, and pulled out its contents. Two guitar picks and 75 pence in change. “Bono you got any change?”

Bono put his hand in his pocket, one melted half finished Dairy Milk and 20 pence.

“Bono!! That’s disgusting.” Edge grabbed the melted chocolate bar and placed it on the bar.

Bono starred at Edge “Hey, that’s me chocolate” his annoyance evident.

“Yeah and you’re 20 years old and about to perform in front of a thousand people. Do you really want that mistaken for something else?? “Edge laughed

“Sir, that’s one pound please.” The barman placed the whisky on the counter.

“I only have 95 pence,” Edge looked at the barman and cringed with embarrassment

“We’ll get it off our manager and give it too you later,” Bono, charismatic as usual interrupted. “And if you take it over to the young lady for us, I’ll dedicate a song to you and tell your boss you’re the best”

The barman looked at them, contemplating the offer. “Sure, my name’s Matt” he said walking towards the object of Edge’s affection.

It always amazed Edge how Bono could charm both sexes that way. It didn’t matter what he said, he always seemed to win them round to Bono’s way of thinking, regardless of what the subject was.

The barman handed the drink to the young woman who looked over at Edge, her cheeks all flushed, and smiled sweetly. She mouthed the words “Thank you” to him as she lifted her glass to him.

“Do you think I’m in there, Bono? “ Edge looked at his friend

Bono sipped his pint and placed his glass back on the bar, “Looks like it to me, go get her mate”

“I can’t! I’m too nervous, what if she doesn’t want to. I can’t read these English girls; they’re so much more advanced to others I’ve come in contact with.”

The next support act, Thompson Twins came on stage. Edge stayed in his seat and sighed.


“This is for you, miss” The barman placed another whisky in front of Kim

“Sorry I didn’t order this” Kim replied as if the prices weren’t bad enough now they were bringing them when you hadn’t ordered.

“I’ve been asked to bring it to you. The gentleman over there brought it for you.” The barman said pointing to the other end of the bar

Kim looked to where he was pointing. “What the Edge?”

“That’s right” the barman nodded.

Kim felt herself blush and smiled at him. As she raised her glass to her lips she mouthed the words thank you at Edge, he smiled back. Edge was cute but he wasn’t her type at all. Typical it couldn’t have been Bono the one she’d do anything for, but one of his band mates. What should she do now? Was she meant to go to them, wait for Edge to go to her? Where was a friend when you need one? Kim debated with herself that walking to them would look to eager, and if he wanted to talk to her he’d come to her.

Kim sat there, nothing. Maybe she’d misread the situation. Maybe he didn’t want to speak, just felt sorry for her on her own.

The next support act, Thompson Twins can on stage.

“Oh well, no point now as he won’t hear me anyway.” Kim stayed in her seat and sighed.


Adam inhaled deeply; this was good stuff he muttered to himself as he blew smoke rings into the night air. He’d ventured outside by the backstage door, he could have smoked inside but sometimes it felt good to go into the night’s chill to waken his senses. Well that’s the excuse he used to Paul anyway.

As he stood with his back to the wall; a light suddenly appeared from the window next to him. He heard a couple’s giggles through the slightly open window. This could be interesting he smiled to himself. The giggles decreased but were rapidly replaced by moans and groans. Adam sparked up another joint.

“What’s the harm?” He thought. It wasn’t as if he was he was watching them at it, he’d tried but the glass was too thick and there were bars preventing the window opening far enough. He listened intently; they certainly were having a good time. The performance reached its crescendo and Adam looked around the alley.

“Where’s a groupie when you want one, eh AJ?” he sighed looking down. Adam walked back inside, he needed a brandy.


The Thompson twins finished and as the final support took the stage Bono nudged the Edge.

“We’ve got ta go, get ready as we’re on next.”

Edge looked at his friend, “I haven’t spoken to her yet!! I really want to but I can’t”, he looked at her still sitting at the other end of the bar.

“Look we’ll think of something, but if we don’t hurry up, Paul will moan at us again.” Bono touched his friends arm trying to comfort him.

“Alright, alright!” Edge slid off his stool. Somehow he knew he’d missed the opportunity that fate had handed him. Sadly he walked away.

As they walked through to the dressing room, the sounds of lovemaking reached their ears.

“Wow sounds like that bloke’s got a banshee in there” chuckled Bono as they walked past the door. That was bizarre; he felt strange again, his heart felt as if an invisible tourniquet was wrapped around it, squeezing so tight he could hardly breathe.

“Well at least he got lucky!” Edge sighed.


As Kim watched Bono & Edge disappeared from sight, her heart sank. Why had she left it for him to walk over to her? Why hadn’t she walked over to him? How she wanted to scream with the frustration. She still had another chance; she needed to prepare for war. She would get down the front of the stage where he could see her. She got up from the stool, she needed to freshen up and try and work out how the hell to wear stiletto heels in GA comfortably!!

Kim walked to the sink. She looked in the mirror, god how she wanted to bang her head against it. “Stupid cow” she spoke to her reflection, “You’re such a stupid cow”. She took her feet out of the shoes. The release from their bondage was heavenly; she picked them up and put them on the sink. How on earth was she going to get right down the front with these on? She could use the heel as a weapon? She was so lost in her own world she didn’t see the door open.

“Hello there?” It was the girl from earlier. “Shoe trouble?” she said sympathetically, she must know that problem only too well

“Yeah, you could say that. Bad decision no 101 of the day wear high heels to a U2 gig” Kim laughed.

“Oh dear, my name’s Sadie by the way” Sadie held out her hand to greet her.

“Hi I’m Kim,“

“Nice to meet you Kim, have you seen U2 before?”

“Yeah I saw them down in Exeter, they were awesome. And the lead singer is so gorgeous.”

“He is. I haven’t seen him yet. My boyfriend introduced me to them last week and Boy hasn’t been off my tape deck since then.”

“Well Bono, that’s the lead singer is so hot. Do you like your men Irish? “Kim inquired.

“You could say that, Michael that’s my boyfriend is from North Dublin!!” Sadie smiled as she mentioned Michael’s name.

“Lucky you” Kim looked down at the shoes

“This may sound a weird question but what shoe size are you? “ Sadie gazed at Kim

“I’m a size 7 why?”

“Wait there one minute, I’ll be right back.” Sadie turned and disappeared through the door.

Kim waited for what seemed like an eternity, before Sadie was running back in grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Here you go” Sadie shoved a box into Kim’s hands.

“Where on earth did you get these from?” Kim looked at Sadie in amazement as she opened the box revealing a pair of Addidas sneakers.

“Never mind that, just put them on and put your shoes in the box, you’re tall enough to get away with them.” Sadie encouraged her new friend

“But what will I do with my shoes?” Kim asked as she tied her laces

“Just check them into the cloakroom with your coat” Sadie smiled

“I better get back to Michael. Nice meeting you Kim, enjoy the concert” Sadie was gone.

Kim ran her fingers through her hair and composed herself. She was ready to fight the hordes for a spot down the front. She was a woman on a mission...


Sadie walked back into the bar looking for Michael. She easily found him where they were seated earlier, her drink sitting on the bar waiting for her.

“You took you time!!” Michael stared at her

“Well Michael incase you’d forgotten I had a bit of refreshing to do” Her eyes sparkled as she remembered their passion just minutes earlier.

Michael’s frown softened, “Yeah you horny little minx, you should come with a warning”, he patted the stool next to him, silently commanding her to sit there.

“How long until U2?” Sadie excitement increasing

A cheer went up

“Now” Michael turned to face the stage, Sadie looked but with her diminutive frame she couldn’t see them.

Picture in grey
Dorian Gray
Just me by the sea
And I felt like a star
I felt the world could go far
If they listened
To what I said

Sadie lost herself in the lead singer’s voice. There was something magical about it. His voice pulled her in. Never had a singers voice done that to her. She wanted to see him, put a face to this mysterious voice. Michael seemed happy enough sitting at the bar. Sadie’s longing to get down to the front intensified as the concert continued.

By the time the band launched into Another Time, Another Place the need was too intense, she climbed down from her stool but as she began to walk away Michael grabbed her shoulder.

He pulled her close and whispered into her ear “Where do you think you’re going?” his voice challenging her to answer

“I want to go down the front. That’s me, that’s what I love to do, be in the thick of it. “She looked him in the eyes, beseeching that he let her go

He vigorously shook he’s head from side to side “Not when you’re with Michael Murphy you don’t.” In one movement of his arm he lifted her back onto the stool.

Sadie wanted to cry, Michael was nasty one moment and sweet the next. Why?

Sensing her bewilderment at his treatment, Michael took her hand and whispered softly

“Sorry Sadie, I just got over protective, it looks rough out there and I don’t want you getting hurt.” He smiled apologetically

Aww he was so sweet worrying about her welfare, she put her head on his shoulder and squeezed his hand. Michael was forgiven.

Then it happened, as if fate & destiny conspired. The sea of thousands of bodies parted and Sadie had a direct uninterrupted view of the stage. Her heart stopped as she slid off the stool

“KISA!!” she whispered.

“Kiss her? Kiss who?? “Michael looked on bewildered as Sadie weaved her way into the thong of bodies. Maybe she was hinting at a threesome, he thought. Now with that scenario in his brain, Michael wanted.


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i like it.

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YAY!! More!!! This is really good Wild! God help Michael if I came across him

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ive been dying for another chapter!
i cant wait for more!
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Now Sadie can ditch ratbag Michael and grab Bono
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mmm yes grab Bono. Wild, we waited patiently with baited breath & you came thru.
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That Michael! He's not just going to let her walk away from him. How many people are in danger from him now? George, Julie, Paddy and his wife, also Kim, Sadie and now the entire band.
I'm really starting to hate that guy.
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Me too! How sad that Bono had to hear his beloved Sadie in the arms of that evil jerk. Maybe he'll never know.
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I hope Bono doesn't need to know either. Maybe the General will send Michael to Boston or something. That might solve some problems, let him mess up some new world city.
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Thanks for the kind comments girls

I take it you all hate Michael then

There is an unedited version
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yes please wild
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uneditied please
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Welcome back!! I missed this story, definitly worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'd love the unedited too, please
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did someone say unedited???
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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Originally posted by WildHoney
There is an unedited version
Please PM it to me?

Wild, OMG. The Thompson Twins!!! I haven't thought of them in...forever.

Right, now get in there and get yer girl KISA! (Hope the next chapter arrives soon!)
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Originally posted by WildHoney
Thanks for the kind comments girls

I take it you all hate Michael then

There is an unedited version
Interesting chapter, great write. And yes, I'm not too fond of that Michael dude either. I'm curious to see this story developing.

Can you send me the unedited version as well?!

zypresse28 at

Thank you!
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unedited version pretty please!!

email address might help!
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Can i have unedited please?

Write faster. I need to know what happens in chapter 7.



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