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shadows and tall trees chap 2

Nicole waited for Katrina, Mariah and Monique at the end of the curb that led on to the path that led to Mount Temple. She looked at her watch, 7:00. Ok maybe she was a little too early but she couldn’t help it! She was practically bouncing on the balls on her feet. She suddenly stopped. Some one was coming towards her, it was a boy.
He had thin black hair, he looked sad. He spotted her he flashed her a timid smile. “I’m not gonna bite you know.” She said grinning at the thought that this could be her new friend. “Oh I know.” He replied. “Are you going to Mount Temple too?” he asked. “Yup” Nicole said grinning again. “How old are you? I’m 15” She said. She wondered if he’d be in her year. He looked very nice. “I just turned 15 on august 8.” He said. Ah she was older then him. This was a first. “I’m Nicole Dumlang.” She announced proudly. “What’s your name?” “Dave Evans.” he said. Dave. It sure did fit him well. “Nice to meet you!” she said. He smiled at her like he’d never seen anyone quite like her. Many people didn’t. It made her glow with pride to know that she was one of a kind. Knowing that the others wouldn’t really care if she left without them she and her new friend walked to school.
She found many interesting things about him. He had an older brother named Dick, he was interested in science and just like her, and he was played the guitar. Nicole studied his face. He looks like a loner, she thought, but he’s really nice!
They finally reached Mount Temple and met up with Mariah, Katrina and Monique. “Hey where were you?” asked Monique tapping her foot. “Sorry I met a new friend!” Nicole said excitingly. She pointed to Dave. “This is Dave! Dave, this is Mariah, Monique and Katrina.” She said pointing to her friends as she introduced them. He shook hands with all of them until he reached Katrina, they looked each other for quite a while, “h-h-hi” Katrina said blushing. Dave smiled, so did Katrina.

Katrina couldn’t describe what she was feeling. This boy, Dave was cute. She loved his deep sea green eyes, they made him look smart. She felt as if her stomach had floated to the top of her head. She took a good long look at his face, taking in everything; his nose, the curve of his lips, the shape of his chin…..
She couldn’t help the feeling that he was a real real person that she could have real conversations with. Her stomach bubbled at the thought!
“Hi” he said softly. Katrina felt her cheeks turn red. She hated when that happened….
“I know your brother!!!” Mariah suddenly said. Katrina silently thanked Mariah for talking to him so she couldn’t and say something stupid. “You do?” Dave said not taking his eyes off Katrina. “Yea, he walks your dogs by my house!” she said. At this Monique lost it, she couldn’t help but laugh, “what a way to meet!!!” she said smiling. “Yea” Katrina said looking away from Dave. He was looking at her too much. She knew she was attractive but it bothered her when people looked at her too much. “So what do you usually play on your guitar?” Nicole asked sensing the tenseness of Katrina, she knew Katrina didn’t like to be looked at too much. “Oh just cover stuff. Like the Ramones.” He said adjusting his bag. “Do you ever do your own stuff?” Nicole asked “Sometimes, not really.” He said. He looked down at his feet. “ well I guess I’d better go…..” he said is voice trailing off. “Ok well nice meeting you!” said mariah. “You too…by.” He said walking off. “Oh!!! Katrina!!!!” said mariah shaking her shoulders. “what?” said Katrina trying to look innocent. “WHAT???” repeted mariah, “ you like him!!! You were blushing so bad!!” “first I don’t know him enough to like him, and second I was NOT blushing!” she said blushing. “oh yes you were!!! You were blushing as badly as you are now!!” said Monique. Katirna put her head in her hands. She didn’t want to admit that she actually did like Dave because she knew what a hard time Monique, Mariah and Nicole would give. She knew this sounded stupid, but she felt a sort of connection when she saw Dave. She hoped she was right in thinking this connection was real and not just school jitters……
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