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After disappearing for almost a year and a half, we have finally found Mullen-Girl roaming senselessly through the streets of Dublin. We sat her down for an interview and this is what we got out of her. *rolls tape*

Mullen-Girl: *Looks around the room and then at the garda* Where am I?

Garda 1: You're at the central station here in the city centre. If anything we should be asking, where have you been this whole time?

Mullen-Girl: *rubs her arm and looks at the ground* I don't remember *sniffles*

Garda 2: Well we found a video camera in your bag and it seems to have some things on there. Let me play it for you see if you remember any of this. *turns off lights and plays video*


Mullen-Girl: Oh My God I can't believe i'm in Dublin! It's finally come true!

MikeSt: So where do you want to go first?

Mullen-Girl: I want to go to the studio!!!

MikeSt: *looks at MG* Don't you want to drop off our luggage first?

Mullen-Girl: Naaaaaaaaaaah!!! We'll just take it down there with us.

*MikeSt and Mullen-Girl are dropped off at the O'C Bridge and take a map out*

Mullen-Girl: Hmmm looks like we have to head this way *points*

MikeSt: Oh geez you mean we have to drag our luggage all the way over there and then come back and find our hostel???

Mullen-Girl: Yeah! It'll be fun!

*MikeSt and Mullen-Girl head in the direction indicated on the map of Hanover Quay*

Mullen-Girl: Hmmm...I think this is it! I remember it's next to a building with a number on it.

MikeSt: All these buildings have numbers on them!

Mullen-Girl: No really I think it's this way! *points*

*MikeSt and Mullen-Girl start to wander endlessly through streets around the Hanover Quay. To their disappointment they're unable to find the building they've seen in so many pictures*

Mullen-Girl: Oh Christ. Well how about we head back to where we came from and look again tomorrow?

MikeSt: *visibly frustrated* Ugh fine. But tomorrow you can go on your own!

*They both head to the hostel. The next morning MG gets up early to head to Hanover Quay to find the studio again. This is the last time she was seen.*

Garda 1: That morning you went out to find U2's studio and disappeared for a year and a half. There's more on this video.


Mullen-Girl: *hiding in a closet*

Voices: So when are we laying this track down?

*pause. Garda 1: Voices are of the U2 members*

Larry: *snarl* Geez we've been recording this record for a long time! You'd think we'd be done by now! *pop* *sigh*

Bono: But can't you understand that I want to get in to the Guiness Book of World records for the album with the most songs on it?? *mumbles* Mmmmmmm Guinness

Edge: *fumbling around with a computer* By this rate we'll have it mixed by the time we're 70.

Adam: Well at least Larry will look like he's 32.

Larry: *snarl*

Mullen-Girl: *falls out of the closet* OH shite!

All: *look in her direction*

Larry: Who are you?!

Mullen-Girl: I don't know.

Larry: Stop playing games! You're one of those crazy fans aren't you? How did you get in here?

Mullen-Girl: I don't know.

Edge: *noticing that she's visibly upset* Leave her alone Larry. I think she's telling the truth. Do you remember anything dear?

Mullen-Girl: *starts to sniffle* No I don't even remember how I got here.

Bono: *poses in superman pose* We MUST help this poor girl!

Adam: *looks through bag* Well it looks like she's not from Dublin. She has maps in here. Her name is Mullen-Girl.

Larry: *snarls* I KNEW IT! It's one of those crazy PLEBA girls!

Edge: Let's take her some place.

Bono: But where?

Edge: I don't know. C'mon Mullen-Girl let's go.

*video goes fuzzy*

Garda 1: Do you remember any of this?

Mullen-Girl: No none of it!

Garda 1: There's more. *plays video again*

Mullen-Girl: *cleaning* This house is so nice. I can't believe i'm getting to stay here for free.

Edge: You missed a spot. *grins*

Mullen-Girl: *smiles* Ok Mr. Evans I haven't got there yet.

Edge: Well don't forget that little spot when you get there *giggles*

*Pauses video*

Mullen-Girl: *gasps* I'm a maid?!?!?!


Morleigh: *growls at MG* Look little girl, if it weren't for Edge finding you and wanting to be nice you'd be on the streets!

Mullen-Girl: *eyes start watering* I'm sorry Mrs. Evans. Please don't hurt me anymore.

Morleigh: I won't if you don't give me a reason to! Now get back to work!

*video goes fuzzy then goes back*

Mullen-Girl: *crying and saying to herself in the mirror* I need to get out of here. I don't think I can take it anymore. I know what i'm going to do. During the night i'm out of here. I don't care if I don't have anywhere else to go.

*video goes fuzzy again then goes back*

Mullen-Girl: *filming streets of Dublin*

CatDubh: *stops dead in her tracks* MG!!!!! OMG it's you!!!!!

Mullen-Girl: *looks at Cat* Who are you? I don't think I know you.

CatDubh: It's meeeeeee CatDubh! You've been missing for almost 16 months! Where the hell have you been?

Mullen-Girl: I don't know what you're talking about. Leave me alone!

CatDubh: *gets out her mobile and dials* Mike I swear it's her! ....yeah I'll try! *looks up* Oh shite she's gone!

*video goes fuzzy*

Garda 2: Still nothing?

Mullen-Girl: No but it explains a lot.

Garda 1: Well maybe seeing this person again will make your memory come back.

MikeSt: *walks in the door, crying* Oh MG I never thought I'd see you again!!! *goes up to her and hugs her and gives her a kiss*

Mullen-Girl: *gasps and eyes well up* OMG I remember everything now. I can't believe i've been gone so long. Please help me get my life back!

MikeSt: Of course baby.

Garda 2: Now as for Morleigh Evans...do you want to press charges?

Mullen-Girl: *sighs* No I don't. I just want to forget this whole incident and get on with my life.

*MG and MikeSt go to his appartment where they catch up on everything that has happened since she was gone*

The End.

Ok i'm sure this story like sucks so bad...lmfao...only because I really haven't written one in about a year and a half...and of course this isn't funny like the ones I used to write...but I just wanted to get a little warmed up before I write some more.

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Re: *peeks*

Originally posted by Mullen-Girl
Larry: *snarl* Geez we've been recording this record for a long time! You'd think we'd be done by now! *pop* *sigh*
The BOOTTINS strike back!!!

It's AS great as back then!

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