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Never Been Kissed

Ok, this is my first attempt to write a fan fic. All character except The Edge are fictional, and being Canadian this story had to include hockey. Anyways make of it what you will;

8 o’clock in the morning and I have my bag with my hockey skates and gloves in over my shoulder, hockey stick in hand and I’m headed for the pond with my best friend (my German Shepard) Nala. Me and four guys on my hockey team opened this little rink in a park just outside of town where for a dollar you can play some good old pond hockey. I drew the short straw so I have to shovel it Saturday and Sunday morning so it can be open for 9. Not that I mind much, I probably would if I ever wanted to go on dates Friday and Saturday night’s, but no one wants to date a girl who plays hockey at a highly competitive level (and as good buddies as my teammates are, you just don’t date teammates). I wouldn’t mind so much I guess but there’s no future for a girl in hockey, no big million dollar NHL contracts, so I make money working at a outdoor rink with my best friends. It gets my mind off home where my mom is constantly yelling at me to do something with my life, cause I’m eighteen and should be going to university next year but I don’t know what to do with my life outside of hockey. I’m also eighteen and never been kissed.
Anyways, this Saturday started like any other Saturday with me turning on all the lights and heating in the “lodge” then shoveling the fresh snow off the rink, Nala as always sitting off to the side watching. Just as I was dragging the nets out onto the ice Nala started barking, I looked up to see I guy had just walked out of the woods that the rink backed onto. There were hiking trails in those woods, but there was also two and a half feet of snow. Seeing Nala he gave a start, stumbled backwards, and landed on his ass in the snow.
“Nala, heel!” I yelled, jumping over the boards at the side of the rink and into the snow. She stopped barking and came over to me. “Stay,” I said firmly making my way towards whoever it was. “Sorry about that,” I said holding out my hand to help him to his feet. “She’s real nice, honestly.”
He took my hand, and I pulled him to his feet. “What are you doing out here anyways?” he asked.
He’s Irish, I thought, and there’s something awfully familiar about him. “Me and a couple a friends run this outdoor rink for people to play shinny on.”
I started to walk back to the lodge and he fell into step beside me. “Pond hockey.”
As we walked by Nala she fell into step beside me. I pushed open the door to the lodge. “Come on in.”
He looked around curiously. “How’d you get this place for the rink?”
“In the summer there’s 2 soccer fields out the back, so we asked them if we could rent the place in the winter and they said yes.” I paused just before the door to the snack bar/office. “You want a hot chocolate?”
“That would be nice actually,” he said sitting down on one of the benches. Nala went over and put her head on his knee, defiantly begging for a pet.
Grinning I went and got 2 cups of hot chocolate.
“What’s your name?” he asked as I handed him the cup.
“Ruth. Ruth Vickers.”
“The Edge,” he said, “at least that’s what my friends call me.”
At that I almost chocked on my hot chocolate.
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Erm….you’re the guitarist in U2 aren’t you?”
He sighed. “Yes.”
There was a long uncomfortable silence. Then Nala started drinking The Edge’s hot chocolate.
“Nala!” I said.
The Edge laughed. “Is that your way of telling me it’s good and that I should be drinking it?” he asked the dog.
Nala just looked up at him, and I swear that dog was grinning.
“I think she likes you,” I said. I think you like him a little voice in the back of my mind whispers, shut up I tell it.
Edge smiled and puts the cup on the ground so that Nala can have the last of his hot chocolate. “You mentioned before that you and a bunch of friends run this place, so where’s everyone else?”
“We take shifts,” I explained. “I drew the short straw at the beginning of the season so I have to open early in the morning. Dave should be here soon though, speaking of which, I need to shovel the path out front so if you’ll excuse me.”
I went out, and for once Nala didn’t. “Lucky dog,” I muttered thinking of her inside with him.
Finishing shoveling I went around the back to push the nets into place, something I forgot to finish doing, and I saw Dave’s car pull in. just as I came in the back door Dave and his wheelchair were finishing their fight with the front door.
“Stupid god damn door,” then he saw Edge. “Who the hell are you?”
“Umm…” said Edge staring at him.
“This is The Edge,” I jumped in.
“Isn’t that the name of a radio station?”
I ignored Dave’s rudeness. “Nala cornered him out back so being the nice person I am I invited him in.”
“Another stray just like the dog,” he said wheeling his way towards the office.
“Well I figure you should treat others how you’d like to be treated.”
“Arf,” he replied before disappearing into the office.
Now Dave isn’t a bad guy, he’s got dark hair, dark eyes and movie star good looks. He’s got a bit of a quick temper and he’s not a morning person but he’s a great friend.
Edge seemed to be recovering from his initial shock. “I thought you’d al be hockey players.”
Before I could reply Dave pushed the door to the office open. “I am a hockey player. You ever heard of wheelchair hockey, I thought not so shut the f*ck up.” Then he slammed the door.
I signaled for The Edge to follow me outside. “Dave was one of the best defense in the league. The last year after we won the provincials he and his dad got in a car accident and he’s been in a chair ever since. He’s kind of sensitive about it as I think you noticed.”
“Yeah, after he’d almost bitten my head off,” he said glumly.
“Have you ever tried playing hockey?” I asked eager to change the subject.
“It’s not hard, I’ll teach you.”
“I don’t have any skates.”
“There’s a couple spare pairs in the office, what size are your feet?”
I went into the office, success, one of the pairs of skates was a 10.
“What’s going on?” Dave asked.
“We’re going to play hockey.”
Dave rolled his eyes. “Does he even know how to play?”
“Does it matter?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Trust you to fall for someone with a name like The Edge.”
I don’t even bother replying.
Actually Edge turned out to be alright at hockey, since it was just little kids and their dads this early in the day I was the best one on the ice, Edge had about the same ability as the kids but he seemed to be having fun.
The people my age started showing up about noon, most of the kids and their dads got off then, so did Edge and I. Inside he bought me a hot chocolate, which didn’t make much sense since I worked here and could get one for free, but it was a nice gesture so I kept my mouth shut and considered smacking Dave when he shook his head at me.
I sat down on a bench by the wall and he sat down across from me, Nala put her head on his knee, damn lucky dog, I thought.
“Are you doing anything this afternoon?”
Luckily I wasn’t drinking my hot chocolate at that moment, or I think I would have chocked on it – again. “No, probably just hanging around here.” I go to take a sip of my hot chocolate, then think better of it, which was a good idea given his next question;
“Would you like to go see a movie?”
“Sure.” The word’s out of my mouth before I could even think about it. “I’ll just tell Dave so he doesn’t think I’ve gone and disappeared on him.”
“Alright, I’ll wait outside for you.”
I stick my head into the office. “I’m going out.”
“It’s a national secret.”
“So I have to send a letter to Paul Martin to find out where you’re going.”
“That’s right.”
He rolls his eyes. “Come on, where are you going?”
“With The Edge.”
“No, with you.” I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster.
“He’s the guitarist from U2, isn’t he?”
I look at Dave, Dave who unlike the other three guys who help us run the rink has no interest in music. “Yes.”
“So he’s rich.”
“DAVE! I am not the shallow.”
He laughed. “Go have fun, I’ll tell everyone that one of my best friends is dating a rock star.”
“I am not dating him,” I mutter feeling my face go red.
Dave just looks at me, and I decide to leave before he embarrasses me further.
Nala follows us to the theater, but has to wait outside due to the ‘no dogs’ policy. I have no idea what movie we went to see, it was kind of funny though. The highlight was probably when Edge put his arm around me in the theater, and a single thought went though my head oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening, this must be a dream but please no one pinch me. He takes me out to dinner afterwards, which could have very well been lunch since neither of us had lunch, Nala gives us a look like ‘you’re going to leave me outside, again’ as we go into the restaurant.
He spends all of dinner telling funny stories of being on tour, and I end up telling him a lot more about myself then I tell most people. He walks me back to the rink afterwards, holding my hand the whole way. Part of me feels guilty leaving Dave there by himself all day, part of me doesn’t care since I’ve been left there by myself so many times.
We arrive at the rink. “Thanks, I had a good time.” I say feeling a little awkward.
He smiled, “your welcome.” Then he kisses me, just a quick kiss, but it still made me feel faint. The he walked away, actually it was more of a jog, leaving me standing there speechless.
I looked down at Nala who was sitting there looking at me with her head tilted to one side as if in confusion. “No I don’t get it either,” I said, “but at least now I can say I’ve been kissed.”

That’s all for now, I might write more later, tell me what you think.

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So...........Edge appears at ur rink....u play a lil hockey ..go on a date and then he leaves u speechless with a kiss....... huh.......not bad for a first acquaintance....... nice...althou for me I'd pretend it was Adam instead...

Not bad for a first it's kinda like he's ur Prince Charming....just waiting for the right time to sweep u off ur feet...will he be back for more?

I am tryin to put together a story also......but everytime I try writting nothing comes to mind....but when I'm not in the mood to write things come to mind endlessly. Hope u write more's always interesting to see what ppl can come up with!

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well i hope to write more, so many ideas so little time, my biggest problem is sitting down to write out everything in my head. anyways next part should see a couple new characters, and more antics from the dog.
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