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Big Grin meeting Adam post-SNL

I don't remember- but i think i missed or decided it was too long/late in the early part of the evening- to catch them going in.....but i arrived around 11 PM to the NBC studios.

Didn't know anyone there [by sight anyway], but hung and and chatted with people. Many were waiting to see the SNL crew, or the Guest Host. Others were there for a combination or strictly for U2.

There's a big underground garage door , that some had noticed. I ponted it out to others. Many years ago, I & a friend saw some other very famous rock stars come out of that garage in their car. So since it was still there, i figured it was a possibilty.

After all the SNL folks & GH left, security tok the metal barricades away. In the mean time, some fans had chased after a car or too, but i don't know what happened.

But i decided to stay as others did. It seemed possible that not all of U2 had left.

SO we kept an eye on it. Finally after some while [if you were facing the front doors [if they'd come out that way] you couldn't see the garage doors behind you. So we'd all look one way then the othere.

Finally the doors lifted up again. A bunch of fans got there before me. SO as i reached the entrance, a whole bunch was 'mobbing' what turned out to be as the other's hasd reported here Bono's car.

submit before i get timed out will return if i can in a few mins

ah good it worked.


I found it was [ and figured] it was Bono's car, and ecided eehhh, maybe not... I didn';t know how long they would stay there. What with the time it wousd take me go get to the window, it became a tight fit with all the fans on one side between car and the wall.

But 9i heard that Adam hadn't left and tht his car was behind Bono's, so I waited. Adam's car [i don't know if i'd turned to talk to the others that were waiting], but 'suddenly' Adam's car had pulled up in front of Bono's. Adam was not in the car at that point he walked over to it.

One young woman asked for a photo. She gave him a hug as someone else took her photo. I was aking her if i could get an e-mail contact for her- I hadn't brought my camera [there was some reason I don't remebe}, and i thot at least i'd have a solid pic memory of standing beside them.

But as i was starting to ask her, it seemed that Adam was getting ready to go, he actually had opend the car door as the other fan approached him.

SO i didn't want to miss the opportunity, so I turned toward him. Now after miss-u2's HQ story of how some fan(s) went over board ans seemed like they sort of spooked Adam- i was really mindful of not doining anything to startle him.

So I quietly 'just' put out my hand, and shook his, sayiong "thank you so much for the music".... He nodded a bit, i think. Some one right next to me did the same.

As others have said.... he looked quite elegant with his short silverish hair. And elegant-sexy in his all-black outfit.

Then he got into the car and drove off. some of waited another half-hour to see if anyone else would show up,. But then we figured maybe Larry & Edge had gotten out in the earlier cars some fans went after.

Everytime over the next several days/weeks [ and esp during/after brookyln, and seeing the NYC truck photo stills later in the week ] I was "wow" "wooo whooo" I met Adam.

And i still do when i remeber .!!!
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