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lessons in love pt 26

I have kind of dried up on this story so it is just a short chapter to kind of finish it of here for now.. though I could continue it at a later date if anything more comes to me... I want to concentrate on my new story for now


It was several hours later, when a slightly shamefaced Antonia opened the door of Bono’s living room to find him slouched in the sofa a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
She could not really make out his expression as it was starting to grow dark in the evening, but she could well imagine, he was more likely hurt and miserable, maybe even angry with her.

Hearing the door open Bono, glanced up, his expression warily relieved, suddenly he was not sure of what to expect from her, but at least she had come back to him.

But never had the air around them felt so awkward and uneasy.

He sat up and flung the half smoked cigarette into the fireplace, and managed a small smile in her direction “Hi, I am hoping that you being here means you are not mad at me anymore”

“Oh Bono” Antonia replied in a small remorseful voice, “I am so sorry… I don’t know what got into me… do you hate me very much?”

Bono frowned “Hate you? That’s crazy” he laughed at the idea of it, “I don’t hate you Toni, far from it… I am more pissed with myself for upsetting you… you were right I should have told you about that meeting with your father but I-”

“Its ok you don’t have to explain again… I do understand” she interrupted him “I-I guess I over reacted… it was stupid of me”

“No it wasn’t” Bono replied “I guess it was understandable… you have had a hard time trusting men, and you felt by lying to you I had let you down... and I guess I did… I am not proud of it” he stared broodingly into his glass before knocking back the rest of his drink

“But you had my best interest at heart… I realise that now” Antonia replied softly, “And I don’t want this incident to ruin everything we have, I couldn’t bear to lose you” her voice was thick with emotion.

“I am not going anywhere Toni” he replied, then stood up and held out his arms, “I am here for you for as long as you can put up with me hopefully for the rest of our lives if that’s what you want.

“It is” Antonia smiled tearfully before closing the short space between them and going into his arms, and feeling them tightening around her and the feel of his cheek against hers… it felt so good she couldn’t believe she had almost thrown it all away, just happy and relieved that he still wanted her.

“I’m so sorry she apologised again in a choked voice muffled against his shoulder. “My father wanted to split up and he almost succeeded because of me”

“It’s ok sweetheart” he reassured her “I guess we are going to have our good times as well as our bad, as long as it always ends up with you coming back into my arms… I can handle it”

She pulled away from him a little so she could look into his face “I will always come back to you…I want you to know I love you so much”

“And I love you too” Bono’s voice was husky with emotion he kissed her lightly on the lips, “Lets not waste anymore of our precious weekend eh?”

“Sounds good to me” Antonia replied already feeling the aching need for him, grabbing her hand he led her towards the stairs to the bedroom, where he planned on doing a lot of kissing and making up for the rest of the evening and beyond…..

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Thanks so much for this beautiful saga, I've enjoyed it very much!

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