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lessons in love pt 10

After their initial arrival at the party had caused some excitement around the room, and a few of the bolder people came over to talk with Edge and Bono, and get their autographs, a few hours later they had manage to successfully keep a low profile because they knew this party was for Pat's daughter and all the emphasis should be on her.

Their presence melded with the rest of those in the room just as other invited guests. Now everyone was getting drunk, dancing and singing and having a good time. Bono and Edges presence had not been disruptive at at, so much so that Antonia had almost they were there as she had not got a chance to talk with them.

But that changed later that evening as she was doing a slow waltz around the floor with Seamus, Bono couldn't resist teh temptation to get the chance to talk to her in this new enlightened mood, he had come over and tapped Seamus on the shoulder interupting the dance.

"Do ya mind not keeping this lovely lady all to yourself all evening and letting me have a turn around the floor with her?" he enquired. with a mischevious grin.

Seamus chuckled and glanced at Antonia "do you mind sweetheart?, I think this fella here is looking to dance with ye do you think he can keep up with you?"

"Well I guess he can try" Antonia grinned

"I am sure I will manage" Bono's blue eyes met hers in amusement

"Ok" Seamus relented "But you better take good care of her, she is a special lady" he warned goodhumouredly

"Oh don't worry she is in safe hands" Bono assured him as Seamus relinquished his hold on Antonia and stepped back and he took his place.

Safe hands seemed an appropriate expression Antonia realised as Bono's arm settled lightly around her waist, and he took her hand with the other, and they stepped in time around the room to the music with the other dancing couples.

She did not know Bono half as well as she knew Seamus, yet she did feel completely safe and at ease with him, he had this manner of making you feel like he knew you forever, even when it was just a breif aquaintence.

His warm open friendliness in the short period of time she had gotten to know him and drawn her to him, which had surprised her a little because she had always felt so awkward and uncomfortable around the male sex, even more alienated from them after her marriage to Gareth.

She had come to the conclusion that the way of men were beyond her comprehension and were better to be avoided.

But Bono was different she was realising that even more now as she danced with him, he was remarking on her attempts at Irish dancing earlier."You certainly got the hang of it quickly" he told her

Antonia laughed "Do you think so, I thought I was making a complete idiot of myself" she confessed

"From where I was looking you were having a lot of fun, and you seem to be doing the steps and movments fine.. must stem from your mothers side of the family obviously" he grinned

She looked speculatively into his blue eyes for a moment, "So you know about my mother being Irish.. and she came from here..? I suppose Seamus told you" she realised

"Yeah, I was quite pleased when I found out, it meant we had something in common, now I know you got irish blood running through your veins too"

Antonia laughed "Guess that is one way of looking at it"

"Y'know its great seeing you laugh" Bono told her smiling "I am hoping to see you laugh more often.. it suits you" the compliment made her face redden and she had trouble looking into his intent blue gaze. It seemed she wasn't so impervious to his charms as she thought.

"I hope you don't mind me dancing with you" Bono then remarked glancing furtively around him "I just thought I would be safer with you than some of the young girls who are ogling me, and the looks their parents are giving me letting me know if I try anything I am in for it and they will start demanding what my intentions are"

Antonia giggled "Don't worry" she told him "I will protect you.. you are safe with me from the ogling young girls and their over protective parents" she promised solemnly

"Oh good" Bono replied and pulled her a little closer to him "Thank you" he murmered in her ear,

The small action even though harmless had given Antonia a sense of shared intimacy with him that had made her heartbeat unwittingly quicken, and although not unpleasent, unsettled her her a little, most likely because she was not used to it, but there was not time to analyze her reaction any further it as the music ended and they pulled apart

Edge was over amongst the musicians, one of them had insisted he play guitar along with them, and now they called Bono over demanding that he give them a song.

At first he was reluctant, but finally give into the demand espically when Eileen the Birthdaygirl added her plea's that it would make her night, so in the end he decided on a traditional Irish song called.... I'll take you home again Kathleen. because it was her mother Pats favorite song.

Every one fell into a hushed silence when Bono started to sing and Edge accompanied him on the guitar, eventually some joining in singing along with him as he went into in the second verse.

Antonia was now sitting with Seamus, who was also singing the song, he glanced round at Antonia and thought of her mother and the words of ths song suddenly took on a new meaning for him, he reached out and squeezed her hand reassuringly and she smiled back at him suddenly feeling warm and contented.

Then she found her eyes turning back on Bono, listening to him singing, and it made her recall dancing with him earlier, suddenly she felt herself remembering the warmth of his hands on her body, the way he had smiled, the intensity of his blue eyes as if they had somehow imprinted themselves in her brain and refuse to budge and the sudden pang she wouldn't mind experiencing it again that sent a warm glow through her body.

It startled her a little and she suddenly found herself looking around the room for some distraction, feeling having such thoughts about him almost seemed improper and she couldnt blame it on alcohol, because she was stone cold sober.

She concentrated on looking over at Pat who stood nearby with Eileen with their arms around her, Mother and daughter oswaying to the music and singing along with Bono.

Antonia tried to imagine her own mother and standing there like that with her if she had lived, she suddenly felt comforted by the thought and a little emotional... as she realised the irish blood in her had come home.


I am including the lyrics of the song I'll Take you Home Again Kathleen...just for those who are not familar with it.. so it will make the chapter more meaningful


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two chapters in one! thanks for the fast updates..I love the story!

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Annj - I love you and I love your story!

I really like how it's developing! Very nice job indeed!

Can't wait for more
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aww thank you -brighteststar- the next chapter I will have them going on their first (just friends) kind of date to develop them getting to know more about each other and getting that little bit closer
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I love the fact that you update so quickly!!
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Originally posted by annj
aww thank you -brighteststar- the next chapter I will have them going on their first (just friends) kind of date to develop them getting to know more about each other and getting that little bit closer

And thank you so much for updating so quickly!!!

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