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Lemon - Part 7

Chapter 7

Jeannie and Karen spend the rest of the evening site seeing and meeting up at a local pub with some people they met online from the "Irish Asylum" message board fanclub, who were also attending the Irish Music Convention Festival.
Jeannie and Karen were both Irish/American, and of course adored anything and everything Irish. And one thing especially in particular... which, is quite obvious already, lol.

While U2 weren't scheduled to appear at the festival, some other bands were... Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan from the Pogues/Popes, and some local bands. But there was a U2 cover band slated to perform during one of the 3 days.

"So, I hear The Edge has been rumoured to be hanging around here the last couple of days.." one of the Irish Asylum club members mentions.

"AH! Karen.. maybe you should stalk 'im. Tell him how much ya love his beanie hat and want to marry it..", Jeannie joked.

Karen slightly drunk, already.. retorts.. "I do not have a thing for his friggin' beanie, for Christ sake...*Burp*.

"Suuuure. I can see it now. Mystery woman steals Edge from U2's favorite beanie hat and is seen in his driveway molesting it..."

"Ah feck off.. thats sick.."

"Bloody hell it is and you'd be the type to do it, too!! HAHA!"

"Ignorant little psychopath.."

"That I am, and proud of it..*Burp*", as Jeannie realizes she's getting a bit tipsy herself...and over-ate a bit as well.

"Stop belchin', woman!"

This goes on forever and Jeannie decides to go take a walk around town for a bit, but no one else seems to be sober enough to do so.
The hotel was just around the corner, so Karen was gonna pass out for the night.

Jeannie trailed off and walked around for an hour. Her feet were killing her already.. and decides to check out this beautiful park and rest for a bit. Trees beautifully ornamented with Christmas lights, even thought it wasn't anything near Christmas... they sparkled in the night air.
Sitting down on a bench, she looks up at the suprisingly clear sky... still somewhat light just the moments before sunset. Dark blue, melded with purple and orange... she sighs to herself... taking it all in. Closing her eyes...
listening to some birds in a bush nearby.

Some people shouting around the bend breaks her out of her peaceful little moment. Looking around, she sees it's two drivers down the street cursing at eachother.. "WELL, MAYBE IF YA DIDNT DRIVE THE WRONG WAY DOWN THE STREET SPEEDIN LIKE A FECKIN' BLEEDIN' LUNATIC, WEARING THOSE DAMN GLASSES, YA WOULDN'T HAVE THAT PROBLEM, EH??" the one driver shouts.

"YOU CAN TAKE THAT FACE OF YERS AND SHOVE IT UP YER ARSE, BLOODY IDIOT!" the other snaps back, speeding off down towards the park road.

She laughs to herself. "I love these people."

She decides to go back to the hotel, but take the long way back through the park.

She keeps walking and finds very few people out tonight.
A man passes by with sunglasses on (at night?) and nods a hello. She nods back... not paying much attention...
She gets a wiff of a scent.... that seems all too familiar.. then she hears... "Jeannie?!??!?", in a voice that she knew too well.
She turns around, heart popping in her chest..
That very millisecond seeming in slow motion... she turns to face him, as he takes his glasses off. there's those eyes. "....Bono?", shes feels she's about to faint.
"Jeannie! How in the.. Oh god..", he's as white as a ghost, in shock.
"You remember me??", she asked, shaking..not believing what she's seeing...
Wondering if he was losing his own mind, "Yes, how could I forget you..."
"How... bu... I..." she starts.. stumbling on her own words.. not knowing what to say.. trying to figure it all out.
They stand their staring at eachother for a few seconds... "Its really you", he says, looking intensely into her eyes... as they embrace... not letting the other go. "Oh god I missed you so much.." she starts to cry... overload of confusion, joy...
"I thought it was all a dream...", "Me too."

"How is this possible??" she says turning her face to his... still in eachother's arms.

"I dont know.. I'm just glad I found you.." he says, not wasting one second to kiss her.

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