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Lemon - Chapter 19 (The conclusion!)

Chapter 19

Meanwhile, Edge and Bono are still going at it. Then suddenly they both shut up. lol.
"Hey, you wanna play some chess?" edge asked.
Bono's eyes light up.
"yeah! me against you?"
"yeah. you, and me. whoever loses... has to walk around in a feckin' dress all day", edge said.

"you're on, man!" bono loves a challenge and knew he'd win. he basked in the thought of edge dressed up as a woman and more ways to humiliate him.. in a fun way. hehehe. besides, edge decided on that, himself. he should know better than to ask him to go against edge. of course, bono was the king as far as chess went. lol.

"lemme go get adam and jeannie. we need witnesses!" bono said.. jumping up..

edge laughs.

bono peaks in.. "Hellooooo in theeeere"

"Ah hey!!" jeannie perked up.
"Whats up?" bono asked..."edge proposed to me a chess challenge. and whoever loses has to walk around town all day tomorrow dressed as a woman. feck him, hehe", bono laughed.
"oh that sounds scary..." both adam and jeannie chime in at the same time. lol
bono shakes his head.
adam had barely even began to tell jeannie... but.. she was trying to hide her nervousness. she knew what this was about.
bono peaks out of the room to see edge passed out on the couch.. asleep... you could hear him snoring.
"old fart's asleep now! damn. you're feckin tea, adam..heh"
adam nd jeannie laughed.
bono noticed jeannie seeming a little uncomfortable...
"Something wrong, love?"
"Uh.." she said.. as Adam decided to take the pressure of saying it...
"Bono, sit down. I wanna tell you something."

Bono sits down next to jeannie.. studying her face. confused and he could tell she was nervous.
"Its something I found out today..." adam started. jeannie squeezed bono's hand really hard and nervously tangling her fingers with his.
"What happened??", he asked... concerned.

"Well, as you know.. Beatrice is Karen's sister.." adam starts....
there were some things jeannie hadn't even known about yet regarding what bea had been involved in.. until adam mentioned.

he told them the whole story of what karen told him earlier... in the best way that he could. he believed it, and he tried in his.. adam-like way to explain it to them.
bono and jeannie sit there.. silent.. in shock... confused, well, not really confused anymore.. but just dumbfounded.

"Karen's known since the night you guys got engaged...", adam says.
"I knew she was into astrology, and all of that stuff... and she'd been experimenting with that kind of stuff. not with actual people, but other stuff. but not this kind of a thing. but i had this feeling she knew something about us, i didnt know what, but it gave me a very uneasy feeling..." jeannie said.
"it all started to hit me when she suddenly popped up here and she said she ran into you back in the States..."

bono is still kind of entranced in what he'd just heard...
jeannie looks at him.. and then at adam.
"Bono, i promise you.. i didnt know anything at all about this... i'm not involved in any of this. and if i knew this, i would have told you. this was done without my knowing, too..." she said, getting upset thinking he must think something bad. she couldn't quite read the look on his face. paranoia taking over completely now.
she looked back at adam. he saw a tear in her eye...
adam didnt know what was going on either.

obviously this wasnt a joke.. because.. there was no way of denying what had happened to them so far with the dreams and everything else...

Bono was still holding her hand, and trying to digest what he'd just heard.
he squeezed back and looked at her... "Jeannie, I never once thought you'd do anything behind my back or lie to me about anything. Why would you think that?" he said.. looking her in the eyes with the most trusting look.
Adam smiled.
"I'm just.. " he starts to say...
Adam and Jeannie get a little nervous...

"It's just... what Adam just said... and what Beatrice saw... just the whole thing. it was one of the most beautiful things i'd ever heard..." he said...

"i know. and i see it when i look at you guy, too...." adam said.
jeannie starts crying a little.
bono smiles at her.. "Its alright. whats the matter?"
"when adam told us, i was getting all paranoid thinking the worst... that you'd be thinking the worst. i'm just so used to that shit..."

"You don't ever have to worry about stuff like that around me. Others may have been that way.. but not me. I trust you.. and I love you. More and more each day.. hour. I mean that." he said, wiping the tears from her face and kissing her.

adam smiled at them. he was so relieved.

"and if anything.." bono says...
"it makes me feel really good knowing this whole thing....and i dont doubt any of it one bit. we have something that is very rare, jeannie..."

"I know. it just blows my mind....", she says.
"god, i love you. dont ever doubt that for one second", bono says, grabbing her into a hug... embracing into a kiss.
finally.. the mystery was solved.
jeannie had never felt so relieved and happy in her entire life. she'd never loved or been loved any anyone this much before.

adam smiles.. sitting there.. looking down at his tea.

"I want you.. right now..", bono says, in the heat of the moment, breathing heavily, with the most erotic of voices... as they're engrossed in a passionate kiss.
"I want you more than anything...." she replied... desperately kissing him. holding on for dear life.
"Good lord, you guys cant get enough can you.." adam laughs.
they plop onto the table.. and start going after eachother...
for a reason... there was much more than just lustful passion going on here... and adam knew it.

he got up.. with his tea.. "i'll leave you guys be.." he smiled.. walking back into the room with edge.. whos still passed out asleep.

the doorbell rings. its karen.

"Hey!" adam says... grabbing karen into a hug as soon as she walks in.
"wow, what was that for?" she laughed.. hugging him back.
"Ahh.. just because", he smiles.

they sit down, and talk for a few minutes... and karen asks where bono and jeannie were...
"Ahh, they're .. erm.. in the kitchen.. erm.. doing something...", he grins.
"Hmmmmmmm.." she laughs.
adam tells karen everything that just happened. she's relieved as all hell... and thanking adam like crazy for helping them.
"It was my pleasure. i'm just glad everything worked out..", he said.

he puts his arm around here.. as they sit on the couch and watch edge snore away.


later on that night.

edge is still asleep.

"I guess the tea worked, afterall. ha ha ha", adam laughed.
"I would say so", she smiled.
Bono and Jeannie come out.. finally, heh. Walking kind of odd more so than earlier. lol
Adam smiles at them.
The two of them glowing.

"Hey!", Jeannie and Bono chime in at the same time, lol.
"Sorry about that.. we were just in the um.. kitchen.. uh", Bono stuttered, ready to giggle.

"It's okay. Adam just told me everything..." karen said... smiling. "I didnt know how to tell you.. I.."
"its okay. i understand. totally.", jeannie said.. pulling her into a hug.. and Bono.. "i want to thank you, karen. and dont worry bout it.", bono said.

bono's talking to jeannie for a bit... and jeannie goes to sit next to adam...
"adam.. i really.. really want to thankyou for what you did tonight.."
"Its not a problem at all. I'm just glad it all worked out for you guys... and i could tell you'd been a little uneasy before.."
"You guys are good friends of mine and are so great together.." he added.
"You both have my absolute blessing, and if you ever need anything, at all.. don't hesitate to ask me."

Jeannie smiled and gave Adam a big hug. "Same here, Adam. You're the best."

Edge wakes up and sees everyone all lovey dovey...
"So this is what happens when I dose off? Enjoying the fact that I'm unconscious?"

They all laugh and Adam throws Bono's funked up shoes at Edge.

The next day, Jeannie and Bono invite Beatrice over to Adam's and suprise her with a big Thankyou party... for what she had done. If it weren't for her.. who knows if they truly would have found eachother.
She did it out of the goodness of her heart and she gave them the best gift of all. Eachother.


So, that's the end of the story.... finally. lol.

So, what happened next?

Well, as you're probably wondering.. does Jeannie stay in Ireland with Bono? Or does he move to the States?
Jeannie proceeds to get dual citizenship, and live in Ireland with him.
They go ahead and get married 4 months later. A beautiful, sweet, romantic one.
Edge, Larry, and Adam are the wedding band, of course, lol. All 3 were made 'best man', heh.

She decides to change job professions and become a full-blown musician.. as a studio backup singer and working with U2 musically, on and off-tour... going on tour with them, and occasionally doing duets with Bono. So technically, she becomes the 5th member, lol.
So, they never had to spend time apart.

Adam and Karen start dating.. and she soon moves to Ireland, too. She already had dual citizenship because of her family.. so that was easy. lol.

As for Beatrice.. she stayed in the States... and founded her very own major city Pet Grooming center and even won some awards for it, and got a job as hair stylist for the band when they went on tour. LOL

For a while, she and Edge almost got together.. but it didn't work out in the end. lol.

Not too long after their wedding, Jeannie and Bono get pregnant with their first child, a boy, and they name him after Adam.

A very happy ending, and they all live happily ever after in the Emerald Isle. :-P

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Awww,that's the end already? This was a very good story,I enjoyed it.Glad there was a happy ending.
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