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Invasion on Planet Pleba pt 9

An urgent banging on the front door made the girls almost jump out if their wits
But then standing bravely in front of Larry and Adam like a small human shield
“If that is the Yawneeks, we will protect you” Greeneyedgirl declared.

But then they heard a female voice “Carmel are you in there?” it demanded hurriedly

“That’s Jez, my next door neighbour” Carmel realised and hurried over to the door to open it and ushered her in.

“You gotta get out of here fast” Jez warned “The Yawneeks have the place surrounded, and when I was coming up the stairs I heard them enter the building”

“Guess we got their attention after all” Adam mused.

“We have to find a way to escape” Crimson said “Maybe we can hide up on the roof?” she suggested

“Listen girls” Adam addressed them going over and putting his arm around Jez and Carmel “This is what I want you to do, I want you and Crimson and Greeneyedgirl to get out of here and hide from the Yawneeks, once they find Larry and me, they probably won’t be interested in looking for you, so that means you can get back to the ship and let Bono and Edge know what’s happening”

“ We can’t let them get you” Jez visibly paled at the idea.

“We will be OK, I think it’s about time we had a talk to the Yawneeks top dogs anyway and get this sorted once and for all” he replied in reassurance

“B-But-” Crimson started to protest not liking the idea one bit. The thought of Larry in the hands of the Yawneeks, and what they might do, made her feel ill

“Don’t worry about us I have a plan” Adam interrupted her, “Now there isn’t much time, you need to get out of here before the Yawneeks find us, and you need to get back to Bono and Edge and let them know, understand?” he added firmly

Crimson nodded, still not liking the idea, but guessed Adam knew what he was doing

The girls give Larry and Adam quick hugs, hoping everything would be ok, before reluctantly leaving to find somewhere they could hide until the Yawneeks went away
Then they would go back to the ship to find Bono and Edge.

When they were gone Larry turned to Adam “So this is your great plan let the Yawneeks capture us, I don’t think much of it” he retorted.

“I don’t know why you are so worried” Adam replied “all the Yawneeks have is their dreadful music, whilst we have a much stronger upper hand” he pointed out

“Yeah, our music is way better” Larry nodded.

“Not only that” Adam grinned “We got hundreds of mad Pleban fans out there, would you want to tackle them?” he queried.

True” Larry smiled as he was beginning to see the light of Adams plan “And nothing would make Plebans more madder than if the Yawneeks had us and they thought they might do something to us”

“Yeah and when Bono and Edge appear and suggest to the Plebans they should stand up to the Yawneeks and help get us free, I think it will be quite a scary force” Adam chuckled

So a few moments later when the Yawneeks busted down the door of Carmel’s apartment they found Larry and Adam standing waiting on them, not looking in the least concerned.

“About time you got here” Adam drawled “Take us to your leader!” he demanded

“Very original” Larry muttered as the Yawneeks grabbed his arm and they were led out of the apartment.


“I hope we done the right thing” Greeneyedgirl remarked worriedly

“I just don’t like the thought of they Yawneeks having their hands on Larry and Adam, if anything happens to them I will never forgive myself” it took all her effort not to cry at the thought of it

“Me neither” Jez replied “I just hope whatever plan Adam has thought up, works”

“Well the important thing is we have to get back to Bono and Edge” Crimson spoke up, it had been the hardest thing for all of them to hide and wait whilst Adam and Larry were captured and taken away by the Yawneeks, but they knew if they wanted Adams plan to work they had to stay put.

But now the awful deed was done. The Yawneeks thought they had the upper hand for the moment capturing two members of U2, they were not too concerned about the Plebans, which made it easier for the girls to get back to Edges ship and let them know what had happened.

When the other Plebans onboard learned what happened they were shocked and dismayed.

And in the beginning so were Bono and Edge, as they tried to figure out why Adam thought it was a good idea to let the Yawneeks take them.

“He told us we had to come back here and let you know so you could get them free” Carmel explained, “He said you would know what to do” she stared at Edge and Bono hopefully

“You do know what to do, don’t you?”

“Well we are certainly not going to let the Yawneeks have them” Edge spoke up
“So of course we will get them free someway”

“And we will help you” SG spoke up, having had time to recover from being imprisoned by the Yawneeks herself she was very grateful for U2 rescuing her and the others, and she was mad as hell at the Yawneeks, she wanted revenge.

“They are not going to push us around anymore, it’s time we stood up to them”

The others shouted in agreement

“Yeah the revolt has already started” Crimson stated “After Larry’s speech, the Plebans are standing up for themselves, already they are tearing down the Yawneek Speakers from the other streets and chanting ‘No more’ its crazy out there”

“Really “Bono looked thoughtful “Suddenly I think I know what Adam had planned”

“You do?” Edge looked round at him

“Yeah” Bono smiled, “And I think its time I went out there and made a little speech of my own to the Plebans” he replied

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I love this story!
Hope nothing happens to Larry
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Another great chapter!
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“Listen girls” Adam addressed them going over and putting his arm around Jez and Carmel.

Yay! Thank you! This was my favourite part! And I still love the story!
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I love it I can make you girls happy
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Indeed, I am happy! It is time for the PLEABAN UP RISE!!
U2's music is eternal!!
annj I am at the "edge" of my seat

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Great chapter annj
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I'm reading through the chapter again, and is it weird of me to hear Adam's voice in my head when I read his lines?
Anyway, I came up with something constructive to say, even if it is the tiniest thing. You sometimes forget the "." and the "'s (I don't remember what it's called in English, dots and quotation marks?) Anyway, otherwise it's all good! Thanks again!
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YAY for the united PLEBAns
and uh, what happened with Bono Edge and the other gals on the ship when Adam and Larry got captured? I mean... were we alone with them... all that time....

I love your fics... hope you can squeeze in some more chapters!

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