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Fanfic: Café Latino

Hi, this is my very first time writing a fanfic, I have to say that I wasn´t a frequent visitor but one day I just got caught with the stories you have here and now I´m

It wasn´t easy to write it since I´m Venezuelan and my first language is Spanish, but thanks to the incredibly nice MISTERIOUS _JEN , who made the necessary corrections and contributions I´m now able to put this out!

Well, here it is, I hope you like it and if you like it please tell me, so I can write the rest (well, I already wrote something about a party… and a pool… and Because the nigth… and a rose… and some troubles… )



This is a Story about how love can tear down the walls of race, age, social class, ideologies and religions, so here it is the first (and if you want, not the last ) chapter of “Café Latino”



Café Latino! Frequented by the rich and famous, preferred because of its “no Autographs, no pictures” policy… everyone here is treated the same.

It is famous for its performers every Friday and Saturday, giving shows up close and personal, they sit in chairs in front of the tables and they strut their stuff. They are Latin, Americans, Asians, etc. The motto is “to love each other forget race!” And the most important policy is do no touch the singers


Ami (Amanda Fernandez): Dancer/singer. Main character. Black long wavy hair, white skin, brown eyes, 1,60 mts high, 25 years old, Venezuelan immigrant. Good singer/dancer, extroverted.

“Star”: Carolina, but she likes Star more, Venezuelan friend of Amanda, brown hair with highlights, 1,70 mt high, brown skin, light brown eyes, great voice, 25 years old.

Kay: Irish/American Friend of Amanda. Blonde, 1,75 mt high, green eyes, white skin, 26 years good singer, she sings songs in Spanish with accent.

Band: The Blocks

Robert: Lead singer, black short hair, green eyes, white skin, American, 1, 80 mts, 26 years old

Carlos: Drummer, Venezuelan, Star’s boyfriend messy blonde hair with black highlights, white skin, 1.75 mts high, brown eyes, 25 years old

Jay: Guitarrist, Kay´s boyfriend, American, white skin, dyed silver hair, 1, 80 mt high, white skin, blue eyes, 28 years old.

Zeta: Bass player. His real name is John Javier, but he likes to be called Zeta after his favorite band´s (Soda Stereo) bass player Zeta Bossio. Born in America from Argentinean parents, 1,80 mts high, very white skin, short Dark brown hair, grey eyes with green spots, he likes Ami but he always shows his feelings for her with jokes.

Alberto: Café Latino Owner. Cuban, 45 years old, thick black hair, brown skin, 1,70 mts high.


Friday, 8:00 am

With tears in her eyes, 23 years old Ami, leaves her country on a commercial flight, running away from what is becoming a future dictatorship.

“It’s not fair she thinks- Just for a fucking crazy man I have to leave!

While the airplane takes off, she listens to her favorite band, U2. Like a bad joke, City of blinding lights sounds in her Discman, the tears are coming down stronger, this song reminds her of her city in December, were everything was covered with Christmas lights, blinding.

Through her window, she observes the land where she was born getting further and further away below her and being obscured by white clouds that accompanied her during the flight. For a moment, she got a last glimpse of the Island of Cuba and feared for the future of her country, she cried, and certainly it was a sad trip.


She Arrived to Miami, feeling secure and free, but with the sadness of someone that doesn't belong to any place, the sadness of the immigrant, although not illegal, an immigrant nonetheless.


She had already spent 2 years in Miami, studying and working, she didn’t have too much time for friends or boyfriends. Her house was an hour from Miami, but the calm of the suburbs was worthy, she liked to travel home on her motorcycle everyday.

And though she was always busy, she felt something was missing.

One lazy day, walking on the streets, thinking, wondering, something on the ground got her attention.

What is this?

An envelope

MOFO!!!!! 10000 dollars!!!

There’s an address and a name

Mr. Alberto Saenz

Café Latino

She looked up and saw the beautiful banner above her head

Café Latino!

I have to find this person.

“Good morning Mr”. she asked the strong, tall, dark skinned men

“Que quieres (what do you want?)”,

“Estoy buscando al Sr. Alberto Saenz (I´m looking for Mr. Alberto Saenz)”

“Y tu eres? (and you are?)” he asked her, grabbing her strongly by her right arm

“Soy su amiga y si no quieres que se ponga furioso con tigo déjame pasar YA! (I´m his friend, and if you don’t want him to be mad at you let me get in, NOW!) “

“Voy a hablarle, ni se te ocurra entrar! (I will talk to him, don’t even think about getting inside)”

Besides the tall man, a forty something guy came from inside the café, Latin written all over him.

“Hi Mr. Alberto!”, May I speak to you?”

Tu eres una más que viene por el puesto no? (you are one more that wants a job, aren’t you?)

QUE! (what!)

El puesto para cantar en mi café (the singing job in my café)

No, Sr. pero necesito hablar con Ud. (No, Mr. But I need to talk to you)

No y que eras su amiga? (weren´t you his friend?) - the black tall man interrupted

No soy su amiga pero después de que hablemos lo voy a ser, créeme! (I´m not his friend but after I speak to him I will be, believe me!)

No tengo tiempo, se me perdió algo importante y lo tengo que buscar (I don´t have time for this, I lost something important and I have to look for it)

Será esto? (it could be this?)

She raised the envelop with the money inside

SI!!!! Gracias!!!!, erm.. me lo vas a dar no? (YES!!!! Thanks!!!!... erm. You will give it to me, don´t you)

“Muéstrame que eres Alberto Saenz (show me that you are Alberto Saenz)”

Soy yo (I am)

Si y yo soy Angelina Jolie (Yes, and I´m Angelina Jolie)

Bueno, pasa. (OK, Come inside)

Once they are inside she can see the pink marble floor, the nice decorations, and one chair in front of some tables.

She gets to the office of the Cuban man

Aqui está mi ID (Here is my ID)

Dice Alberto Saenz (It says Alberto Saenz)

Now show me the money and your ID Angelina!

They both laughed and she gave him the money

Thanks a lot, not everyone does this, gives back that amount of money

No worries Mr. I didn’t earn it, so I can’t take it

What’s your name


Let me thank you with something

Really is not necessary

I´ll tell you what… Sing for me now

QUE!!! (What!!!)

I lost one of my singers and I need to replace her, loads of people want this job


Because this place is frequented by a lot of famous people and musical producers, from here you can go to places niña!

But I can´t sing, not in front of people

Let me judge you, sing something for me please


In Spanish?


Or english?


Oh God!

Erm…. She only could think about U2 songs, but the audition would end up right there! She just couldn’t sing like Bono… and why she was so worried about doing it well??? WHY?

I got it!! Desert rose!

Ok, that´s OK

and she opened up her voice

“I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand!!

I dream of fire
Those dreams that tie two hearts that will never die
And near the flames
The shadows play in the shape of the mans desire”

And while she sang, her hips and hands started to move with the sensual cadence that Latinos have encrypted in their DNA

Para! (Stop!)

Oh God! I did it so bad!

It was so bad?

NOP, exactly the opposite, you are hired!

That means?

If you want, this will be your new job!

An immense emotion filled her, for the first time in a long time, she felt excited! She will sing for the public!!

But... were we will sing? I see no stage

When we entered, did you see those chairs in front of the tables??


That will be your stage, specifically table Nº 8

No way! So close to the public

Yep, that’s our main attraction; do you think you can handle it?

I don’t know, if someone tries to touch me, I will beat the crap out of him!, some nuts would suffer

Alberto Laughed hard, I like this girl!

Don´t worry, everyone knows that if someone tries to touch one of my girls, they will be kicked out and no one wants to be extracted from my café, famous people come here JAJAJAJA.

He laughed like it was a joke, but it wasn't… seriously!

So, do I have a new singer?

Yes, if you take this rookie

Of course!!

Then, hi new boss!

FANTASTICO! Let’s celebrate with margaritas!!!!

Great! wait! I don´t drink alcohol, jajaja, I will get drunk very fast


Since she was little, she dreamed of dancing and singing, but, being a chubby girl with really low self-esteem, she always felt inferior, as a teenager she suffered a lot, but being a young adult one day she made a promise to herself- I wont feel bad with anymore! She did Diets and exercise but above all she got a lot of self acceptance.

One afternoon while she was eating her light yogurt, her PC in random list mode just played big girls are the best!

This must be the funniest song ever! She said out loud and laughing

In that moment she forgot diets and started to make her famous cupcakes and ate them like she never would eat one again!

Tomorrow is Monday anyway!


Five months in that place and she felt like that was her house, she even prepared some of the acts. Every Friday and Saturdays she sang and danced, in Spanish, English, or whatever language that crazy DJ played… remember the main motto is love each forget race, so they played all kind of music, from all around the world. A lot of musicians were going there to inspire themselves with all kinds of sounds.

Yep, Alberto wasn't joking when he said that café Latino was visited by a lot of famous people, in those five months Ami, had already sang for a lot of stars. One unforgettable client tried to grab her ass and he just got the biggest slap and a really painful kick in the balls. I can’t say names, you know… but let´s face it, who could blame him, if when Ami moved her hips, even the most shy guy got turned on and the least that he could do is watch, of course Ami didn´t know the effect she caused in men, if she new, there’s no way you could get her to dance again, her movements looks more like a belly dancer’s teasing her habib than a girl joking around, which she thought she was doing, she was a walking contradiction, she could perfectly sing the hottest sexiest song of the moment, but you couldn't get her to say sex with out blushing.

In that place, she met Carolina, she liked to be called Star, Venezuelan too, both knew that they would be the best friends since the first day they met, she always sang in table Nº 7 and she had a voice comparable just with Witney´s and Celine´s; Ami also met Kay there, she sang in table Nº 9, she´s half Irish/half American and when comes to music, she just listens to rock and nothing else, but she saw in this café the chance to get a record deal.
The three of them together had a friendship that was meant to be forever and, by the way, the three of them enjoyed U2´s music like anyone else, jumping in the dressing room’s beds while vertigo played, or singing in a really bad key when stay sounded on the stereo.


Hi Star, How’s rehearsal for tomorrow?

Good but this song is hard for a lot of people here, not all of us are used to organized choreography and singing

Count me on that list!

Why this kind of song!!!!!! Kay said with an unhappy tone in her voice, CHOREOGRAPHY !!! HAND FREE MICS!!!!!! Give me a break!

For the very first time, just the girls would sing and dance with an organized choreography, Ami didn´t like too much the idea of wearing a tiny dress and doing that kind of belly dance that Beyoncé did for that song, at least it was a simple choreography, what else can you do with so little rehearsal time?



13:00 Hrs. the time when all the girls, for the first and probably last time would bother with this dance routine.

The lights of the crowded café went down. Arabian sounds wrapped the darkness while the girls took their positions; those were the sounds of the first notes of Sara Brigthman´s Harem; a bench and a trick sword were placed in front of the tables of the front row.

Star in green, Ami in Black and Kay in brown giggled at this situation, wearing those imitations of clothes that barely covered their bodies, decorated with shiny things and their skins painted with Arabic symbols. Star was very happy with those clothes, she was a little bit of an exhibitionist, Kay was satisfied because in this dress she could show up the little piercing on her belly that her boyfriend gave to her, and Ami was exited that she could change her eye color wearing green contact eyeglasses, it occurred to her paint a fake black mole on her upper lip.


First notes of Sean Paul and Beyonce´s baby boy (remix version)

Certified quality *Clap*

The girls clapped and the lights were turned on

In that moment Ami got curious, quienes son mi público hoy? ( who’s my public today?)

I hope all of them are women , with them it’s just jokes and nothing more, but if there are men… what I’m going to do. This will be a mess!!! and this dress!!!!!!!!!! And this Arabian dominatrix Act with swords!! OMG!


She opened her eyes and saw her public on table Nº 8

OMG OMG OMG OMG! and she felt a sudden rush of blood to her cheeks, her heart was beating faster.

All of them men, four faces that she could recognize at any moment and any time, four men which music accompanied her since she listened elevation for the first time while she was in her University, when her father and mother died, when she was sadly leaving her country and when she was eating those irresistible cupcakes that she made.

There they were … They didn´t come when we sang that Bocelli song with nice long dresses, or when we played with the guys from the blocks Dream on, no, they had to come for this one, the perfect candidate to be the worst mess that could happen to this café and apart from that I’m sure they hate this song and think that is crap! Carajo!! FUCK!

Well, what else can you do except give the best of you, I'm on the boat and there are sharks in the sea, I can't jump out of it. Today I’m going to sing and dance better than ever; I’ll leave this embarrassment behind for those who have given me the soundtrack to my life! No shame! Come on!

[Sean Paul]

“A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology
Buck dem da right way - dat my policy
Sean Paul alongside - now hear what da man say - Beyonce
Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya
Beyonce sing it now ya”

“Baby boy you stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams”

The girls started to sing, after that incomprehensible intro and the eyes of those four guys went straight to the girl with the black dress.

Ami rememberd that he once said “I have a weakness for belly dancers”, did he get over that? I hope so!

“baby boy not a day goes by
without my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams”

And they got closer to the tables… the three girls felt naked… well they almost were, dancing and moving their hips at the rhythm of the music.

“Picture you in the West Indies feelin like royalty in the party
Picture me sexy in a two piece layin on exotic beaches in the white sand
Picture us getting served breakfast five star suites in the south of france
Picture this, bein rich, ...shoppin' for expensive gifts, imagine we can do this all day”

That dance exerted a strange effect over the one that once said he was weak for belly dancers, weakness that he felt he was recovering, after loosing it over years of chicks trying to move for him.

Hmm! Was all he thought

The girls slowly moved their hips with the rhythm of this verse to the delight of the present public, and then their movements accelerate with the fierceness of tigers to follow the Jamaican verses of this tune. Ami moved her long black hair and her arms decorated with bracelets with the grace of the snakes crawling in the desert.

[Sean Paul]
Ya ready gimme da ting dat ya ready get ya live
And tell me all about da tings that you will fantasize
I know you dig da way me step da way me make my stride
Follow your feelings baby girl b/c they cannot be denied
Come check me in-a night and make we get it amplified
Me have da ting to run da ship cause I'm go slip and I'm go slide
And in the words of love I got ta get it certified
But I give you da toughest longest kinda ride – girl

The beanied one felt a big attraction for the green eyes and the mole over that girls mouth… looks can be deceiving.

Hello eyes!

Black crayons and contact eyeglasses make miracles!

Baby boy you stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

baby boy not a day goes by
without my fantasies

I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

The girls got closer to the tables and picked up their trick swords, and then climbed to the tables.

In this part of the song, Ami had to choose a person and sing him/her this verse; since she was a really big fan of this group, she picked the one she once heard lived in Africa. Picking the one that always talked about Africa would be too cliché for her. She played with her sword passing it in front of her face slowly kneeling in front of that man.

Picture you an African prince just lookin at the water glistenin off my body
Picture me an Indian princess diamond necklace from the house of cartier
Picture us layin on silk sheets looking at the sunset sippin Champaign
Picture this me and you doin what we wanna do imagine we could do this all day

Then, the man with the silver hair, couldn't avoid thinking about exactly what that “crap” song said while Ami made eye contact with him, he imagined her wrapped in white blankets watching the sunset, and her body glistening and not exactly because of the water

Baby boy you stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

baby boy not a day goes by
without my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

With these lyrics she remembered that at some point she had a couple of fantasies about one or some of them, and she blushed.

This is embarrassing!!!

baby boy you stay on my mind
baby boy you are so damn fine
Baby boy won't you be mine
Baby boy lets conceive and Angel

For the choreography of this part she selected the blonde one with the big nose. She placed her foot over his chair, making him look exactly at her left leg, she supported her body in her right leg and leaned back, letting the sword pass over her body and balancing it in her belly… did I mention it was a trick sword?

The chosen one, enjoyed that dance a lot , he liked blonde girls, but it wouldn’t be bad to have a brunet like that; the shape of the thighs, and the smell of her body, made him think about stuff that ladies can't talk about.

Baby boy you stay on my mind
baby boy you are so damn fine
Baby boy won't you be mine
Baby boy lets conceive an Angel

Now, all the girls had to jump from the tables and make a dance with the swords for the public seated at the tables in the back of the café.

[Sean Paul]
Top top - girl
Me and you together is a wrap - dat girl
Driving around da town in your drop top - girl
You no stop shock - girl
Little more da Dutty, we'll rock dat world

Top top - girl
Me and you together is a wrap - dat girl
Driving around da town in your drop top - girl
You no stop shock - girl
Little more da Dutty, we'll rock dat world

Baby boy you stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

baby boy not a day goes by

Without my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

And that was the end of the first song that Ami and those guys would share, with the girls raising the swords above their heads in the position of the best belly dancers in all Africa.

Applause, people stood up, the girls bowed and waved and some of the male singers of the café watched from behind whistling along with the public. Ami felt so ashamed, that when it was time to bow for her table, Nº 8, she couldn't even look at those men, she just left in silence, for the very first time, she didn’t look or felt like the 25 year old virgin that she was.


OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Kay and Star entered the dressing room screaming AMI!!!!!!!!! You danced for them!!!!!!

Star: That must be a highlight for you

Kay: I’m still shaking, I can’t believe that after all this time in this café, I still have celebrity shock, I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

Star: When Jay, Robert, Zeta and Carlos know about this they will kiss you

Ami: Then don’t tell them

Star: It wasn’t normal the way they were looking at you

Ami: *laughs* They didn’t even applaud, what happened means nothing, what would you do if a crazy girl climbs upon your table and then belly dance for you

Kay: Put a man over that table and we are talking!

they all laughed together


That night there was just one act in Café Latino, someone told to those men from U2 that the singers always did two songs.

The red haired one asked the waitress:

When the girls will come back?

He said in his Chilean accent: For today there will be just one act, tomorrow there will be two, but not like this, they never do this

What is the name of the girl with the black dress?

Amanda, we call her Ami


De nada!

I think we did right coming here, said the silver haired one.

Will we come tomorrow too? Said the one with the big nose

Yeah! Said the rest.


New day, Saturday, Ami still was thrilled about what happened the night before; she could never guess that she could meet her favorite band in that way

They probably wont be back anyway, but that was kind of fun. She smiled

Today would be a semi normal day, since the café Latino was about to present “The blocks” featuring all the singers of the café singing Santana and Rob Thomas` Smooth.

“The blocks” were a band formed by four of Alberto´s talented kids that were discovered by a musical producer and they were now recording their first album. The blocks were Carlos, Robert, Jay and Zeta.

Carlos was the drummer and Star´s Venezuelan boyfriend, with an eclectic musical taste comparable just with Ami´s, of course they were great friends, they could sing anything from Japanese music to bossa nova, and he could play anything! Really!, Robert was the lead singer, a great rock voice inside a hot model body, jay the guitarist and Kay´s boyfriend was a master but just like kay he just listened to rock music and refused to play anything but rock, of course that was after he left the café were he had to play to pay the bills (that apart of the thousands covers they played for the sake of food), and Zeta was the bass player an incredibly hot and sweet character that got the chicks at hello! He liked Ami a lot but he never tells because he had a girlfriend and knows that Ami wasn't the kind of girl that liked to play around with someone else’s man.


Everyday all those singers spent about 10 minutes organizing and sitting at their little stages; while this was happening, there were improvised acts by some singers excited by the sounds of the songs that DJ played, Ami loved this and she participated a lot since she was a human media player and knew every song that DJ had in the play list.
In the background of the café with pink marble floor, the instruments of The Block were set up; everyone wants to see those guys that soon will be famous.

Little by little, the 20 singers of the Café Latino take their places in the front tables (the back tables didn’t have singers just in case someone didn’t want a singer in front of them)

Star, Ami and Kay go to their places, dressing with their Latin designs, of course on kay that dress looked more like a disguise since her skin was pale as milk!

You are as Latin as I am aerospace engineer!!!!!!! Said Ami


Star, Kay and Ami laughed; they got to their tables …

None of them could believe what they saw, is was that band again!!!! U2!!!!!!

OMG!!!! The three of them thought at the same time without saying a single word (but inside they were screaming)

After getting over their celebrity shock they sit and wait patiently for the others to come out. Ami gets uncomfortable at the thought of last night’s act

This is so embarrassing!!!!!

The guys from the Blocks came closer to the girls

Robert: Hey!

Jay: Hi Baby *and kisses his lady Kay*

Carlos: Mi cielo! Que tal *kisses Star*

Jay and Carlos sit with their girls

Robert goes straight to his stage at table Nº 11 and Zeta without a place tries to sit with Ami

You should be with me, see we would be kissing like that!

[I] He is hitting on her, they must be something, lovers, couple, whatever, why I’m thinking this, LOL I´m a gossipy girl now The red haired man named Bono thought

Leave me alone! Get Out, you have a girl, I hate that you are hitting on me when you have a girlfriend!!!!

Hmm, they are nothing! In fact seems like she hates him. Why this is so important?

Come on! Now that I’m going to be famous we can take the three of you around the world, take me before is too late.

Get off me, FIRST I don´t like you now I won’t like you later, second I hate pretentious guys, third YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!

I can leave her

You’re sick!

LOL Come on you know I’m kidding

How much is a joke and how much is true I wonder

She hugs him

Go play something!

I can play you

AW! Shut up! Leave now

Kay asks: play and touch in Spanish is the same word, right?

Yes, play and touch is the same word “tocar”

Sexy! Kay Says

Baby can you play me? and she giggles thinking the way his boyfriend would touch her later that night

Hope this ends fast baby!!! Kay says in her boyfriend’s ear

Spontaneously, Ami let escape from her thoughts: Like a Spanish guitar?

Man I said that out loud

Zeta Kay, Jay & Star laughed

What was that!!!!

And Ami can’t avoid the red color that comes to her face


Zeta: OH! I wish I could play this guitar!!!! Holding Ami on his arms



You better be! And a big fist met Zeta´s shoulder and kicks his ass out of the bank

Then Star starts to sing “I wish that I was in your arms like that Spanish guitar”

Ami continues, “And you would play me thru the night till the dawn”

She giggles

Do you know the effect that this line has in a guitar player? Asked The Edge, who the day before couldn’t take his eyes off of the exotic Latin girl who’s green eyes now were brown framed in black and thick brows and who’s mole had disappeared from the spot that it occupied over that mouth .

Certainly I would like to play that guitar too! What! Why I´m blushing? LOL

The same happened to Bono who was less instructed in that art

That´s HOT!. YACK!!!!!!!!!! I just had a Paris moment

Suddenly DJ, played Matador () , the rough sound of the brazilian drums always gets to Ami, she was like a chameleon changing her mood with every rhythm.

Carlos, Play this one for me please!


Sure…. Jay

Lets go!

Robert. I'm coming!

This will be Good! She said

Ami starts to move her hips and feet at the rhythm of that song, when she gets excited with a song, she doesn’t care what people say she just starts to dance and sings like nobody is watching, Star always accompanied her in that craziness and of course this time it wasn't different.

Less than 7 feet away, were the delighted clients of Ami, the man with the silver hair Adam and the one with the big nose Larry wanted to jump over their friends to watch this couple of hot Latinas moving their body in a way they have never seen before.

Kay one day I will make you dance this- Ami said

And that day you will do an Irish dance with me – Kay replied

YAY! it’s a deal then!

Once that song was over, people applauded and cheered the band that just played and which knowledge of the song was due to the endless list of covers that they have played to make some money.

Larry: Nice beats

Underneath it all by No Doubt started to play, the girls started to sing

there’s times where I want something more
Someone more like me
There's times when this dress rehearsal
Seems incomplete
But, you see the colors in me like no one else

“And behind your dark glasses you're...
You're something else”

I know you must be something else, more than that fake bullshit and ass kissing that’s behind celebrity

The one that always wears dark glasses felt that she was singing for him, and she was, but of course she wouldn’t even dare to look up at him singing that line.

Would you -or anyone- see behind the fakeness of this life He Wonders, I don't even like dark glasses anymore

You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I'm really lucky
Underneath it all
You're really lovely

You know some real bad tricks
And you need some discipline
But, lately you've been trying real hard
And giving me your best
And, you give me the most gorgeous sleep
That I've ever had
And when it's really bad
I guess it's not that bad

Star: I like this one

Kay: I don't like it so much, were it is the band that created Don't Speak!

Ami: Oh, please!!! Don't be so recalcitrant, give music a chance!

You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I'm really lucky
Underneath it all
You're really lovely

Star: She can't help it; she is just intolerant to bad music

Ami: You can do what I do, rock is my love and the other rhythms are my lovers *giggles*

The girls laughed

So many moons that we have seen
Stumbling back next to me
I've seen right through and underneath
And you make me better
I've seen right through and underneath
And you make me better
Better... better...

You are my real Prince Charmin'
Like the heat from the fire
You were always burnin'
And each time you're around
My body keeps stalin'
For your touch
Your kisses and your sweet romancin'
There's an underside to you
That so many adore
Aside from your temper
Everything else secure
You're good for me, baby
Oh that, I'm sure
Over and over again
I want more

You've used up all your coupons
And all you've got left is me
And somehow I'm full of forgiveness
I guess it's meant to be

You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I'm really lovely
Underneath it all
And you're really lovely

As this song played, the guys were coming to kiss their girls good luck

HMMM HMM HMM Underneath at all

The girls were singing that moaning and Ami´s sweet voice made Zeta felt so hot he couldn’t resist to hug her and try to give her a passionate kiss

Big mistake!

What a Slap!!!!!!!!!!


“Déjame no me faltes el respeto nunca! (Leave me! don´t ever disrespect me)”

Her talking in Spanish, and mad at him like that, just made it worst, he liked her a lot!

This slap was worthy, I love you and I want you

Star: Second Slap in this cafe! *laughs* At least he didn’t get a kick in the nuts like that guy, you know.

Kay laughed hard! That was funny, now you will be banned!!!!

Ami was embarrassed. What will these guys think, they’ll feel uncomfortable.

All Bono thought was I bet that slap was worthy!

Why don’t you leave now, Are we ready? Ami Said

I think we are, said Star

Can we start! Said one of the singers in the microphone

The Blocks took their positions

Carlos Started to count with his drum sticks, One, Two, Three, and Jay a master on his guitar plays the first chords of Smooth by Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana.

We have to use a playback, Fuck! Jay thought

Man it’s a hot one
Like seven inches from the midday sun
I hear you whisper & the words melt everyone
But you stay so cool
My muñequita, my Spanish harlem mona lisa
Your my reason for reason
The step in my groove

Always moving with the natural fineness of Latin women, Ami follows the rhythm of the electric guitar and the drums in a party of movements where all the girls let out their most sensual energy and the boys tried their most charming poses, even Kay Irish-American tried her best dancing to the Latin music.

And if you say this life ain’t good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
Cause you’re so smooth

And just like the ocean under the moon
Well that’s the same emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of loving that can be so smooth
Gimme your heart, make it real
Or else forget about it

With every note, the red-haired man was pleased with the dance of that woman, who’s body shapes showed up thru the white tight clothes that she was wearing.

The girls got closer to their clients and sing to them

Ami, because this was a Santana Song, got closer to the guitar player nailing her –now brown- eyes with his –green- getting closer and closer, singing and touching her belly delicately, teasing.

I’ll tell you one thing
If you would leave it would be a crying shame
In every breath and every word I hear your name calling me out
Out from the barrio, you hear my rhythm from your radio
You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow
Turning you round and round

YEAH!, I could easily play you Edge thought *blushes again*

At the beginning of the chorus she passes thru tables 8 and 9 looking back just to nail her eyes in the drummer’s, getting closer and caressing the sides of his chair

And if you say this life ain’t good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
Cause you’re so smooth

I need cold water!

Then she sang to the silver haired man lying slightly over him, never touching his face

And just like the ocean under the moon
Well that’s the same emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth
Gimme your heart, make it real
Or else forget about it

I just want to *CENSORED* But I appreciate very much my nuts

Why she never gets close to me? Bono Thought

Crap! I always forget to sing for him, anyway

And then they sang the final verses of the song to their clients on the back tables.

And just like the ocean under the moon
Well that’s the same emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth
Gimme your heart, make it real
Or else forget about it
Or else forget about it

Let´s don´t forget about it ….

Applause for the band, they will be a hit and everyone knows it! The guys make whoop it up for the cheering audience.

Carlos and Jay run to their girlfriends, kiss and hug them, as usual Ami feels out of place when her friends kiss their lovers like that, she knows she is alone, and doesn’t want anyone to know, so she discretely tries to leave and sees that Zeta gets closer

Don´t start!

I wasn’t

Great Stop him! A kick in the ass! Bono Thought

Leave me alone

Leave her alone!!! The guys from the blocks said

She’s not for you dirty dog!!! Carlos Said, she’s a nice lady.

YEAH! We will defend her from you!!!! Said Jay

I’m strong enough to defend my self thanks!

Well, you heard them.

I will dedicate every concert to you! Zeta said on his knees

And your girlfriend!!!!!

I told you I´ll leave her

Don´t, better leave ME alone!

They left laughing out loud.

A little bracelet lies left behind in the place were Ami sang.

She left this behind- Bono said, Edge saw the same thing and both at the same time tried to reach out for the colorful piece, now clear it was a bracelet, Bono got it first. Hmm. Interesting

OH! Fuck! Star’s bracelet, I have to get it back! I’ll have to be her bitch if I lost it!

Hey what’s up!

Nothing Star, I left something behind. Hope is still there!

Now in front of table Nº 8 she can’t see the piece

No la veo en el piso (Can´t see it on the floor)

Sorry miss- Said Bono, Are you looking for this?


Yes Thank you

And when she took the bracelet from his hands, they lightly touched each other and a little spark made them jump


Los polos diferentes se atraen, we have sparkles! And she giggled

What that means?

Different poles repel each other, basic principle of energy, it is static

Well, I went to high school, I know that

Really?, but it seems that you weren’t too good at Spanish.

And this made the four men that were at the table laugh

You are right miss!

She laughed and said thanks

It was nothing Ami

She looked back and with no expression at all in her face she said: Amanda!, just my friends call me Ami, cutting any trace of trust or kindness that she may have given to him,


She pretends that she didn’t listen and walked away between the laughs

Both of them thought: Yeah, we have sparkles


Hope you didn´t wasted your time reading ... if someone reads this

Thanks again to Misterious_jen! you are the best :

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Sorry for the length, I think is more 2 o 3 chapters in one

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I got a chance to read it but i didnt have time to comment then..good job! its kinda confusing a bit..but since english isnt your 1st language props for trying to bridge that gap
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Sorry then ... it is not easy try to explain the choreographies that I have in my mind or maybe the "soap opera structure" doesn´t work perhaps could be the whole writing

Thanks for your comment

Maybe this can help to get the whole image of the place

I wasn´t too busy this morning
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lol nice graphics..yeah it makes me want to experience a club like this tho..maybe a male singer and dancer tho hehehe
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