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adam fanfic pt 11

snogging, angst, tears and zmaltchy sentimentalty it has the lot.. be warned


Despite the fact the week was busy for Terri, with work and the follow up business of her exhibition, it seemed to drag in slowly for her, Adam had phoned her twice again, the last time giving her the details of his flight, where to meet him and the time.
She got a taxi up to the airport as Adam's car was in the private carpark, and he planned on driving them back to his place

She was filled with nervous excitment as she waited at the airport for his flight to arrive, when she was told it had, her stomach seemed full of butterflies at the prospect of seeing him in the flesh again. Then she caught sight of his tall broad figure dressed in a long dark overcoat carrying a blue holdall and wearing shades, she couldn't help but give him a wave.

Spotting her his face broke into one of his lovely smiles that melted her heart, the next thing she knew she was in his arms as he hugged her, he smelt good and he felt good, and she lost herself in his embrace for a few moments before he pulled her away a little so he could kiss her on the lips. "I am so glad you were able to come" he told her.

"I am glad I am able to be here for you" she replied smiling up at him totally unaware of Larry approaching them with a mischevious

"Ahh Ads, your little vampire photographer if I am right?" he drawled his eyes resting on Terri, "If you left him with that mark on his neck.. what did he leave on yours?" he enquired teasingly.

Terri felt her face heat up as she realised what Larry was referring to

"Ignore the shite.. he loves to torment people" Adam advised Terri, giving Larry a small playful shove whilst still keeping one arm around her waist

Terri laughed, "Actually I had to wear a polo neck sweater for three days" she informed Larry, "Or my workmates would have been asking a lot of awkward questions"

"Humph well Adam was enjoying showing his of to us.. and of course we grilled him about it, not that he told us much in the end.. but its nice to know he was having fun" Larry grinned, then not wanting to be in the way of the lovers reuniting decided to make himself scarce, "Well I will leave you two love birds to it.. I gotta go.. cya around" he smiled at Terri. before starting to walking of.

"Oh I'll probably give you a call tomorrow on the phone" Adam called after him

"Sure thing" Larry replied, and if you don't, I know you will be busy with other things" he then chuckled as he waved them goodbye.

Taking Terri's hand Adam hurried of in the direction of where his car was parked before they ran into Bono and Edge and they held them up by starting making some wisecracks as well.


Terri tentively followed Adam through the front door of his home, she couldn't help but feel a little knot of anxiety as she had accepted his invitation to have a cup of coffee and catch up. It wasn't that she didn't want to be with him, because she did very much.. it was more concern for what it might or could lead to.

She pushed this niggling worry to the side as he turned to her "Home sweet home, it feels all the better not having to come back to an empty house on my own"

"You know its odd, I never give much consideration that you of all people could feel lonely" she told him "I Always imagined you surrounded with fans and friends and the band, and always on the go never having a moment to yourself"

"Well it can be like that" Adam replied.."And there are even times I am happy to get back here to my own private sanctuary away from it all but lately .. I dunno I was thinking it would be nice to have someone special in my life, a soul mate"

He guided her into his kitchen as he spoke "For a while I have been busy getting my act together, I have been a bit screwed up
but things are looking a lot better again for me I am glad to say" he smiled

"Good" Terri smiled

"Yeah even better I have you in my life now" Adam told her kissing her on the forehead "So how do you like your coffee he then enquired" as he removed his coat and shades and got down to business

"Safe enough topic" Terri thought into herself happily as she started to relax, sitting up on the barstool by the breakfast bar and told him she liked it strong with one sugar.

Over coffee they discussed the success of her exhibition, and Adam's plans for using her work for the Clarence hotel, then he suggested they go into his living room which was much more cosy

She happily complied

In the living room he pulled her onto the large cream leather sofa next to him and she happily snuggled up to him as he slid his arm around her. "I've waited all week for this" he murmered, "and its far more comfy than the back seat in the movie house"

"I won't disagree with you there.. and much more private.. which is good, no one can interrupt us" Terri pointed out with a little smile

"True" Adam grinned, his fingers were now lightly running up and down her arm, "So I say we should make the most if it"

"Me to" Terri agreed her own hand reaching up to rest on his chest area, feeling the muscled hardness underneath his shirt, and wanting to explore more. but still feeling a little shy to do anything about it.

Then his lips found hers, gentle and exploring at first, then more insistent, as his hands started to move around her back then her front finding their way under her top to feel her flesh, sending a wonderful heat through her that she kissed him back with as much ardour, drowning in the sweet sensations his touch caused and his kisses give her.. for a moment she was tempted.. very tempted to let go to just give into him,

But then that little niggling fear came into her head.. the recollection of her husband Derricks words about her being useless and a disapointment in bed, and the reason why he had to go looking elsewhere.. how even her mother insisted the marriage break up had somehow been her fault.. that she had been doing something wrong..

what if it was like that with Adam.. what if she was not good enough and found her a disapointment when he compared her to all the other women he slept with?

She suddenly pulled away from him not wanting to find out.. not now when things were so good for them.. she couldn't bear it if he
slept with her then regretted it.

"I am sorry Adam.. I -I can't" she told him hating herself at the same time, "Its not that I don't want to.. I do.. its just-" she broke of not able to look at him, too ashamed, how could she tell him? how could he understand?

"I don't think I am ready yet" she finished with a gulp trying to get her ragged emotions together because she still desired him.. but couldnt let her feelings get the better of her, and feeling like a fool for kidding herself she could handle it

"What's wrong Ter?" Adam asked his brow creased with concern.

"I-I can't tell you.. it would be better if I just go" Terri replied, feeling she might burst into tears any moment because she felt she had let Adam down

She hurriedly got up to go.. but Adam was quicker and was in front of the door before her, blocking her exit.

"I can't just let you go Terri.. not like this" his voice calm soothing gentle "Whatever it is we can talk about it sort it out"

"I - I can't" she replied "I am so sorry... I know you must think the worst of me.. I didn't want it to turn out like this believe me, I do care about you Adam.. it's just I am not ready to take that next step, even though I want to.. I am just so screwed up..Oh you are better of without me" she then declared unhappily and the betraying tears welled up in her eyes

His arms were around her holding her against him " I don't believe that for one moment Terri" he told her "It's ok shhh" he then soothed her gently rubbing her back "I won't push you into anything if you are not ready.. its no big deal I can wait, please don't upset yourself like this.. its ok" he reassured her more distressed by the fact she was in tears and in such a state than anything else

She clung to him now realising he wasn't mad at her, not like her ex husband Derrick who would be ripping her to shreds by now for her silly over emotional behaviour.

But Adam held her even though he didn't understand her behaviour he just kept speaking to her soothingly telling her it was ok, they would work something out, that he didn't care about the the fact she had ruined their night, his only concern to make her feel better again, promising her if all she wanted to do was to be held in his arms all night he was more than happy with that.

Realising he was sincere, she was overwhelmed. "I really don't deserve you.. you are too good" she told him sniffing.

"Nonsense" Adam replied with a small smile, gently wiping away her tears with his thumb "I am just learning a lesson in patience.. c'mon, I will make you another cup of coffee, I think you need it" and with his arm around her led her back to his kitchen.

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How did I miss this story around here?! It's really good!

**goes off to eagerly hunt down parts 1-10**

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hehehehe I think its cos I post it too fast
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That's a thing! You're a good writer, keep it coming!
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Originally posted by annj
hehehehe I think its cos I post it too fast
I check everyday, usually more than once hoping for updates. You aren't posting too fast for me.
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