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Adam and Lucy - Chapter 9

Sixteen hours is officially up! Aussie Posse was four hours ahead of me

Ah, yes, Chapter 9. Again, I apologize if the Gaelige is off and I borrowed a technique from Miss Zooey and LIT, otherwise this chapter would've been far too short again. So italics=Adam, normal = Lucy, Dave = Edge. Coupla swears, just to warn ya.

Not true, never happened, never met the boys.



I've tucked everything I need for my shopping trip into my purse, but I know I won't want to haul a bunch of shopping bags home.

"Why are you taking an empty suitcase?" Adam asks me, smiling, but confused.

"I plan to fill it," I giggle as I zip it up. I pull it off our bed and kiss him on the cheek as I walk out of the room, making sure I have plenty of time to catch my train in Nice. Adam and Stacie see me off at the station and as soon as I sit down in my seat, Larry text messages me.

"Where are you?"

"Eze," I reply, still sitting on the train.

"Fanaim." I'm waiting.

"Cén fáth?" Why?

"Is mian liom luí le cheile ar tú." I want to have sex with you.

"Is cuma liom." I don't care.

"You're as impossible as your husband!"

"Cinnte!" Yep!

I laugh out loud and realize I'm halfway to Paris already. After a few hours in the wrong shoes, shopping loses its appeal. And I get another text message from Lardence.

"Cathain a thiocfaidh tú ag óstan?" When will you come to the hotel?

"Riamh." Never, I reply, but Le Café Terminus is calling my name as it's nearly tea time and I haven't eaten anything since this morning. I stop in at the restaurant at the Saint Lazare and enjoy a light lunch. Larry doesn't stop annoying me, but I go out for a few more hours of shopping, barefoot in the street market. It starts to rain again and, bored, I tuck all my parcels into the empty suitcase, then go back to the Saint Lazare and go up to Larry's room, preparing to tell him off and to leave me alone.

Just as I'm arriving, a bellhop is dropping off another suitcase outside his door.

"Sont vous Lucinda Clayton?" he asks.

"Oui," I say, flabbergasted.

"Ah, bien. Pour vous, madame." He hands me a note. "Bon nuit."

"Merci," I reply, still stunned as I unfold the note.

I'm tired of your lies, Lucy. You've made your choice. I hope you two will be very happy together. At least until Ann finds out. I'll call my attorney next week.


I start to cry. How did he know where I was? Why did he always think the worst? Why didn't he trust me? What was I doing outside Larry Mullen's hotel room? Larry hears me crying and opens the door. I stare at the floor.

I should just leave. I should take my bags and pick up and run and go back to Eze and make love to my husband and stop playing with the drummer.

But my feet don't listen. And my heart breaks even further when Larry closes the door behind me.


Bono walks in my back door, but I don't move from my spot on the kitchen floor. I'm content where I am. Bono goes upstairs to Stacie's room and brings down clean clothes and diapers for the baby. He spots me and drops everything and nearly kills himself running down the stairs.

"Adam! Jesus, are you okay?" he asks, kneeling next to me. "You said you were going to Paris."

"Fuck Paris," I say, voice partly muffled by the cool tile.

"Have you been here this whole time?" He pats my back.

"Drinking some mighty fine wine," I point to the bottles in the corner. "Where's Lucy?"

"She's in Paris, Adam."

"Fucking Larry, no doubt. Did you know?" I lift my head off the floor and though the room spins, I manage to keep it up. "She's been fucking him for ages."

"I'm sorry," Bono says sincerely. "Come on, get up. You need to dry out." He tries to pull me off the floor.

"No. Not till Lucy comes back. I want Lucy," I stay where I am.

"I'm going to go get Edge and when we come back, you're going to sober up," Bono says, gathering the baby clothes and diapers to bring to Ali, who's babysitting, before he heads across the beach to Dave's house.

"Edge! I need your help with something!" Bono calls.

"What's up?" Dave comes down the stairs.

"Adam's wasted. Lucy left for Paris and Adam found out she jumped right into bed with Larry when she got there," Bono explains.

"I knew it. I wondered how long it would take before she hurt him like all the others have done," Dave shakes his head. "How much has he had?"

"There were five bottles by his head. I don't know if they were all empty. He's facedown on the floor of his kitchen moaning for Lucy. You gotta help me get him sober again," Bono starts walking toward my house and Dave follows, calling Lucy, but she doesn't answer.

"Either she's ignoring me or she's, you know, busy," Dave shrugs and puts his phone away as they come inside. "So, you're giving up this easy?"

I look up at him from the floor. "Not giving up. Just don't care." I sniffle and wipe my eyes. I've been crying. "Lucy's gone."

He nods, "Bono told me."

"I chased her away. I did. I fucked her too hard or too fast and she said it was like she was getting raped. Larry invites her and she goes to Paris and eats lunch at a hotel and I get paranoid and send her bags to her there. I chased her away cause I'm paranoid and stupid and can't make love to my wife," I reach for a bottle, but Dave takes them away.

"No. You're sobering up. It's been too long for you to fuck up now. Bono, brew some coffee. It's going to be a long night," Dave gathers the wine from the floor and from the pantry.

"Lucy won't like you throwing out her wine," I say, still flat on the floor.

"It won't hurt her to be sober for a while, too," Dave says and pours it all down the drain.

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i like it.

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i love it. more please more
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RBF, this chapter is great! I really can't get enough of this story You must participate to the Writers Club!
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Great, but what is happening in Paris?

Love this story it really draws you in and keeps you hooked. You`ve really got talent for writing
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that was AWESOME !

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I feel so sorry for Adam...

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Originally posted by Pamelakellett
Great, but what is happening in Paris?

Love this story it really draws you in and keeps you hooked. You`ve really got talent for writing
So, you all want to know what's happening in Paris? I'll tell you what happening in Paris. Via email to the usual suspects.
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That last line's a killer.

(after reading chapter 10 ) Larry's not really a nice guy in this scenario is he? Poor Adam.
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Wow, love chapter 10 - Paris

Yes Larry is very naughty - but I love naugty Larry.......

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