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The Month in U2: February 2003

By Carrie Alison

2/1 - Q Magazine launches a contest to determine the “Best Live Photo.” A photo of Bono from the Elevation Tour is a nominee.

For more information, visit:
To vote, visit:

In his monthly “Rocking My Life Away” column, Rolling Stone writer Anthony DeCurtis examines Bono’s effect on President Bush’s policy towards relieving millions of Africans of AIDS by providing more financial aid.

To read the column, visit:

2/2 - Q Magazine launches another contest for readers to determine the “Best Q Cover of All Time.” Bono and Edge’s March 1997 cover has made the list of nominees.

For more information, visit:
To vote, visit:

The African Well Fund, a charity started by U2 fans around the globe to help raise money to build wells in Africa, launches. Each well costs between $500 and $1000 USD to build. All proceeds will go directly to Africare, a non-profit charity who assists the effort.

For more information, visit:

2/3 - Britain’s Radio2 airs a documentary on frequent U2 producer and musician Brian Eno entitled “A Quantity of Stuff - The Brian Eno Story.” Bono is featured.

For more information, visit:

2/4 - Hard rock band Sepultura releases their cover of U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” from their new EP, Revolusongs.

For a video clip of the song, visit:

U2’s “The Hands That Built America (theme from Gangs of New York)” is nominated for an AOL Moviegoer Award in the category of “Best Song.” Winners will be announced on March 17th, 2003.

For more information, visit:

In the March 2003 issue of SPIN, Bono yields a brief mention in an article examining how celebrities name their children.

To read the blurb, visit:

Bono’s Angels, a U2 fan-started letter writing/call-in campaign launches to get the word out on all causes Bono champions. And more!

For more information, visit:

For the first TRL Awards show, U2 nabbed a nomination in the “Best Live Performance” category. Winners announced on February 17, gave the award to Justin Timberlake.

For more information on the TRL Awards, visit:

2/5 - “A Closer Walk,” a new documentary on the global AIDS crisis by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Robert Bilheimer, premiered in Los Angeles. Bono is highlighted in the film for all of his AIDS activism efforts.

For more information, visit:

A new Amnesty International TV advertising campaign launches with veteran actor Jeremy Irons narrating, and U2’s “One” as the soundtrack.

For more information, visit:

2/6 - Bono Could Be the Best Singer of All Time - but you need to tell the producers WHY! MTV2 is conducting a poll and doing research to find out how Bono’s voice has affected and inspired them.

For more information, visit:

2/8 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, unveils its comprehensive, decade-spanning exhibit “In the Name of Love: Two Decades of U2” to the delight of fans the world over.

For complete coverage, visit:

2/9 - previews an exclusive Bono track called “That’s Life,” a song from the soundtrack of “The Good Thief.”

To listen to the song, visit:

2/10 - U2 At The End of The World author and Senior Vice President and Editorial Director of VH-1, Bill Flanagan, speaks to students at Branford College’s Master’s Tea. Flanagan talked about his life in rock and roll, working for Rolling Stone, the state of the music industry and his adventures with U2.

For more information, visit:

NEW ALBUM NEWS> U2 could not make the grand premiere of their Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit on February 8th because they are currently in the studio with an unnamed NEW producer for a "trial period." Our source indicates this is someone U2 has not worked with before. Another source spoke to Bono who told her that U2 has been putting in late hours in the studio - often until the wee hours of the night.

2/11 - We’re a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones, produced by Rob Zombie, is released, including a U2 cover of “Beat on the Brat.”

To read reviews, visit:

Revelations of U2’s recording sessions at Berlin’s Hansa Studios is recalled by Tom Mueller, Hansa’s chief studio engineer.

To read the article, visit:

U2 grabs their first Oscar Nomination for “The Hands That Built America” in the “Best Song Category. Bono and Edge are expected to perform at the March 23rd telecast.

For more information, visit:

2/12 - U2 is chosen to induct The Clash into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10th in New York City. The ceremony will be broadcast March 16th at 9pm EST on VH1.

For more information, visit:

2/14 - British Vogue reports that U2 will perform during London’s Fashion Week at designer Alice Temperley’s show.

For more information on the rumored performance, visit:

Peter Shaw, a Welsh banker who was held hostage for five months will pen his story, and will mention Bono who lobbied governments to secure Shaw’s release.

For more information on Shaw’s book, visit:

Bono will donate personal memorabilia to help the MusiCares Foundation, as part of an auction that runs through February 27th.

For more information on the auction, visit:

In other Bono/Donation news, Bono will donate a pair of autographed sunglasses to the American Heart Association in memory of The Who’s John Entwistle.

For more information, visit:

The Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper, publishes a story recalling a time in Germany when Bono and Edge were nearly robbed at gunpoint.

To read the daring, and rather hilarious tale, visit:

2/15 - Bono will have “A Conversation” in New York on March 9th, as part of The New York Times’ Annual Arts & Leisure Weekend.

For more information on Bono’s Conversation, visit:

NEW ALBUM NEWS> Bono tells Entertainment Weekly that U2 are using the buzz of their Oscar nomination to finish a new song called “Native Son.”
"We've got a song up on the burner called 'Native Son,'" says Bono. The best way I think we can celebrate is to just finish out what we're doing: Make this song a scorching 45. The molecules in the air are vibrating quite nicely as a result of that phone call."

2/17 - Bono is set to receive the Humanitarian Award at the 2003 Meteor Ireland Music Awards on March 3rd, in recognition of his endless humanitarian efforts.

For more information, visit:

In June of 2003, Thunder's Mouth Press, the publishing house behind Niall Stokes' U2: Into the Heart: The Stories Behind Every Song will release U2's Propaganda - a compendium written by Ian Gittins - of the U2 World Service Magazine through the years.

For more information on the book, visit:

The U2 Reader by Hank Bordowitz and John Swenson, will make its published bow in April/Spring 2003, offering what it contends as “the most comprehensive, one-stop source for articles & reviews on the world's most popular rock band.”

For more information on this book, visit:

2/18 - Bono is shortlisted for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, in addition to Pope John Paul, Czech President Vaclav Havel, French President Jacques Chirac, and Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix. A record 150 nominees were named this year.

For more information, visit:

Achtung Baby is named the best U2 album by readers of NME Originals. The breakdown, according to, was:

'Achtung Baby': 44.9%
'The Joshua Tree': 26.2%
'All That You Can't Leave Behind': 6.8%
'The Unforgettable Fire': 4.7%
'Pop': 3.6%
'War': 3.3%
'Zooropa': 2.8%
'Rattle and Hum' : 2.6%
'Boy': 2.2%
'Under a Blood Red Sky': 1.1%
'October': 1.1%
'Wide Awake in America': 0.7%

2/20 - The American Ireland Fund is set to honor Bono for his social activism on helping to alleviate Third World debt, and fighting the African AIDS crisis.

For more information, visit:

Bono is nominated for a 2003 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Award alongside Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, the Donnas' Allison Robertson, American Hi-Fi's Drew Parsons, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian.

Bono is nominated in the 2nd annual Cable Positive Awards for the POP Celebrity of the Year for his participation in the moving MTV-produced television documentary: “Diary of Bono and Chris Tucker: Aiding Africa.”

For more information, visit:

2/21 - Bono is honored in New York City as the recipient of the 2003 MusiCares Person of the Year Award for all of his humanitarian efforts, and accomplishments as a musician. The dinner, silent auction and tribute concert took place at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan. Bono and the Edge sang "The Hands that Built America,” "Night and Day," and "That's Life." Fellow U2 bandmates Larry Mullen Jnr and Adam Clayton were not in attendance.

Bono arrived with wife Ali Hewson, and daughters Jordan and Eve. During the night, he was surrounded by pals: actor Ed Burns, supermodel Christy Turlington, former President Bill Clinton, actor Robert DeNiro, Little Steven Van Zandt, REM singer Michael Stipe, electronic musician Moby, and Heart of American touring partner - actress Ashley Judd. Bono was said to have had the “time of his life.”

REUTERS/Fred Prouser

For more information, including video of the all-star performances, visit:

For pictures of the event, visit:

GRAMMY Magazine’s Edna Gundersen conducts an indepth interview with Bono:

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Bono:

Electronica musician and Bono fan, Moby, writes in his online diary about the MusiCares event and his respect for Bono:

2/23 - Scottish rockers Travis are seeking to plan an anti-war concert with a bill of music’s brightest stars, and U2 are rumored to take part in the show.

For more information on the concert, visit:

Britains’s BBC3 radio airs a program highlighting Bono’s monetary holdings and how he amassed them, titled simply “Bono’s Millions.”

For more information on the program, visit:

2/24 - Bono pens a strongly worded article to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, urging its readers to “use your collective clout in fighting Aids in Africa.”

To read the full article, visit:

NEW ALBUM NEWS> Bono tells ‘People are saying, 'Bono, people are sick of you. You've been around, you've been winning all these awards. You have to go away for a while.' This record is so good that it won't even matter that people are sick of U2. And by the way, I'm sick of Bono - and I am Bono.’

2/25 - The New York Post publishes an article claiming that Bono has purchased former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ $14.7 million triplex in Manhattan.

For more on this rumored purchase, visit:

2/26 - Bono and Edge appear on NBC’s Today show to perform the Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated song “The Hands That Built America.” Matt Lauer also interviewed the duo. From ‘It doesn't get much bigger, really.’ said Bono, asked how the band felt about the nomination. ‘I mean, you feel like you're breaking into somebody else's house and robbing their furniture, a little bit, because it's not our world, Hollywood. But we're going to go out there and trash the place.’

Photos from WireImage ( )

For more information, pictures and discussion, visit:

Bono and Edge are interviewed by MTV Germany talking about the impending war on Iraq. Two short video clips are offered.

To watch the videos, visit:

Karin and Marcel Wagenaar, the authors of U2 2000-2002 Elevate Me Here personally deliver their tour compendium to Bono and Edge in Dublin. The band and Principle Management are “very impressed” with the book. Many congrats to our good friends Karin and Marcel!

For more information, visit:

U2’s triumphant concerts at Slane Castle takes one more step closer to a DVD release when Daniel and Didi from visit the Universal headquarters in Vienna to hand over the 211 page online petition.

To view a PDF of the petition, visit: (appr. 1.1MB)

For more information, visit:

2/28 - Bono is awarded the Chevalier of Legion of Honour by French President Jacques Chirac at Elysee Palace in Paris, France. Bono was accompanied by his wife, Ali Hewson. During the press conference, Bono openly questioned British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s approach to Iraq, stating: “In my opinion Tony Blair is a great politician. His convictions about Iraq are sincere, but for me he is sincerely wrong”

(AP Photo/Patrick Kovarik, Pool)

For more information, including photos, video and discussion, visit:
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